Swimming From Home Talk Show: Brent Hayden on Olympic Postponement, Comeback

We are all trying to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic as best we can. Staying at home and not socializing is not an easy task for anyone, and keeping a swimmer out of the pool is equally antagonizing. Therefore, SwimSwam is starting the Swimming From Home Talk Show, where host Coleman Hodges speaks with the swimming community about how they’re coping with our current goggle-less reality.

I for one was very excited when I heard Brent Hayden was making a comeback for the 2020 Olympic Games. I remember taking a picture with the Olympic medalist in my home pool at the 2010 Missouri Grand Prix (see picture below)

Hayden, At 36-years-old, embodies the kind of Olympic story you love to see. And yet those plans, like so many others, were derailed even further as the IOC announced today that they would be postponing the Olympic Games. Hayden had a very grounded take on it, however, and shares his thoughts on what we can do now that everyone is stuck inside, without a pool and an Olympics in the near future to train for.

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Cool interview. Any chances he beats Calaeb? Damn that would be insane!

Uhhh, there’s always a chance. Caeleb could fall off another motorcycle or two, especially if it pushes to 2021.


Thats not too nice for Brent! ”Itll take an accident for him to get beat”
haha 😛

Mr Piano

I mean if you saw the 50 free at the last pro meet, Hayden had the worst start out of all the field but actually closed on Dressel. Sub 22 after training only for like 5 months after 8 months away is completely insane. He’s truly an inspiration. If he can just get that start going, don’t be surprised if he’s in the conversation for an Olympic medal in 2021.


Hayden winning gold… I think that would be the greatest upset of all time, that would be the most epic swim

But I think it will take a sub 21.2, don’t forget Fratus, Manaudou, Proud, so many other guys

Ol' Longhorn

Lately, it’s been “one of the other guys.” 2012 Manaudou from the outside lane. 2016 Ervin. The Olympic 50 final is so different than any other 50 because the buildup with the swimmers on the deck, how long the starter holds, is so much longer than any other race. It makes an unpredictable race even more unpredictable.

Hayden, he is due


Im almost ready to start a bet… Hayden Gold in 2021… who wants to take it? 😛

Nancy Pulham

If anybody is capable of using this time away from the pool to their advantage it is Brent Hayden. He’s already proven that. And, as he even admits himself, if he gets that start in order he will be a force to reckon with. Go Brent! 💪

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