Sprint News 7/10/12: Pierse Gets New Gig, Can Spitz Beat Phelps?

…Canadian 200 breaststroke World Record holder Annamay Pierse will be going to the Olympics in 2012, but in a slightly different capacity than 2008. CTV, the rights-holder for the Games north-of-the-border, has put Pierse on their Olympic broadcasting team. “I feel very honored to be part of our media consortium, a different role and side than I was expecting but amazing all the same,” Pierse told us upon finalizing her new job. “I can’t wait to see the amazing swimming that is going to happen, from my Canadian team, and the rest of the world”…

…Much has been said in the past few days about who can or cannot beat Michael Phelps, and tonight we’re going to get one more highly qualified opinion. The man-before-the-man Mark Spitz will be on Piers Morgan’s show Tuesday night on CNN (9 PM Eastern) to discuss whether or not he could have beaten Phelps on an even playing field. In the past, the 9-time Olympic champion had always claimed they’d tie, but according to the show’s official Twitter feed, Spitz is going to give an honest answer tonight…

…The European Junior Open Water Championships begin this week in Kocaeli, Turkey, and for the first time the event will be split into two age classifications: 15-16 and 17-18. All of the major LEN nations will participate, and the defending champions Svenja Zihsler and Rob Muffels, both from open water powerhouse Germany, will look to defend their titles. Under the new rules, the 17-18 age group will swim a 7.5km race, while 15-16’s will remain at 5kms. There will also be a 3km team race. In 2011, the Germans swept all three golds, but the path won’t be as easy this year. The 17-18 races will be held on Friday (July 13th), with the 15-16 swims coming on Saturday (July 14th). The team battle will wrap the meet on Sunday…

…Boise State’s Justin Brosseau has been promoted to associate head coach after he and head coach Kristin Hill guided the Broncos to the best season in program history last year. This coming year will be Brosseau’s 5th with the team, and Hill called the move a “great way to recognize the work that Justin puts into Boise State…it is a testament to both his determination and skill level as a member of our staff”…

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cynthia curran
10 years ago

Spitz was great in his day. Spitz lived in an era before 1971 there were no googles even in practice. So probably his yardage in the earlier years prior to Mexico City was a lot less than Phelps. Also, Spitz did poorly in Mexico City while Michael did better at two olympics instead of one, maybe since Mexico was high in the air and Spitz wasn’t tapered right since training was a little different in 1968 than today it would habe made the difference. Mark Spitz did a 49 100 yard butterfly in high school reach even today can placed high in CIF competitions in Ca or State competitions in other states. Also, Mark Spitz beat several people at Olympic… Read more »

cynthia curran
10 years ago

Well, probably Tyler Clary is an upper middle kid from Riverside, doubt that he was as blue collar as Shirley Bashashoff family was. Bashashoff father worked two jobs as a machinsts and coarch swimming when he was in the service. I was on the Huntington Beach team with Bashashoff and Shirley was the best swimmer even though other swimmers families were more upper-middle class at the time.

Old timer
10 years ago

Spitz was a great IM swimmer, held world record in 400 free and just missed in1500. Also excellent back stroke.

Old timer
Reply to  Old timer
10 years ago

Mor details

As a junior in HS Spitz swam 200 IM in 1:54. Smashed American record. At that time … 1967 …. Charlie Hickox was NCAA champ at 2 – 3 seconds slower. Hickox won 200/400 IM in 68 Olympics …. All the best IM ers were in US then. You could argue Spitz was World best 200 IM and could have broken LCD record.

Jeremy Lin
10 years ago

On the size of ego side, Spitz is ahead of Phelps by a good distance still.

10 years ago

What we have with both Spitz and Tyler Clary are text book narcissists. Clary just demonstrated his jealousy and frustration of Phelps’ success to the media. You watch, despite all the pressure on Clary from the USA swimming staff and his coach Jon Urb to back peddle his comments by either claiming his words fumbled or apologizing in a media statement, he won’t be able to do it. That is the nature of his type. And the sad part is – once a narcissist always a narcissist. Reminds me of Obama…

By the way I had a few bloggers slam my recent speculation of these two resenting each other in an article published prior to trials regarding the trio of… Read more »

Reply to  Kevin
10 years ago

The difference with Obama & Spitz is that by 34 Mark actually had done something to write a biography about.

Tyler is in line for the Nobel Peace prize -having done about the same as obama.

Reply to  Jg
10 years ago

JG you just made my day. Great analogy!

10 years ago

Silly questioning and comparison.So out of context.Spitz was one of a kind in his Era.Same was Phelps.Or Johnny Weissmuller(undefeated freestyler).
Nowadays swimmers are taller, well trained than before.Better food,supplements, physical conditioning, biomechanics…
Probably, Jesus Christ was faster.He could walk on water.Just a jogging he will be a lot faster than Phelps… haha

10 years ago

Spitz was pretty good . His 100 times for fly 7 free are only 3 secs behind Phelps best textile.. Add a two tenths for the Jammers & lane ropes & pools & caps & goggles each & you are under 2 secs max.

In contract the girls are 5.8 free & 7 secs fly ahead of 1972.

Spitz did not have the 50 free (not available ) but he was a higher ranked 400 freestyler but did no im .

Even better he retired whilst unbeaten & at the top.

Depends on your viewpoint.

10 years ago

Well I don’t know if Spitz can, but you know who should? Tyler Clary because he trains harder! Lol – what poor sportsmanship

Reply to  lsswim
10 years ago

Is it true that Tyler Clary is the spokesman for USA Swimming… after all, he has the blue collar ethics that make him the “Rocky Balboa” of everything wet! He DESERVES (or is that “entitled”) to it. Sign him up NIKE!

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