Olympian Josh Davis Breaks Down USRPT in a Way You Have Not Heard Before – Video

Swimming News / Swimming Video Interview courtesy of Team Andrew Indie Swimming, a SwimSwam partner.

This interview was captured at the 2014 ASCA World Clinic. Coach Peter Andrew, Indie Swimming, conducts the interview.

5-time Olympic Medalist, Josh Davis, breaks down your swimming career, and why USRPT works for the majority of swimmers.

Michael Andrew  (courtesy of Mike Lewis, Ola Vista Photography)

Michael Andrew (courtesy of Mike Lewis, Ola Vista Photography)

USRPT provides training materials associated with the Ultra Short Race Pace Training and is offering a Christmas Special – over $50 off when purchasing both titles – “Understanding and Implementing USRPT” featuring Dr. Brent Rushall and “How We Train with USRPT” featuring Michael Andrew and Peter Andrew. This special offer is good until December 25th.



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6 years ago

Boom. SMASH. Other exciting words.

Nailed it.

6 years ago

Would be really good to have some actual info contained in the video rather than just lording usrpt.
What is it (I know it’s Ultra Short Race Pace Training)? Who should do it? Why is it better? What is it better than? Which Olympic champions use/d it?! Who won an event at the recent World SC in Doha using it.
This guys seems to be saying bet against your swimmers ever being an Olympic champion and just settle for good fun young. Selling a pretty negative idea packaged in a salesmanship positivity.

Reply to  DrewB
6 years ago

*sigh*… because it’s better to sell them on the Olympic dream when they are swimming at a Sectional level? I’d say that’s more cynical than your example. “Which Olympic champions use/d it?! Who won an event at the recent World SC in Doha using it.” I think we’ll see it creeping into answering these questions in the coming years… but those questions are entirely missing the point of the video. He’s not talking about the 100 or so National Teamers or the 500 or so others within striking distance of such status (though he’s also not saying it wouldn’t work for them). He’s talking about the 300,000+ other folks… who aren’t “laying a base” for some mythical post teens swimming… Read more »

Reply to  Hulk Swim
6 years ago

I agree with everything you said here. Unfortunately, clubs cannot/will not split swimmers into those that swim for fun and those that are serious. It is just not reasonable to expect. I know clubs that practice race pace – they are very fast in November and December, and nowhere near top in March. But, again, whatever works. I am also of opinion that for top level swimmers/athletes, pure fast pace training will never be used because it cannot prepare you for 8 evens at top level meets. A combination on the other hand is already used almost everywhere. I personally wish less yardage is used for very young – say up to 14 year old. Focus on technique, prevent injuries,… Read more »

Reply to  PsychoDad
6 years ago

Psycho Dad
Everything you said after “I agree with everything you said here” wss wrong. All of it. Every word.

Reply to  PsychoDad
6 years ago

Psychodad- outside those 1%ers (and really including a sizable chunk of them) how many kids actually swim 8 events at their TOP meet? And if we are hoping these kids swim in college, how many actually get called in for 4 relays? The reality for ALMOST ALL of USA Swimming athletes is they go to their focus meet with 3 or 4 events and likely swim 1 or 2 of those a second time. Add some relays and we are talking 10 swims in a 3 or 4 day period. USRPT and it’s cousins do a more than adequate job of preparing kids for that. In fact, maybe a better job… who cares if you can swim 30k in 3… Read more »

6 years ago

BOUM BOUM Smash ! very interesting …. to be followed …..