SwimSwam Pulse: Voters Split 50/50 On Chalmers Season-Best Chances This Week

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Our most recent poll asked SwimSwam readers if Kyle Chalmers will beat his season-best at this week’s Australian World Champs Trials:


Question: Will Kyle Chalmers beat his season-best 47.48 in the 100 free at Australian Trials?

  • Yes – 50.1%
  • No – 49.9%

A very narrow majority predicted Australian Kyle Chalmers to better his 47.48 season best in the 100 free this week in one of the closest poll results we’ve ever had.

We got more than 600 votes on the poll since last week, and the final margin came down to just a single vote – that’s right, every person who voted in our poll could have potentially flipped the outcome.

Chalmers hit that 47.48 at Australia’s National Championships in April, not to be confused with its World Championships selection meet happening this week. The time was better than Chalmers’ gold-medal-winning swim from the 2016 Rio Olympics. Chalmers later suggested he was trying to train through that meet, leading to much discussion about just how prepared Chalmers was for that swim.

While Chalmers would be far from the first swimmer to downplay how much rest/preparation he had for a big swim (he didn’t mention doing weights the morning of the meet, nor how many yards he was training, so we don’t get a “Was Swimmer Tapered – BINGO” win, but we do get to check off “he had a beard!” and “he did a long warmup!” on our BINGO cards), the setup of Australia’s selection meet doesn’t give him a lot of incentive to rest much for the April meet. Then again, as much as the “rested/not rested” debate has remained central in swimming fandom, we’re also learning more and more about how athletes can time training cycles to come up with good in-season performances without necessarily taking a full rest or shave.

Things definitely aren’t as black and white as “completely rested” and “doing 15K plus weight the morning of the meet.” And this week, we should get a glimpse of exactly where in the middle of that specturm Chalmers was in April. Then again, maybe we won’t. Chalmers is so far ahead of the rest of his country right now (the second-fastest Australian this year has been Ashton Brinkworth at 49.00, and the closest to him last year were Jack Cartwright, who isn’t swimming this week, and Cameron McEvoy, who was 48.44). He could theoretically swim through this week as well and still make Australia’s Worlds team, saving his best stuff for later in the summer.

Maybe that was the plan all along. Maybe Chalmers geared up for April to hit a confidence-building time while still getting a three-month training block before Worlds. 49.9% of voters seemed in favor of that. Maybe we’re in store for something massive this week. 50.1% of voters appear on that train of thought. One thing is all-but-guaranteed, though: by this time next week, we’ll all be having another discussion about exactly how rested Chalmers was this time.


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His 200 free was not the best at the Aussie trials, so I think improvement there, which means 100 free has improvement too.
Here’s hoping he smashes it at the trails & confirms himself the premier 100 free swimmer with a win at the worlds to with his Olympic gold as a 18 year old.
His 50 is faster too then ever before. Speed & endurance.


I still prefer Dressel


He is 50 free & a butterflyer. I prefer Chalmers in 100 & 200.


I wouldn’t count dressel out in the 200 yet


Is he even targeting 200 for an individual swim?


he might well step up to the 200

13 % Chinese person

Thats good because Kyle is spoken for .

13 % Chinese person

Kyle entered & even turned up at a lot of meets over summer gradually getting a bit better in various events eg 200 fly . If not restrd he was fit & competition ready .

Justin Thompson

47.6 as he was rested in April and will be around the same here.

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