The US Wins Duel in the Pool: Social Media Trophy Edition


  • Friday, August 19 – Sunday, August 21, 2022
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre (pool swimming, Aug. 20-21)
  • Bondi Beach (open water, Aug. 19)
  • Start Times
    • Friday – open water: 9:00 am local / 7:00 pm ET on Thursday
    • Saturday – 7:00 pm local / 5:00 am ET
    • Sunday – 7:00 pm local / 5:00 am ET
  • LCM (50m)
  • Meet Central
  • Full US roster
  • Full Australian roster
  • Day 3 Live Recap

The Duel in the Pool between Australia and the USA has concluded, with the USA taking the win with a score of 309-284. The event began with an open water race on day 1 and pool events on day 2 and 3.

See the US celebrate their victory on social media below:

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Fraser Thorpe
5 months ago

The real winners were the fans.

This was such a fun event. And it had the kind of atmosphere and accessibility that the mainstream audience can latch onto.

Was a big success for me.

Sherry Smit
5 months ago

Yay for USA! Continues to prove that they should never be counted against

Steve Nolan
5 months ago

Lol couldn’t even win at home.


5 months ago

I understand not being consumed with times, and instead emphasizing scoring and racing — that is a good thing — but to go so far as to list NO times at all is offensive and an insult to the athletes, coaches and fans and the basic tenor of our sport. To not even arrange sanctions for the competition so the swims are “official:” for record and ranking purposes (i.e. Luke Hobson 200 Free) is misguided and, again, insulting and devalues the experience. Don’t they think swim folk can walk and chew gum at the same time in appreciating racing and scoring and yet also understanding performance quality? What is the value in so consciously covering over what gives swimming its almost unique comparative… Read more »

Reply to  dscott
5 months ago

Also not listing times defeats the purpose. It’s basically like attending a $1,000+ summer league meet on the other side of the world with “splash and dash” events that don’t even count… Idk, should’ve done like a pro swim series style meet instead.

Reply to  Eli
5 months ago

Claire Tuggle

Reply to  Melanie
5 months ago


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