Scoring Out the Psych Sheet for the 2021 NCAA Men’s Swimming Championships

Data compiled by SwimSwam’s Andrew Mering.


  • When: Wednesday, March 24 – Saturday, March 27, 2021
  • Where: Greensboro Aquatic Center / Greensboro, NC (Eastern Time Zone)
  • Defending champion: Cal (1x) – 2019 results
  • Streaming:
  • Championship Central
  • Live Results

With the pre-selection psych sheets now live for the 2021 Men’s NCAA Swimming & Diving Championships, we can score out the individual swimming events.

The following projections are just that – projections. Every year, teams vary wildly from their psych sheets points to their actual scored points. Swimmers listed below will inevitably scratch, But these numbers at least give us a starting point for previewing the 2021 Men’s NCAA Championships.

Note: these projections do not include diving, where athletes will be selected via NCAA Zone meets later this month.


Placement Team Projected Score
1 California 448.5
2 Texas 428.5
3 Florida 323.5
4 Georgia 300.5
5 Louisville 252.5
6 Ohio State 191.5
7 Texas A&M 191
8 Indiana 188
9 Michigan 182
10 NC State 154.5
11 Alabama 136
12 Virginia Tech 131.5
13 Georgia Tech 87
14 Virginia 81
15 Arizona 63
16 Mizzou 62
17 Stanford 54
18 Notre Dame 44
19 Purdue 37.5
20 Minnesota 37
21 Pitt 34
22 USC 34
23 LSU 33
24 Tennessee 24
25 Penn State 15.5
26 Florida State 13
27 Wisconsin 6
28 Auburn 5
29 Iowa 3
30 UNC 2
31 Northwestern 1
32 Cincinnati 1


These are the relay points only – these totals are already included in the list above.

Team Projected Points
Texas 172
Cal 156
Florida 156
Louisville 132
Indiana 114
Michigan 112
Georgia 98
Texas A&M 97
NC State 94
Ohio State 91
Alabama 90
Virginia Tech 51
Georgia Tech 36
Purdue 34
Virginia 28
Stanford 26
Mizzou 24
Arizona 18
Florida State 13
Tennessee 2
Penn State 2


Swimmer Team
Projected Points
Shaine Casas Texas A&M 60
Kieran Smith Florida 52
Nicolas Albiero Louisville 50
Jake Magahey Georgia 48
Carson Foster Texas 47
Drew Kibler Texas 46
Trenton Julian California 46
Paul Delakis Ohio St 44
Ryan Hoffer California 43
Jack Hoagland Notre Dame 40
Adam Chaney Florida 40
Danny Kovac Missouri 38
Javier Acevedo Georgia 38
Bobby Finke Florida 37
Max McHugh Minnesota 37
Hugo Gonzalez California 34
Brooks Curry LSU 33
Alvin Jiang Texas 31.5
Evgenii Somov Louisville 31
Luca Urlando Georgia 30
Reece Whitley California 30
Zach Yeadon California 29
Matt Brownstead Virginia 29
Matt King Alabama 29
Daniel Carr California 28
Youssef Ramadan Virginia Tech 27.5
Daniel Krueger Texas 27
David Schlicht Arizona 26
Ian Grum Georgia 26
Alexei Sancov USC 26
Caio Pumputis Georgia Tech 25
Camden Murphy Georgia 25
Antani Ivanov Virginia Tech 25
Ross Dant NC State 23
Mitchell Whyte Louisville 23
Destin Lasco California 23
Blaise Vera Pittsburgh 22
Jake Foster Texas 21
Brendan Burns Indiana 21
Mark Theall Texas A&M 20
Dillon Hillis Florida 19
Hunter Armstrong Ohio St 18.5
Brooks Fail Arizona 18
Will Chan Michigan 17
Kacper Stokowski NC State 17
Bryce Mefford California 17
Haridi Sameh Louisville 16.5
Bjorn Seeliger California 16
River Wright Michigan 16
Caspar Corbeau Texas 16
Daniel Roy Stanford 16
Sam Pomajevich Texas 16
Jake Mitchell Michigan 15
Zane Backes Indiana 15
Noah Nichols Virginia 15
Dillon Downing Georgia 14
Sem Andreis Ohio St 14
Blake Manoff Virginia Tech 14
Tomer Frankel Indiana 13.5
Jason Mathews Ohio St 13
Chris Staka Texas 13
Michael Brinegar Indiana 13
Christian Ferraro Georgia Tech 13
Luke Miller NC State 12
Cooper Van der Laan Pittsburgh 12
David Johnston Texas 12
Trey Freeman Florida 11
Michael Daly Penn St 11
AJ Pouch Virginia Tech 11
Michael Houlie Tennessee 10
Sean Grieshop California 9
Batur Unlu Georgia Tech 9
Greg Reed Georgia 9
Jake Marcum Alabama 9
Lyubomir Epitropov Tennessee 9
Braden Vines Texas 8.5
Patrick Callan Michigan 8
Alex Liang Stanford 8
Danny Berlitz Michigan 7
Tanner Olson Texas A&M 7
Matthew Menke Alabama 7
Colby Mefford California 7
Andres Puente Texas A&M 7
Alfonso Mestre Florida 6
Charlie Clark Ohio St 6
Sebastian Somerset California 6
Jack Franzman Indiana 5.5
Mikkel Gadgaard Auburn 5
Hudson McDaniel Ohio St 5
Gabriel Fantoni Indiana 5
Alex Zettle Texas 5
Justin Grender Virginia 5
Jack Dalmolin Georgia 5
Dare Rose California 4.5
Zach Brown NC State 4.5
Andrew Abruzzo Georgia 4
Nikola Miljenic USC 4
Kyle Barone Georgia Tech 4
Josh Dannhauser Wisconsin 4
Wyatt Davis Michigan 4
Josh Bottelberghe Notre Dame 4
Zach Hils Georgia 3.5
Nikola Acin Purdue 3.5
Jared Daigle Michigan 3
Ethan Heasley Texas 3
Kayka Mota Tennessee 3
Peter Larson Texas 3
Will Myhre Iowa 3
Eric Knowles NC State 3
Dylan Eichberg Virginia Tech 3
Will Roberson Penn St 2.5
Clark Beach Florida 2.5
Austin Katz Texas 2.5
Jack Walker Virginia 2
Caleb Aman Wisconsin 2
Ethan Hu Stanford 2
Jake Sannem Texas 2
Valdas Abaliksta UNC 2
Keefer Barnum Virginia 2
Ethan Harder Texas 2
Jonathan Affeld Stanford 1
Marin Ercegovic Arizona 1
Preston Forst Stanford 1
Kevin Houseman Northwestern 1
Jacob Steele Indiana 1
James Plage NC State 1
Blake Hanna Cincinnati 1
Derek Maas Alabama 1
Cole Crane Texas 1

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6 months ago

So Texas wins? Got it.

Reply to  Horninco
6 months ago

You know it

Reply to  Horninco
6 months ago

Unfortunately I think its looking pretty good for Cal considering Texas has had way more chances to put up times. I see a bigger improvement possible from Cal compared to psych sheet points

Reply to  Timekeeper
6 months ago

I’d say they are about equal. Since the pandemic started, Texas has had the October meet where Kibler went 4:08 and Foster went 3:35 and the mid-season invite in December where they rested and a few that they just swam as race prep. Cal has had the past two Pac 12 championship meets and the couple of meets with Stanford and USC.

Reply to  bobthebuilderrocks
6 months ago

Yeah–as a Cal fan, I think I agree that it will be a very close meet. I think Texas is probably a slight favorite because they will have a full roster, and so if their bubble entries really pop off it’ll be tough just based on numbers for Cal to make up ground. But, Cal also has a lot of room to move up from seed, and I think they’ll beat Texas in the 200 and 400 medleys and frees.

Reply to  Timekeeper
6 months ago

Dude, texas doesn’t even taper for conference. Right SEC fans?

Reply to  Horninco
6 months ago

I remember reading this sentiment 2 years ago to the day. Good times.

Reply to  BearlyBreathing
6 months ago

When Cal won?

Reply to  BearlyBreathing
6 months ago

Cal has to be the favorite, I’m just needling the anybody-but-texas readers

Reply to  Horninco
6 months ago

Yeah, I say Cal are favorites just due to the fact that they’re reigning champs.

Right Dude Here
Reply to  bobthebuilderrocks
6 months ago

To clarify, the last time Cal won, Seliskar was still in college. That’s how long ago that was.

Reply to  Right Dude Here
6 months ago

I mainly said that to appeal to the Cal fans, I know Texas is winning this one.

Reply to  Horninco
6 months ago

cal has a higher floor, Texas has a higher ceiling. I count Texas with 57 individual swims and dives, Cal with 42. Both have 14 top 8 entries but Cal is definitely better there. but Texas has 4 more swims seeded 9-16 and 4 more swims seeded 17-24 and probably 11 dives to 0 for Cal.

2020 NCAA
6 months ago

Katz vs Cassas 2bk, Kibler vs Smith 2free, the cut off for top 8 1br/2br, who wins 5free, which freshman sprinter will pop off, who will win the 1fly, ALL THE RELAYS god im so excited to finally watch these nccas

DC swim fan
Reply to  2020 NCAA
6 months ago

The depth at this years NCAAs should be really fun to watch

Reply to  2020 NCAA
6 months ago

Matt King!!!!!

ACC Swammer
Reply to  2020 NCAA
6 months ago

VT’s Ramadan looked to be on pace for a 43 100 fly until the last 15 meters at ACCs. On the contrary, UVA’s Brownstead looked to be going 42.5 until the last 15 meters haha! My point is both super star freshmen I saw swim at ACCs, I think, can go much faster than their conference meet swims.

6 months ago

Typo: in relay only scoring, the first Georgia Tech should be Georgia

Reply to  Nonrevhoofan
6 months ago

Fixed. Thanks

Big IM guy
6 months ago

Blake Hanna going 1:39 2back

Taper is coming
6 months ago

Sean Grieshop is the highest returning points scorer from 2019 NCAAs…

Reply to  Taper is coming
6 months ago

I’m really looking forward to what he can do with rest, shave, tech suit and big kiss on the forehead for good luck.

Joseph H. Gianera
6 months ago

Texas#diving will KILL Cal.

SoCal Swammer
6 months ago

Texas better hope their divers can bail them out again this year against Cal

Reply to  SoCal Swammer
6 months ago

Every year there are comments about Texas’ diving bailing them out. It’s swimming AND diving at NCAAs. Cal should recruit more divers then. And don’t forget, Texas will be leaving quite a few swimmers at home.

Can’t wait to watch this all un fold!

Reply to  SoCal Swammer
6 months ago

Who won the 2019 NCAA Field championships? Were they held at a different time/location than the 2019 NCAA Track Championships?

Asking for a friend

Last edited 6 months ago by Horninco
Reply to  SoCal Swammer
6 months ago

Cal better start investing in their diving program so they can compete with Texas.

Right Dude Here
Reply to  Swimfan
6 months ago

Like a football team not having a kicking program.

6 months ago

Key words: Does not include diving

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