“I Wanna Be a Swimstar” (Swimming Nickelback Parody Video)

Quarantine has been long. It has been mentally exhausting. It has been frustrating.

And the UK has cracked.

They’ve gone full Nickelback.

In a parody of the song “Rockstar” by Nickelback, which has been dubbed Canada’s most hated band as a result of incredible overexposure over the country’s airwaves, Steve Buckley has built a full-blown, swim-themed parody of the song titled “Swimstar.”

With mostly unique vocals performed by Hugh MacDonald (well, there as unique as any of Nickelback’s songs are from any other of Nickelback’s songs), the video features age groupers, legends, Olympians, Junior National team swimmers, and aspiring Olympians from across the country opining about their dreams for aquatic success.

Among the swimmers featured in the video are two-time Olympic gold medalist Rebecca Adlington, World Championship competitor Michael Gunning, 1980 Olympic silver medalist in the 400 IM Sharron Davies, 2008/2012 British Olympian Jemma Lowe, 7-time Para-Swimming World Champion Tully Kearney, and BBC Olympic and Paralympic sports journalist Nick Hope.

Steve Buckley is the creator and leader of the swimming website pullbuoy.co.uk, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary of covering swimming on the internet this month.

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Andrew Lardieri
1 year ago

love this! Very well done👍🏻

ACC fan
2 years ago

This was EXCELLENT!!

Marina Velez
2 years ago

This video features multiple nationalities, abilities and ages, from olympians, masters, juniors, para, coaches, parents therapists and everyone in between, with a dog thrown in for good measure. This is exactly what the swimming community looks like!
Gorgeous, adorable and fun. It made the challenges of lockdown and the pain of not swimming a little more bearable.
Thanks for making it.

Billy Howard
2 years ago

This is awesome. I like that they referenced non-UK swimmers, too.

I feel like the US is not rising to these challenges in making fun videos like these. With the personalities we have, I hope they come up with something great!

Reply to  Billy Howard
2 years ago

More like Team USA needs to continue the trend considering they had memorable videos in 2012 (Call Me Baby) and 2016 (Carpool Karaoke).

Reply to  Icanfreezetime
2 years ago

“Call me maybe” was one of the inspirations when the call went out for volunteers! http://www.pullbuoy.co.uk/news/pullbuoy-needs-you/

D1 coach
Reply to  Icanfreezetime
2 years ago

For me, the USA Swimming videos were cool because they had a lot of famous swimmers in them. Especially the 2012 team. That was one of my favorite teams ever.

In terms of an actual judgement of the video….I think this one blew the USA Swimming videos away quality wise.

2 years ago

Awesome! Nice mix of age group swimmers, pros and masters in the video 👍🏽

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