Pebley on 200 Back Win: “I haven’t beaten Ryan in 5 years” (Video)


Reported by Nick Pecoraro.


  1. Jacob Pebley, USA, 1:56.35
  2. Ryan Murphy, USA, 1:56.51
  3. Matt Grevers, USA, 1:59.47
  4. Danas Rapsys, LTU, 2:14.02

The Americans were bunched together throughout the first 100 of the race, with Lithuanian Danas Rapsys falling off pace early on. Soon into the final 50, Grevers too was off pace as the Rio Olympians in this event were dueling to the finish. Into the finish, Pebley defeated his former Cal teammate by 16/100.

Pebley’s time now bumps him to #9 in the world. Murphy remains at #7 with his 1:56.16 from the Knoxville PSS. In Budapest, Pebley took second with a 1:56.67 behind Russion Evgeny Rylov‘s 1:55.92. Rylov current holds the world #1 with his 1:54.00 from Russian Nationals.

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4 years ago

Jacob swam a smart race. He was well ahead of Ryan going into the last lap and then Ryan couldn’t close the gap.

That’s probably the only way he can beat Ryan because Ryan is so good the last 50.

Rylov won the 2017 Worlds the same way.

Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  marklewis
4 years ago

He tried it the last Tyr pro series meet and Murphy killed him the last 50. A bit more rested now. That event will be one of the better races at Worlds.

4 years ago

Happy for Pebs. I’m sure that was a great monkey to get off of his back

4 years ago

Am I the only one who doesn’t mind them getting $5k for getting last whether they swam fast or slow? I know some swimmers were just asked at last minute to swim an extra event or two. And if they have another prime event coming up, I would do the same. Ask any of these elite swimmers and I am sure they understand.
Maybe the wanna be elite swimmers don’t agree! Next time, you can take his or her place and try and beat Murphy or Pebley or Grevers!

Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  Superfan
4 years ago

If would have swum it to his best ability, he’d still be out of the mix by a mile, and then people would’ve been bitching that he swam poorly in the 400 free. $5K is a small bone to toss to these elites who have been crushing themselves for years without much compensation.

Reply to  Superfan
4 years ago

Sounds fair. So long as the pro athletes then remember that the suit companies, FINA, the ISL, and the fans don’t owe them anything, either. That’s a two way street (and not a two way street upon which professional athletics is built).

4 years ago

2:14??? Did something happen?

Reply to  Entgegen
4 years ago

Most likely threw the race to save for the others as it was his first of the session

Reply to  Entgegen
4 years ago

He loafed it the whole way

Reply to  PhillyMark
4 years ago

And gets $5k for it…

Reply to  Entgegen
4 years ago

error in the selection process. No incentives to try once selected. People can just settle for fourth and get 5k. A rules change should be made to fix this. If you aren’t going to try in an event, don’t swim it.

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