Titmus Tending To Shoulder & Opts Out Of Aussie Camps

On the heels of Swimming Australia outlining its 2021 national team camp schedule, world champion Ariarne Titmus has revealed she will be opting out of the high-intensity event due to an injury.

As reported by The Sydney Morning Herald, 20-year-old Titmus is tending to a shoulder injury, with her absence from the 10-day camp led by her coach Dean Boxall as a ‘minor setback.’ She’ll remain in Brisbane as opposed to attending one of the 9 specialized national camps designed to foster both speed and team bonding.

You can review the entire camps’ structure for 2021 here.

“Ariarne is currently managing a minor left shoulder complaint. As the National Event Camps will consist of a lot of high-intensity training sessions, the decision was made for her to remain in her home program to continue with her own structured rehab plan,” a Swimming Australia spokesperson said. (SMH)

At the 2019 FINA World Championships in Gwangju, Korea, ace Titmus became the first woman to defeat American freestyle legend Katie Ledecky in a distance race (400 meters or longer) at a major international meet. Titmus took the 400m free gold in Gwangju, becoming just one of only 3 women to have ever broken 4:00 in the event at the time.

Titmus last raced at the Queensland Championships last December when she logged a big-time 1:55.93 in the women’s 200m free, the 7th fastest time of her career and the 2nd fastest time in the world this season.

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Coach Mike 1952
7 months ago

In all fairness, KL was also already quite sick when she swam that 400, & Titmus only touched her out.

Reply to  Coach Mike 1952
7 months ago

Um… Ledecky was at Titmus’ ankles at the touch…
All very well trying to be fair to Ledecky – but be fair to Ariarne as well while you’re at it.

Reply to  Coach Mike 1952
7 months ago

Yeah touched her out by more than 1.2 seconds .., we all know how much margin that is in swimming right ?

Dolphin Dude
Reply to  Verram
7 months ago

Especially when you’re sick, right?

7 months ago

Does anyone know when Ledecky is scheduled to compete again?

7 months ago

Titmus beat ledecky recognise the fact ok and she will beat her again

Reply to  kevin
7 months ago

Yes, she won, we all recognize that. I think swim fans want to see the battle when both competitors are 100%. Hopefully in Tokyo!

Dolphin Dude
Reply to  RMS
7 months ago

No question Titmus is a rising talent, she is quite good. And yes, the real test will be when both are healthy & 100%. Hopefully in Tokyo! An exciting prospect.

Reply to  Dolphin Dude
7 months ago

Quite good is a slight understatement.

7 months ago

Next few months should tell us whether this shoulder issue is, as they are putting forward, “just a niggle” or something more substantial. Will be a test for both her and Boxall in either case.

As for the wider picture; I see Ledecky as still being clear levels above at both 800 & 1500. At 200, she has won at Olympic & World level but has never been record breaking and whilst still a factor (should she continue to swim it individually), she HAS been downed at both 2017/2019 Worlds. She still may be the one to beat at 400 but she now has someone legitimately “on her case” in this event in Titmus and who has punctured her air… Read more »

Reply to  commonwombat
7 months ago

Quite good she is a world record holder i suggest you might want to say very good

Stephen Loibl
6 months ago

Reminder there’s other nations. Some Asian will pop up.

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