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Learn The Body Weight Squat to Develop Strength

The BW Squat is an excellent introduction to squat mobility and form. Work on developing strength by increasing repetitions.


Why The Squat Progression Matters in Swimming

The wall squat acts a foundation for developing the squat with a focus on form and stability. Wall support aids in form development, while time can be used as variable for increased difficulty.


Yoga for Swimmers – Release Tension in Your Hips, Quads and Glutes

In this intense 20 minute Vinyasa flow yoga practice, we focus on stretching these regions of the legs that tend to be tight in swimmers. (Featured image: Rebecca Soni)


How to do The Kneeling Spiderman Pushup

Day 5 – Building Blocks Progression powered by BridgeAthletic: Today we introduce our most technical variation of the pushup, The Kneeling Spiderman Pushup.

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The Tempo Pushup increases focus on shoulder stability and your core

Day 4 – Building Blocks Progression powered by BridgeAthletic: Today’s exercise is an alteration of the pushup that tests even the best athletes. Make sure you and your athletes master the previous day before proceeding!

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4 Questions to Ask Yourself During the Off-Season

For swimmers the off-season is usually a short respite after a long year of training. Here are 4 questions for swimmers to ask themselves before embarking on a fresh year of swimming.

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The Pushup promotes enhanced fingertip to toe connection and stability

Day 3, Building Blocks progression powered by BridgeAthletic: The pushup adds stability and mobility work for shoulders with a longer lever and promotes enhanced fingertip to toe connection and stability.

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The Kneeling Pushup: Why You Need To Do It

Day two of the Building Blocks progression powered by BridgeAthletic: Today we breakdown the kneeling pushup. Check out the instructional video below and keep progressing!

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Building Blocks: The Pushup Progression

This post marks the release of the Building Blocks Series Volume 1 powered by BridgeAthletic. Each week you will be given the building blocks necessary for mastering the fundamental exercises that build elite athletic performance.

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How to Use Stretching as a Recovery Tool in Competition

During competitions, stretching can be a particularly useful way to accelerate post-race recovery and improve pre-race warm ups with minimal exertion.


How to Eat Optimally During a Championship Phase

Good nutrition is an important component of an elite athlete’s training, so it should be equally important during championship meets.

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4 Ways to Optimize your Time Prior to a Championship Meet

As the physical demand of training lightens with taper and you spend less time at the pool, how you manage the remaining hours in your day becomes more critical.

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How to Nail the Taper

Reach your body’s peak performance level by diminishing training volume—enabling your body to recover from the physiological stress of months of heavy training. Literature suggests the taper period should involve a reduction to 40-60% of one’s training volume to maximize performance gains.


Leila Vaziri Technique Tips: Freestyle hand position (Video)

Swimming requires a certain amount of feeling and grip of the water – correlating to your hand. Your palm should be flat, creating a gentle pull on the water. Your fingers are slightly spread apart.

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Leila Vaziri Technique Tips: Backstroke head position (Video)

This week, swim coach Leila Vaziri takes on backstroke head position in her weekly series of technique videos.

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