SwimSpray Unveils Larger Bottle, 50% More at a New Lower Price

Courtesy of SwimSpray, a SwimSwam partner.

SwimSpray, the marketplace’s answer to effectively and safely inhibiting the harmful effects of chlorine on swimmers’ hair and body, today announced the availability of their newly designed, larger 6oz. bottle — 50% more product than the previous 4oz. bottle and a 20% price savings — a better value for the consumer.

SwimSpray, new bottle unveiled (courtesy of SwimSpray)The larger, state-of-the-art bottle offers a continuous, all-directional spray and a twist-to-lock mechanism for a better user experience, while still providing the same ground-breaking, patent-pending Vitamin-C formula. 100% natural and safe, SwimSpray solves the longest-standing problem associated with swimming — the side-effects of chlorine.

“The new bottle makes it even easier for me to use SwimSpray. The continuous spray enables me to reach every part of my body,” says 2-time Olympic swimmer, Chloe Sutton. “I don’t know what I would do without SwimSpray — my hair is no longer dried out and my skin has never felt better. No more itching and irritation from the chlorine in the pools I swim at. Getting rid of all of the chlorine on my skin and hair after swimming feels great.”

The new bottle design and features are a result of 3+ years of listening to customers, friends, and critics and incorporating that feedback into a much improved, state-of-the-art package. SwimSpray’s mission is to make swimming better, safer, and more enjoyable for all swimmers.

Used after swimming, SwimSpray is the only personal care product available today that effectively neutralizes and eliminates chlorine odor and irritation from hair and skin. Most importantly, SwimSpray inhibits the damage chlorine can cause to skin. SwimSpray’s Vitamin-C technology is gentle on hair and skin and is safe for all ages. SwimSpray is pediatrician- and dermatologist-recommended, improves the health of hair and skin by eliminating residual chlorine, and has been independently verified to be up to 400x more effective than traditional anti-chlorine shampoos, soaps, and body washes.

SwimSpray has led the industry in recognizing that many of the side-effects of chlorine are preventable provided that swimmers neutralize the residual chlorine on their bodies after getting out of the pool.

SwimSpray was invented by Dr. Andrew Chadeayne, a former Princeton University swimmer and the 2011 U.S. Masters Swimming National Champion in the 200 Backstroke with a Ph.D. in Chemistry. SwimSpray is inexpensive, easy to apply, and offers numerous health benefits for users of all ages. SwimSpray is owned and run by swimmers who are an active part of the swimming community and understand and have battled the effects of chlorine.

“I came to accept chlorine as a part of life: I smelled like chlorine, I felt like I had chlorine on me, and it sort of defined me as a swimmer. So, I developed a product that neutralizes chlorine from hair and skin — and I did it with Vitamin C,” Andrew says. “It leaves hair and skin soft, moisturized, and fragrance-free — the way it should be.”

“Mel Stewart and the great folks at SwimSwam will remember when we were just getting the company up off the ground, said Andrew. “There is no doubt in my mind, that SwimSwam’s support has helped us grow and improve through connecting with the swimming community over the past several years.”

Additional information about the product and the effects of chlorine can be found on the SwimSpray website. MSRP for the new 6oz. bottle is $11.99. SwimSpray is available for purchase on the SwimSpray website as well as at select online and local retailers.

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