SwimTopia: The #1 Platform For Managing Summer Swim Leagues, Teams, and Meets

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April 04th, 2022 Industry

Courtesy of SwimTopia, a SwimSwam partner.

Save time running your team and/or league this summer!

SwimTopia’s time-saving features will help you put the fun back into your summer. Easy to learn and easy to use, SwimTopia is the only swim team software on the market perfectly primed to relieve all your summer swim headaches.

SwimTopia for Leagues

SwimTopia’s league management features allow teams and leagues to share data. For example, when all teams use SwimTopia, leagues can run ‘top times’ reports that show who’s topping the league leaderboard. Among other benefits, leagues are able to create and share ‘Meet Templates’ with their teams to define swim events and entry/seeding/scoring rules for every meet. Even better, when all teams use SwimTopia, the complete meet schedule for all teams can be imported, saving hours of time for team admins. Leagues love being able to reduce the inevitable errors and training when each team sets up their own meets.

“Our league will enjoy improved communication capabilities; we’ll save time with league-level meet creation and results reporting; teams will increase revenue through SwimTopia’s built-in online stores and sponsorship functions; and Meet Maestro’s intuitive meet management interface will allow us to get results out faster. We are excited to have access to the full range of SwimTopia swim team and meet management resources.”

-Sandy A., Webmaster, Greater Annapolis Swim League

All leagues qualify for a FREE SwimTopia league management website, no matter how many of their teams use SwimTopia for team management. Learn more

SwimTopia for Teams

Even if your league doesn’t use the free SwimTopia league website, there are still a ton of ways SwimTopia can save your team time this summer. Comprehensive integration means, all season long, SwimTopia provides a single central hub for the summer swim season. Customizable website, registration forms, volunteer management, meet entries, meet management, communications, merchandise sales, and more- SwimTopia does it all.

“This site helps keep my team organized with announcements, schedules and entries. Parents and I love it! Having all the basic organization tools in one place is great. I also love that it talks with Team and Meet Manager!”

-Lee R., Coach, Cowans Ford Swim Team

Teams can try SwimTopia free of charge for 2-weeks. Most teams are completely set up for the season before the free trial is up. Start a free trial

Meet Maestro for Meets

Included with every SwimTopia account, Meet Maestro is a modern and intuitive software platform to help you run swim meets. If you want to replace your meet software this season, but aren’t ready to dive into our team management features, a Lite account might be just what you’re looking for. A Lite account provides several helpful team management features that supplement Meet Maestro’s meet features—including online registration, meet declarations for team parents, meet entries, relay generation, and team records/performance management—Lite accounts are an excellent way to unlock Meet Maestro’s power.

“With Meet Maestro, we found a way to speed up the scoring process: what used to take multiple volunteers hours, now takes minutes. Meet Maestro was utilized and loved by parent volunteers.”

-Greg S., Commissioner, Morris County Summer Swim League

Whether you are trying a full Premium SwimTopia account or a Lite account for the free 2 week trial period, you will receive full Meet Maestro access. Plus, there is no obligation to continue and no payment method taken at signup. Start a free trial

Meet Maestro integrates with multiple wireless timing systems including Wylas Timing, Time Drops & CTS Dolphin

SwimTopia Mobile App for Parents

The SwimTopia mobile app supplements SwimTopia’s team and meet management features. The app includes a selection of free team features, like seeing your swimmer’s time history/upcoming meets/open signups, and receiving timely push alerts from your team. When a meet is run in Meet Maestro, parents can upgrade to a Pro subscription and unlock live meet results, results notifications, event reminder notifications, and more.

“Our team used the SwimTopia live Event/Heat bar feature in the mobile app and our parents LOVED it! A mobile app like this one is super helpful to keep track of which event is being swum.”

-Robin B., Computer Rep, Whittington Creek Crocodiles

If your team already uses SwimTopia or you’re attending a meet run in Meet Maestro, you can download the SwimTopia Mobile App in the App Store or Google Play to follow the action.

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Let SwimTopia and Meet Maestro save you time and effort this summer!

About SwimTopia & Meet Maestro: Launched in 2011 with a focus on ease-of-use and exceptional support, SwimTopia helps summer and high school swim teams save time and increase fundraising with an intuitive, cloud-based software platform providing web content management, electronic commerce, online registration, volunteer coordination, team communications, online swim meet entries, and more. Meet Maestro is SwimTopia’s online meet management platform that runs on any computer. Meet Maestro’s modern interface is intuitive and easy to learn, offering you the flexibility to run your meets how you want to. Meet Maestro is included with every SwimTopia account, or can be used separately. SwimTopia is the flagship product of Austin-based Team Topia Inc.

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