Recordings of Tamás Gyárfás Conversations Found in Graveyard

New evidence emerged on Wednesday in the trial of Hungarian media mogul, and swimming front-runner, Tamás Gyárfás. Gyarfas is the former head of the Hungarian Swimming Association and currently serves as a FINA Bureau member ad as the treasurer of LEN – the federation that oversees aquatic sports in Europe. He has been accused of ordering the murder of a media rival in 1998, which he has denied.

Investigators unveiled on Wednesday that in a tomb in the Farkasréti Cemetery, they found “high quality” and “complete” recordings made of conversations between Tamás Portik and Tamás Gyárfás, according to the Hungarian Times. Investigators believe that the conversations were specifically cut out of longer recordings in 2017 in order to blackmail Gyárfás.

Gyárfás said in a statement that the media was cut and ‘incomprehensible’ and that the full recordings would contain much more information than the cut version.

Tamás Portik is another wealthy Hungarian businessman who allegedly recorded 20 years’ worth of conversations with Gyárfás in a pickup truck. István Dósa, the former leader of the charity wing of the MSZP, the Hungarian socialist party, is the man believed to have been blackmailing Gyárfás, charging him a ‘storage fee’ for the recordings.

The tapes, taken as cut, seem to confirm the suspicions that Gyárfás had asked Tamás Portik to kill his media rival, János Fenyő, 21 years ago in 1998. Jozef Roháč, a member of the Slovak mafia, was convicted in 2013 of shooting into a street and killing Fenyő and sentenced to life in prison, with the possibility of parole after 30 years. Portik received a 15-year sentence for ordering 2 other murders by Portik. In spite of Gyárfás’ rejection of the tapes as being out-of-context, prosecutors believe that it is enough to move forward with an indictment.


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teljesen ijesztő! = totally frightening!


And it is not only about Gyarfas, Portik, Rohac and Fenyo, but some other topics. Oil maffia, political relationships etc.

JP input is too short

In a… graveyard? That is just bizarre.


This is a bizarre country 🙂
The whole thing is also about that the current regime tries to derail attention from current economical and political problems and strikes

Non-Bureau puppet

so they were found in an actual graveyard!! I thought it must have been found at a Bureau meeting, of course same, same. 😆😆


And FINA wonders why no one likes them…

SUM Ting Wong

I think they have done some good things . Or are we in Orwell’s 15 minute of hate ? Like Yozhik says , there is still a whole aquatic sport to organise .

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