TritonWear Race Analysis: 2016 Olympic Games Men’s 400 Freestyle

Ready, Set, Let the Games Begin

TritonWear brings you the 2016 Summer Games with daily in-depth race analysis of every final.

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Swimming news is courtesy of TritonWear, a SwimSwam partner.


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6 years ago

Sun Yang is the more intriguing personality. Yeah Horton won, but it felt more like Sun lost than Horton won. Thats what happens when you whine to media. It takes the story and the glory away from you and gives it to someone else

Reply to  murica
6 years ago

There was no whining. I watched his post-race interview earlier, the interviewer went out of his way bring up Yang, Horton commented but quickly took attention away from it. The rivalry is media driven more than anything, Horton is class.

6 years ago

26.15 last 50 horton
25.14 last 50 sun yang

Both 53 mid last 100… Really impressive split (biederman wr’s last 100 is 52.90, and thorpe 2002 split is 54.65)

Reply to  Emanuele
6 years ago

26.14 for Yang*

Mack went 31 strokes on the last 50 and Yang went 34, both with essentially the same split. Smart swimming wins out.

Reply to  StraightArm
6 years ago

Yes, thanks for the correction.
I don’t think it is a smart swimming by horton, actually during the race I think he made a mistake because Sun last 50 usually is impossible to match. IMHO Horton is simply in best shape and faster than Sun.

King in da norf
6 years ago

Swimswam, can we have picture of Mack Horton instead of Sun Yang?
Not only Horton is the gold medalist, which is enough reason to have his picture on, but Sun Yang is also a confirmed doper.

Reply to  King in da norf
6 years ago

Seems sensible enough – who would down vote that request?

Reply to  King in da norf
6 years ago

Nice set of nails on Sun.

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