Stuart Dustan

Further Questioning the Kick in Swimming

I hope (this) causes you, comrades and friends, to reconsider the erroneous view that kicking is the ‘engine’ of the strokes mentioned above; instead, it evidently serves as an equipoise to the true motor – the arms.


“We Have Always Done It That Way”

“We have always done it that way”, is a phrase I have heard uttered far too often by coaches in response to a challenge of their training methods.


The Dark Side Of Time

Time has remained the ‘golden’ measure of a swimmer’s success, i.e. it provides a coach with quantifiable feedback on whether the swimmer has swum faster or slower since their previous performance.


The Body In Swimming: The Dogma Of Lactic Acid

While watching the recent Scottish National Championships, I couldn’t help but notice the continued use of ‘lactic acid’ testing inflicted on a large number of swimmers immediately after their race.


Hang Up Those Question Marks

Questioning one’s beliefs and, debating the opinions of others, has transformed civilisation over the past 500-years; it remains our societies most important tool in progressing peace, social justice, and, science – although, this is not an exhaustive list.