Relive Michael Phelps’s First Olympic Race

by Elizabeth Levy 6

June 03rd, 2020 News, Race Videos, Video

The postponement of the 2020 Olympic Games is one of several athletic events that have been put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, sports fans can still celebrate the Olympic year by visiting the official YouTube channel of the Olympic Games.

The Olympic channel has been regularly posting video highlights from every Olympic sport.

The most recent swimming highlight is a video of Michael Phelps’s first Olympic race. At just 15 years-old, he competed in the heats of the 200m butterfly at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia. In classic Phelps fashion, he trailed in fifth place at 100 meters. However a strong back half propelled him to victory in a time of 1:57.30, a personal best.

Phelps’s swim qualified him third out of the heats. In the semifinals he finished fourth overall with another personal best of 1:57.00. Then, in his first Olympic final, he finished fifth overall, again besting his time with a 1:56.50.

While Phelps did not medal at the Sydney Olympics, his first Olympic appearance marked the beginning of a decorated career. As NBC Sports points out, Phelps had already made a name for himself before arriving in Sydney by becoming the youngest male swimmer to make a U.S. Olympic team since 1932.


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2 years ago

That’s when I realized we were witnessing a once in a generation athlete.

2 years ago

Amazing to think he was cracked a 1:57 as a 15 year old. Just unbelievable how far ahead of the curve he was, and that he will still manage to take that time down another 5 seconds in the following years.

sane swim parent
Reply to  James
2 years ago

He was just a baby!

2 years ago

It doesn’t take mind of Tesla to let you know that this is a wide open event at any level competition…for years.

Outside Smoke
Reply to  Louiggi
2 years ago

Ummmmm Milak?

Reply to  Louiggi
2 years ago

I mean if you’re talking about the gap between Milak and second place, then yeah, wiiiiiide open