Torri Huske Leads 4 Events Midway Through Virtual Winter Junior Championships



In a pandemic-adjusted season, USA Swimming’s Winter Junior Championships are taking place as a multi-site competition. Results from any sanctioned meet between December 1 and December 13 will count for Winter Championships scoring, with an unlimited number of meet results in that time frame being combined to create the final results.

We’re halfway through that point, so it’s time to see how the running results look:

Results as of December 7

USA Swimming is compiling results on its website – you can play around with the tool here.

We pulled the top 20 swimmers in each event so far. These numbers are, of course, limited by which meets have and have not been entered into the database as of Monday morning.

Full Top 20 In Each Event As of December 7

Current Winter Champion Leaders As of December 7

Event Gender Leader Time
50 FR SCY F Gretchen Walsh 21.41
100 FR SCY F Gretchen Walsh 47.36
200 FR SCY F Torri Huske 1:43.23
500 FR SCY F Blair Stoneburg 4:38.83
1650 FR SCY F Chase Travis 16:09.30
100 BK SCY F Gretchen Walsh 51.50
200 BK SCY F Caroline Bentz 1:54.48
100 BR SCY F Letitia Sim 59.01
200 BR SCY F Abby Arens 2:08.21
100 FL SCY F Torri Huske 50.29
200 FL SCY F Torri Huske 1:54.04
200 IM SCY F Torri Huske 1:54.50
400 IM SCY F Sophie Duncan 4:11.75
50 FR SCY M Youssef Ramadan 19.62
100 FR SCY M Youssef Ramadan 43.44
200 FR SCY M Lukas Miller 1:33.83
500 FR SCY M James Plage 4:18.33
1650 FR SCY M James Plage 15:03.32
100 BK SCY M Anthony Grimm 46.25
200 BK SCY M Michael Moore 1:42.66
100 BR SCY M Luke Barr 52.81
200 BR SCY M Luke Barr 1:56.05
100 FL SCY M Zac Van Zandt 45.84
200 FL SCY M Landon Gentry 1:43.03
200 IM SCY M Baylor Nelson 1:45.04
400 IM SCY M Michael Moore 3:45.12

Current Team Scores as of December 7

Many of the top qualifiers are college freshmen competing as unattached swimmers. In fact, unattached swimmers account for 1280.5 points, by our calculations. Taking away the unattached swimmers, here are point totals based on current ranks:

Rank Club Code Points
1 Nation’s Capital Swim Club NCAP 375.0
2 SwimMAC Carolina MAC 304.0
3 Springfield Aquatics SPA 135.5
4 North Carolina Aquatic Club NCAC 132.0
5 Mecklenburg Swim Association MSA 118.0
6 Nashville Aquatic Club NAC 117.0
7 Arlington Aquatic Club AAC 114.0
8 Mason Makos Swim Team MAKO 95.5
9 Cypress Fairbanks Swim Club CFSC 95.0
10 Bluefish Swim Club ABF 91.0
11 Pine Crest Swimming PCS 83.0
12 TNT Swimming TNT 80.0
13 Flood Aquatics Swim Team FAST 67.0
14 Treasure Coast Aquatics TCA 64.0
15 Empire KC Swim Club EKC 54.0
16 Azura Florida Aquatics AZFL 48.0
17 St Charles Swim Team SCST 45.0
18 Lifetime Swim Team North Carolina LTNC 44.0
19 Swim Florida SWIM 40.0
20 Machine Aquatics MACH 37.0
21 First Colony Swim Team, Inc. FCST 36.0
22 Wahoo’s of Wellington WOW 33.0
23 T2 Aquatics T2 32.0
24 Cavalier Aquatics/Piedmont Family YMCA CA-Y 31.0
25 Aquatic Team Of Mecklenburg ATOM 30.5
26 The Woodlands Swim Team TWST 28.0
27 East Carolina Aquatics ECA 24.0
27 Planet Swim Aquatics PSA 24.0
27 The Fish FISH 24.0
30 East Coast Aquatic Club ECAC 22.0
31 South Florida Aquatic Club SOFL 18.0
32 Rockville Montgomery Swim Club RMSC 17.0
32 Treasure Coast Swimming Conquistadores TCSC 17.0
32 Tsunami Swim Team of K.C. TST 17.0
35 Berzerker Swimming BZRK 14.0
36 American Energy Swim Club AESC 13.0
37 Indian River Aquatics RATS 12.0
37 Occoquan Swimming Inc OCCS 12.0
37 Triggerfish Aquatics TFA 12.0
40 Gulliver Swim Club GRSC 11.0
40 McCallie / GPS Aquatics MCC 11.0
42 Marlins Of Raleigh MOR 10.0
42 Saint Andrew’s Aquatics SAS 10.0
44 Huntsville Swim Association HSA 9.5
45 Sailfish Aquatics SAIL 9.0
45 South Jersey Aquatic Club SJAC 9.0
47 Loggerhead Aquatics LA 8.0
48 Cape Cod Swim Club CCSC 7.0
48 Lawrence Aquahawks LA 7.0
48 Manchester Makos Swim Team MMST 7.0
48 North Palm Beach Swim Club NPB 7.0
48 York YMCA YY 7.0
53 Upper Main Line YMCA UMLY 5.5
54 Denver Swim Academy DSA 5.0
54 Phoenix Swimming PHX 5.0
54 YMCA of Northwest Louisiana YNWL 5.0
57 Crimson Aquatics CRIM 4.0
57 Egg Harbor Twp Seahawks SEA 4.0
57 Gator Swim Club BGSC 4.0
57 Gulf Coast Swim Team GCST 4.0
57 YMCA of Northwest North Carolina Riptyde TYDE 4.0
62 Ensworth Aquatics ENSW 2.0
62 Lincoln Select Swimming LSS 2.0
64 Mid Wisconsin Wave Makers MWWM 1.0

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2 years ago

Is there a maximum number of events a swimmer can be in (4 or 6 or unlimited)?

Reply to  Dan
2 years ago

6, then the rest are entered as time trials

NC Fan
Reply to  SwimDad
2 years ago

And USA Swimming picks the top 6 based on place, so you could swim them all and swim them as many times as you want between Dec 1-13 and the fastest times count. Fastest times are taken regardless of meet type or session so some kids who won head-to-head are behind others due to faster prelim swims. Always ways you could argue about it, but I know the kids are thankful for the opportunity to get to swim fast in virtual national competition after they lost so much this year and so many of their peers are sadly shut out again or still.

Reply to  NC Fan
2 years ago

I think there’s a reason why they’ve given it a different name – they know there’s going to be a lot of hokie-pokie loopholes and weird moments, and they didn’t want future “champions” of this meet to be confused with champions of the normal winter juniors meets.

They didn’t say that, it’s just a hunch.

Reply to  Braden Keith
2 years ago

In some ways though champions of this meet may be more of a true champion. Think of all the past meets, some kids may not have been able to travel to it due to cost reasons. Meaning more participants. Also, we always had two meets, so you had an easy and a west champion. This year there is one national champion.

NC Fan
Reply to  SwimDad
2 years ago

I think I just heard kids screaming at you all over the shutdown parts of the nation.

Reply to  NC Fan
2 years ago

Good point!! Hadn’t thought of that.

Gobble gobble
2 years ago

Peep all the current and future Hokies in the rankings #sergioszn

Pacific whirl
2 years ago

Sims posted a 1:53 200 back which is neglected in the results.

Reply to  Pacific whirl
2 years ago

Neglected, or just not posted yet?

Reply to  flygirl21
2 years ago

Neither. We posted about it, but the LSC times coordinator for Utah (where the meet was held) hasn’t uploaded results yet.

Usually most weekend results are uploaded by end of day Tuesday. I think everyone was hopeful that there would be some hustle to make this meet as “cool” as possible given the circumstances, but some LSCs will just move at their own pace regardless. 🤷🏽‍♂️

2 years ago

Did USA swimming intend to include college freshmen in these rankings? They normally wouldn’t be included in junior meet results

NC Fan
2 years ago

Any 18&U competing in sanctioned or approved meets is the way they wrote the rules. An 18 year old college swimmer COULD go to Winter Juniors just like they do to US Open, but they just never would because of college invites being the SCY focus. So, in this virtual world, they get lucky and get to ‘double dip’ with the college invites and virtual champs. Going to be real interested to see how things look after next week. What states have champs events left? Georgia seems like a real big one especially considering how some of those kids have been swimming. Who else?

NC Fan
Reply to  NC Fan
2 years ago

To partially answer my own question, TAC has their own meet so that should shake things up since they have so many top female and male 18Us. Not sure what other teams will be there since most NC teams were at NC Winter Champs this weekend which happened to be at the TAC pool. Anyone know?

Reply to  NC Fan
2 years ago

interesting, so it’s always been possible but never happened until this year.

2 years ago

It probably has happened some and we just didn’t notice it much.

Reply to  swimgeek
2 years ago

Also swimmers with late summer birthdays (august) could compete in summer juniors after their freshman year. That scenario is probably more common than winter juniors during the college season.

Last edited 2 years ago by Thezwimmer
Reply to  Thezwimmer
2 years ago

It was quite a while ago now, but I competed at Summer Juniors after my freshman year of college. My birthday is at the end of August.

2 years ago

You occasionally see college freshmen show up at juniors. Doesn’t happen often, but there always seems to be 1 or 2. I’ll look tomorrow and see if I can find an example from last year.

Reply to  Braden Keith
2 years ago

2016 Winter Juniors East hosted by Ohio State, Zachary Poti won the 100 backstroke, freshman at ASU

Reply to  Yeet
2 years ago

Good find! Saved me an hour of my day lol.

Reply to  Yeet
2 years ago


Reply to  NC Fan
2 years ago

Ohio has their championships this weekend

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