Swimming’s TopTenTweets: When You Get Beat in the ISL Final…

We’re back with swimming’s TopTenTweets presented by Arena, where we round up the best of the swimming Twitterverse.

Featured Instagram Post of the Week:


Any swimmer that can do snow without sustaining an injury is a star in our book.


Will we ever *really* know?


Ok, now this is fun.


Seems legit.


Probably, but what is “karla”?


This the moment he found out?


Yes, I really included my own tweet.


Peep the replies. Who are yours?


NCAA swimmers can relate.




Nic with the absolute SPICE.

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Small bird
2 years ago

Was IU working on their 3 quadrant breaststroke?


2 years ago

Rowdy asks a pretty interesting question.

I’d plump with Phelps, Ledecky, Dressel, Lochte. As Rowdy notes, Phelps and Ledecky clear lock-ins. Toss up between Lochte and Franklin IMO. Could also argue that Dressel’s (relatively) paltry Olympic haul counts against him, but that’s probably a little unfair.

Would things change much if you allowed international swimmers too? Presumably only Sjostrom and Hosszu could make a case. In fact, purely for consistency over the entire decade, I’d probably put both in, taking Dressel/Lochte’s places.

Reply to  Joe
2 years ago

Probably would go for Franklin over Lochte just based off of her status of more of a “new-comer” in this decade, whereas Lochte was already established as an Olympian in 2008.

Speedy PG
Reply to  Nswim
2 years ago

Why not Regan Smith? She broke Franklin’s record and rn she has two world records to her name more than dressel or locate. However, Dressel is obviously special so he should be up there and hard to argue with lochte too. But regan should be in the discussion!

Reply to  Speedy PG
2 years ago

However dominant, I don’t think she qualifies for “swimmer of the decade” discussion. She’s really only had one meet (’19 Worlds) where she has been truly elite. Obviously, she had some very special performances there, but I don’t think one meet can qualify a person fo swimmer of the decade.

Reply to  Nswim
2 years ago

How many of Franklin’s times would win now though? All of Lochte’s 2011 Worlds times would have won this summer. Even in his 4th best event, the 200 free, his 1:44.44 would have won by more than half a second. Without Phelps and Lochte, there would have been very dark times for the US men.

Phelps, Lochte, Ledecky, KING.

I think holding a world record and having individual Olympic gold should be in the criteria.

Reply to  Joe
2 years ago

Adrian, Manuel in there too

Reply to  Joe
2 years ago

Missy Franklin vs. Ryan Lochte in the 2010s:

2 vs. 1 individual Olympic gold medals
2 vs. 3 individual Olympic medals
5 vs. 3 overall Olympic gold medals

4 vs. 7 individual LC World titles
7 vs. 7 individual LC World medals
11 vs. 11 overall LC World titles

0 vs. 4 individual Pan Pac titles
0 vs. 8 individual SC World titles
4 vs. 0 individual NCAA titles

Legendary Swims: Franklin- 2012 200 back, 2015 SCY 200 free ; Lochte- 2012 400 IM, 2011 200 IM, 2011 200 back

I’m giving the advantage to Lochte. Their Olympic results are largely similar, with Lochte having more individual medals, but… Read more »

Reply to  Joe
2 years ago

Peaty and Agnel? Even Sun?

Sun is highly controversial, but he’s dominated mid-distance free this decade and set the 1500 world record.

Peaty’s been active since 2014, definitely a candidate. Agnel more like the argument for Smith (in the decade), one burning bright meet, but it was at the Olympics.

Reply to  Togger
2 years ago

As a Brit it’s actually really embarassing I forgot about Peaty haha. I somehow managed to think about Duncan Scott but not Peaty, oops. Maybe it’s a subconcious breaststroke bias showing?? Anyways, of course Peaty is a candidate — his dominance of the sprint breastrokes for the last 5-ish years has been absolutely extraordinary.

Agnel I think suffers in the longevity department, as you note. Also his 1.43, although extremely impressive, especially considering the small number of people to have gone 1.44, is at the end of the day not a WR. IMO it’s hard to argue it’s any better than, say, Dressel’s 49.50.

Now Sun is a shout. I didn’t realise he had so many golds/silvers in the… Read more »

Reply to  Joe
2 years ago

Thorpe was extraordinary, I saw his 400 as an 11 year old kid in Manchester. Incredible time (obviously), and he came off the gas the last 10 metres. Could not have imagined then that I’d be married before anyone broke it in textile.

I vividly remember swimming a 55 low as a then PB at the Commonwealth pool and as I was clambering out all breathless excitement, I remembered Thorpe did 8 lengths of the same pool at that pace.

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Torrey Hart

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