OSU’s Men’s Team Continues to Prove Strength with Recruits and Trials

by Kelsey Zimcosky 3

June 24th, 2013 News

On Saturday June 22nd, I had the pleasure to speak with Ohio State University’s Men’s Assistant Coach, Dave Rollins, at the Busbey Invitational in Cleveland, Ohio.

The Buckeye’s will be gaining twelve new male recruits for the 2013-2014 season, from instate, out-of-state, and internationally. With an already outstanding program, these men will prove to be strong additions to their team, both individually and on relays. Coach Rollins is confident that these men will be great contributors to the Big Ten meets, and is excited to see their performances this season.

For full information on the upcoming recruits, you can find it here, on Ohio State’s official sport’s page.


Coach Rollins also discussed his group of men that will be competing at World’s Trials in Indy this week. One top name representing OSU is Tim Phillips. Along with swimming the 100 m freestyle, Phillips will be swimming the 100 m and 50 m butterfly. He is currently seeded 4th in both events, behind names such as Tyler Mcgill, Ryan Lochte, and Tom Shields. Not much separates Phillips from the top three spots (not even a whole second divides them), meaning this is not a race that you’d want to miss. To prepare for this race, Phillips has been training with SwimMAC Carolina.

Also competing at World’s Trials are Phillips’s teammates, Alex Miller, Dmitry Dolgov, Steven Zimmerman, Garrett Trebilcock, DJ MacDonald, Rowan Williams, Dak Stone, and Connor McDonald.





(Photo Courtesy: Tim Binning/TheSwimPictures.com)

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Matty T.
7 years ago

For the level they compete at and for being Thee Ohio State University…..Very Average class…. couple decent…. but for the most part…. very very average.

Joel Lin
Reply to  Matty T.
7 years ago

It takes some time to build a program. Give this five more years and it will be very interesting to see how the landscape changes in non-revenue college sports like swimming. Basically Michigan and Ohio State are ATM machines with no withdraw limits. Also on a very short list would have to be some SEC schools like Florida – read somewhere that the expense for the men’s football team is over $90mm which equates to about $1.4 million PER SCHOLARSHIP ATHLETE!. Also on that list might be Stanford where the endowment funds are so overwhelming. There are basically less than 10 schools who should be Top 10 D1 in every single sport they field a varsity funded team in. And… Read more »

Reply to  Joel Lin
7 years ago

When has OSU been consistently top ten? Top 15 and sliding, fast.

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