Insider Training Video: SwimMAC Elite

Power cords, paddles and snorkels have never looked so good….check out this insider training video produced by French National teamer,…

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Love and Basketball (and Swimming)

Love, Basketball, and Swimming: What to Tell Your Team After a Big Win. I told them, “we have to rock the first…


Catching Air: Dynamic Squat Jumps

Those swimmers who are able to carry a breathing rhythm in the water have a much better time finding easy speed in the early parts of the race and enough air for quality finishing speed at the end of races.

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Morning Swim Practice – The 50 Meter Jungle

It’s a Friday morning in January. It’s dark. It’s cold. It’s been a long week at work, and an even…


Arena Launches the Powerskin Carbon-Air, Utilizing Ultra Lightweight Fabric Focused on Maximizing Comfort

Powerskin Carbon-Air and Carbon-Flex World Championship Edition: welcoming two formidable new suits to arena’s legendary Carbon Series family.


What does the perfect Swimmer’s Groundhog Day look like for you?

“At the end of one of my favorite movies, Groundhog Day, Bill Murray’s character finally lives the perfect day. After repeating Feb 2nd innumerable times, he eventually makes each day a masterpiece by developing his talents and hobbies to the fullest potential…”

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Shouts from the Stands: How math can cure the “Back of the Lane Blues”

Piranhas Swim Club coach Jay Smith shares some math tips to help your swimmers get the most out of your practices.


Dolfin Launches Titanium Speed Suit – Photo Vault

Built into 4 stages, Titanium’s integrated system provides leading fused fabric compression, streamline support, and lowers the overall drag coefficient.

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Get Vivid and Be Fierce with New Goggles from Kiefer

Gear up for competition with our all new Kiefer Fierce Swim Goggles. This low profile goggle fits securely to the eye socket with its hydrodynamic anti-drag design.

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9 Ways to Push Your Swimmer to Swim Faster Times (For Better or Worse)

There’s lots of ways to push your swimmer to new best times. Some of them are better than others.


Express Your Personal Style with Kiefer Expressions This Season

All new and designed to last, these Poly Spandex blend suits come in a variety of patterns and prints sure to please all tastes.

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TYR Sport Debuts Industry’s Most Talked About Product, The TYR Avictor

With a revolutionary, bold print and unprecedented combination of advanced features, the Avictor’s presence, both on deck and in the pool, turned serious heads.


6 Ways to Get the Most from Your Swimmers

Motivating Boys vs. Girls: Six Ways to Get the Most from Your Swimmers


Swim With Leila: Backstroke kicking video

Swim coach and former National Team swimmer Leila Vaziri shares shares her weekly video, this week focusing specifically on the backstroke kick.

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The Decalogue Of The Good Swimmer

With the following suggestions, my sole intention is to provide some ideas to help our young athletes and future champions improve their level and be more competitive.


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