Practice + Pancakes: Kentucky Throws Down 30×[email protected]:30 Long Course

FORM is swim goggles with a smart display. FORM is a sports technology company with a simple mission: to break down the barriers between what swimming is and what it could be.

The Wednesday morning after the University of Kentucky got in some quality 200 pace work, they opted for Max VO2. The set is simple on paper: 30×50 @ 1:30, best average. Carrying it out, however, is a little harder.

Kentucky has a few VO2 sets that they do regularly and keep team records for for (all 4 strokes, men and women). On this Wednesday morning we saw Asia Seidt take down her own team record, knocking half a second off of her previous best (30.7) and averaging 30.2 over all 30 50s.

Also, a note from the beginning of the video… who doesn’t love a great poolscape from the 10-meter platform?!

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Captain Ahab

30 x 50 on 1:30. Are they starting their taper for SEC swimming and diving championship?


Is that too easy for you haha?


Although I’m quite partial to distance training, this type of set is very, very hard. I’ve done this set both and fly and back, and it’s very difficult.


I’ve picked doing these types of sets. The lactic hits hard and the amount of rest is just enough to allow you to really throw down each one. UK knows how to work


Having done plenty of sets like this, you usually wanna die around #10-15 if you’re doing it right and the last 3 50’s are a near religious experience. You are wrecked and can’t sprint for at least 2 days after finishing. Definitely not a taper set


Wow. Holding 30.2 for a 50 long course!! Amazing.


Not really, that just means you’re holding a 6 beat kick


Does it? Cause I think it means she swam down the length of the pool backstroke in 30.2 seconds which it pretty difficult depending on your skill level.


This set is easy bruh


Any set is as hard or challenging as you make it!


Oh, you mean “Goal 50’s.”

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