Practice + Pancakes: Kentucky Throws Down Short Rest 200 Pace

FORM is swim goggles with a smart display. FORM is a sports technology company with a simple mission: to break down the barriers between what swimming is and what it could be.

After the Pro Swim in Knoxville, SwimSwam headed just north up Lexington to see what the University of Kentucky was up to. On this Tuesday afternoon, they were mostly doing various forms of 200 pace work. I focused mostly on the women’s side of the pool, and got to see Kentucky’s famed “Backstroke U” group in action.

The set was 4 rounds of 3×75 @ :55 seconds, trying to hit 200 pace. Between Asia Seidt, Caitlin Brooks, Ali Galyer, and Sophie Sorenson in this UK backstroke core, it was a sight to behold.

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I’m not mad this isn’t called “training and tacos”, just disappointed.

Coleman Hodges

On one hand, I can’t have the series just devolve into complete chaos… on the other hand, this is a shame. and I feel shame


I wouldn’t expect a lot of these places to have good tacos though…

Brian M

New series T-3000 and tacos? Just a thought.


The running dives to start practice were truly glorious. I’m still dreaming of the day those are legal for relays.


Don’t come running to me if you break your leg doing one of these!

Ol' Longhorn

Uh, he couldn’t run if he broke his leg.


No footage of Wetzlar, Mitchell, or Brown? You gotta do it for the boys.


Always for the boys

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