Taper-Friendly Super Bowl Party Food

It is notoriously difficult to eat healthy during taper, when appetites are still at winter-training levels, but workout loads have plummeted. Here are some healthy and healthier Super Bowl snack alternatives.


5 Ways to Prepare for Preseason Swim Training

How you prepare yourself for preseason training makes a huge impact on the way you handle the next couple of weeks. Let’s discuss a few tips so you can hit the ground running with training and truly maximize your preseason potential.

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How to Ramp Up Early Season Conditioning

In the early weeks of spring training, swimmers are faced with the challenge of getting back into shape for summer racing. After a solid few weeks of taper, championship meets, and multiple days off from all training, putting in the strength and conditioning that follows can be quite difficult.

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5 Goals Every Swimmer Should Set This Season

Let’s take a look at the 5 goals every swimmer can put their mind to this season, and how they’ll put you on the fast track to great performances.


Importance of a Taper Phase in Dryland Training

During the crucial weeks and days leading up to swim meets, swimmers should properly implement a taper phase in their dryland training to optimize performance on race day.


Championship Season Swimming – Get Ready

Championship season beckons. Over the next 3 weeks, the best of the best will converge for the biggest tournaments of the year.

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3 Steps to Better Championship Preparation

Championship season is the time of year when you put even more focus into swimming your fastest. As the physical demand of training lightens, how you manage the remaining hours in your day becomes more critical.

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BridgeAthletic Building Blocks: 5 Exercises to Add Breaststroke Power

The BridgeAthletic Building Block Series is a set of 5 exercises that can be performed by swimmers of all levels on the pool deck.


Managing Your First Race at Trials – Powered by BridgeAthletic

Channel those nerves into physical energy, but more importantly, allow yourself to enjoy where you are, the competition you are privileged to be a part of, and the process you went through to get this far.

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Your First 24 Hours in Omaha – Powered by BridgeAthletic

You’ve arrived. Whether you made this trip 4 years ago or only recently even dared to dream that you could be here, you’ve made it to Omaha. Now what?

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Olympic Trials Travel Tips – Powered by BridgeAthletic

Whether it’s your first time at Trials or your third, the next week is going to be a whirlwind. But first, you have to get to Omaha.

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BridgeAthletic April Olympic Trials Preparation Tips

There are less than 60 days until the first heat of the Men’s 400IM gets the 2016 US Olympic Trials underway. It is time to quiet your thoughts and really trust in the work you have done to get to where you are.

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BridgeAthletic March Olympic Trials Preparation Tips

Just under 100 days until Omaha. We’ve gone from counting the months to counting the days. The hay is in the barn, the work is done – it’s now time to fine tune your efforts and work on your speed.

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BridgeAthletic Building Blocks Series – Championship Plyometrics

The BridgeAthletic Building Blocks Series is a set of 5 exercises that can be performed on the pool deck by swimmers with a basic level of dryland experience and proficiency.

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