Katie Ledecky Recalls Test Set of 24×100 Best Average in Recent Training

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We sat down with Olympic and World champion, Katie Ledecky. Ledecky took us through what her quarantine has looked like going back to March, and the restrictions she’s had to adhere to in Santa Clara county. Ledecky has a positive outlook, saying she’s grateful to have kept in the water for the most part and having gotten a good training block in over the past few months without any travel. Ledecky specifically references a best average test set that started one week with 24×100, then 18, 12, and 6, with a goal of having a faster average each week.


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Ol' Longhorn
1 month ago

I mean what elite male distance swimmer hasn’t matched that set. No wonder men’s 1500 is no longer a glamor event like back in the Goodell, Holland, Burton, Perkins, Hackett et al days. Who wants to get your ass kicked by a woman?

Troll Longhorn
Reply to  Ol' Longhorn
1 month ago

Sometimes we miss the mark with the snark. Keep your chin up and stay in school.

Reply to  Ol' Longhorn
1 month ago

You’re not as good as you used to be 🙁

1 month ago

Why did you not ask Katie what she was holding on those sets so we can get an idea what our athletes should be aiming for?

Reply to  Larry
1 month ago

I know Coleman didn’t ask the question straight out, but he did ask about “numbers” and thought it was pretty clear from the way she answered that she wasn’t going to give any times. Fair enough – you don’t always want people to know where you are in your preparation.

Reply to  Larry
1 month ago

Because they probably won’t be holding that anyways lol

Reply to  Hswimmer
1 month ago

maybe maybe not

Reply to  Larry
1 month ago

no, just definitely not

Neanderthal Thinker
1 month ago

Always a great interview by Coleman!

I think it would interesting if he’d ask some of the elite female swimmers what they think of the just recently passed US House bill HR5 Equality Bill (not passed by the Senate however) that would allow biologically born men to compete in sports as females, and also what it would do to Women’s Title IX programs in colleges.

Last edited 1 month ago by Neanderthal Thinker
Reply to  Neanderthal Thinker
1 month ago

Nothing good will come from asking/answering that question. Its just divides people so let the swimmers swim and leave the politics for others.

Reply to  Taa
1 month ago

I really dislike this attitude that seems to be the current opinion
People don’t have to be one dimensional. Im a swim coach but also race mountain bikes and work with children with a disabilities

Why cant an athlete be an elite athlete but also be knowledgeable and have opinions in other areas?

She could have a second career as a political commentator or run for public office

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