Learn The Body Weight Squat to Develop Strength

The BW Squat is an excellent introduction to squat mobility and form. Work on developing strength by increasing repetitions.


Q & A With Birthday Girl Elizabeth Beisel

Elizabeth Beisel turns 23 today and the birthday girl gives us the scoop on some of her favorite swimming memories.


Why The Squat Progression Matters in Swimming

The wall squat acts a foundation for developing the squat with a focus on form and stability. Wall support aids in form development, while time can be used as variable for increased difficulty.


Speedo, Misfit Partner to Introduce Swim Tracker in Apple Stores

Misfit and Speedo today are announcing the launch of a Speedo-branded activity, swim, and sleep tracker—Speedo Shine.


Rebecca Soni: Life Outside the Pool

We recently chatted with Rebecca about life after Olympic glory, overcoming obstacles, and some of her proudest moments outside of swimming.


Yoga for Swimmers – Release Tension in Your Hips, Quads and Glutes

In this intense 20 minute Vinyasa flow yoga practice, we focus on stretching these regions of the legs that tend to be tight in swimmers. (Featured image: Rebecca Soni)


The Simplest and Most Advanced Backstroke Drill Ever

This drill was inspired by Aaron Peirsol, who has always been a positive presence in the Austin swimming community where I grew up.


10 Ways to Make a Travel Meet Successful

Going on a swimming trip intro-state or overseas is exciting and fun, but you also want to set yourself up to be able to perform. Here a few tips to ensure you can still stand up and produce that time you are capable of–even when you are on the road.

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Control your Pace Clock with your Android Device

Most of us carry our phones around with us these days and use them for just about everything. Isn’t it time you were able to use them to control your pace clock during swim practice?

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USRPT Helps Drive Hudson Area Club’s Success

Coach Young at the Hudson Swim Club in Wisconsin says USRPT gives his swimmers a new confidence.

  31 Comments Launches World’s First Swim Tracking App for Android Wear launched its Android Wear app today, allowing swimmers to track their swims and access advanced analytics using any waterproof Android Wear device, including the waterproof Sony Smartwatch 3.

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How to do The Kneeling Spiderman Pushup

Day 5 – Building Blocks Progression powered by BridgeAthletic: Today we introduce our most technical variation of the pushup, The Kneeling Spiderman Pushup.

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The Tempo Pushup increases focus on shoulder stability and your core

Day 4 – Building Blocks Progression powered by BridgeAthletic: Today’s exercise is an alteration of the pushup that tests even the best athletes. Make sure you and your athletes master the previous day before proceeding!

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4 Questions to Ask Yourself During the Off-Season

For swimmers the off-season is usually a short respite after a long year of training. Here are 4 questions for swimmers to ask themselves before embarking on a fresh year of swimming.

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Fresno State Bulldogs Summer Swimming Highlights

The Fresno State Swimming & Diving teams kept at it this summer. Here are some of the highlights of the Bulldogs’ summer training.

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