SwimSwam Breakdown: ISL Final, Minn Invite, & US Open Converge for Big Weekend

This week on the SwimSwam Breakdown we discuss the upcoming ISL Grand Final (Eindhoven), Minnesota Invite (Minneapolis), and US Open (Greensboro), where many, many swim stars will competing in one pool or the other. For full list of topics, see below:


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2 years ago

Rob Woodhouse has confirmed that Peaty is not participating. He basically said “yeah we knew all along he wasn’t but we decided to string everyone along for the fun of it”.

I have to agree with the assessment of the final. Energy is the clear favourite without Dressel at top form. If Dressel returns to his previous final form then that puts Cali in with a chance.

London can possibly win, but basically every question mark would need to go their way. Minna and Guido would need to return to their top form, Kira would need to beat Wilm in the 50 and 100 back, the male breaststrokers would need to avoid jackpots and also split decent relay splits (no… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by Sub13
Steve Nolan
2 years ago

We need to know how much preworkout Dressel took in his last match to know what to expect.

If it was no scoops, bumping that back up to the usual 8 scoop level might get him back to himself.

Last edited 2 years ago by Steve Nolan
2 years ago

More leeway for Ledecky here than you had for Smoliga a few weeks ago!!

Honest Observer
2 years ago

Regarding the Lydia Jacoby question: most people on this website are going to be more impressed by her gold medal. (And it’s true, there are more musicians than individual Olympic champs.) What’s beyond dispute is that each of those things is far more impressive by virtue of the existence of the other accomplishment. Her breadth, especially at such a young age, is amazing.

2 years ago

Thoughts no one asked for:
ISL Final-playoffs were a waste of time for swimmers and money for the Ukrainian. Finals could be a 3 way battle. It might depend on skins? I am not a huge fan of it because to me, it is just rich guy handing over money and not a professional league.

Minnesota Invite should be cool. I agree with Braden’s pick on men’s breast. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hugo no shows the meet or swims something else beside 4im. I can’t pick Sullivan after her last showing.

US Open-Please don’t put times as success or failure on Katie and only Katie. She took a huge break after Tokyo, new program and I am pretty… Read more »

Reply to  Ghost
2 years ago

…I’m bullish on Nesty coaching anyone. Time will tell. We’ll see…..

Ledecky will go 3:55 in Paris
Reply to  Ghost
2 years ago

all W takes, im suprised they didnt mention that emma weyant crushed erica in what was supposed to be one of her best events

Last edited 2 years ago by Ledecky will go 3:55 in Paris

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