NCAA decision on Jack Bauerle likely to emerge in Tuesday press conference

The NCAA has announced it will hold a press conference on Tuesday to discuss the Committee on Infractions’ decision regarding suspended Georgia Bulldogs coach Jack Bauerle.

Baurle’s status has been hanging in the balance since early 2014, when he was put under investigation for potential academic violations.

Baurle was suspended indefinitely by the University in April, and had an official hearing with the NCAA back in October. There has been no word on the outcome of that hearing to this point, but it looks like the final decision may be coming out tomorrow.

Fox Sports reporter Bruce Feldman tweeted earlier today that the NCAA would hold a press conference at 1 p.m. Eastern on Tuesday to discuss its decision:

The Georgia women won the NCAA title last season despite Bauerle being suspended for most of the second semester. The team has been swimming under acting head coach and former assistant Harvey Humphries, but all parties involved have been hoping for an official decision to bring closure on the Baurle situation, as well as give the team clarity on its coaching situation moving forward.

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6 years ago

Must be bad news if they feel the need to hold a press conference. This has dragged on for months. They’ll probably throw the book at Georgia but UNC has a huge academic scandal with their football program with fake classes/fake degrees and nothing happens. The NCAA is a freaking joke.

Reply to  dawgfan1969
6 years ago

unfortunately – i don’t think the ncaa has any credibility when it comes to investigations
look at how they mismanaged the university of miami and penn state
look at the syracuse basketball – 7 years of investigation…the ncaa has lost most power to the big 5 conferences (ncaa was left out of the football playoff with no authority) …and as mentioned what type of penalty for north carolina ….too bad but hope coach b gets to return immediately and an apology that this took a year to figure out

6 years ago

Actually UNC were already punished in 2011. The reports that came out were internal school reports. So they did have something happen

Reply to  uncfan
6 years ago

if you think their punishment is done you’re a fool…

Reply to  notflyguy
6 years ago

Not saying they are done. I am just pointing out that they have been punished to, dawgs response that unc hasn’t been punished.
Jack deserves what’s coming. We all know what he did is wrong. You can’t compromise yourself for any athlete. He let the team down. He should have resigned

Reply to  UNCFan
6 years ago

UNCFAN: If you’re so knowledgeable, please enlighten us. What did he do?

Reply to  UNCFan
6 years ago

with that logic, UNC’s athletic programs should be given the death penalty

Reply to  notflyguy
6 years ago

many think that’s what should have happened (including myself), but I think NCAA has too much to lose from UNC basketball being banned.

6 years ago

Jack Bauerle’s contribution to the Swimming World deserves consideration when weighing in on any further punishment. The word on the pool deck is that the punishment already is outweighing the infraction with his absence. Hypocrisy abounds in so many matters with the NCAA and schools who make promises to student athletes they can’t fulfill. Jack and Harvey have been tremendous brand builders to The University of Georgia and to swimming. One phone call leads to this? Just look at the record of Louisville’s Head Football Coach, Bobby Petrino and tell me that NCAA has it right…………….character, integrity, effectiveness. Go Dawgs

Reply to  Grubby_1
6 years ago

So you want bias in judiciary bodies? That’s not how a “court” of any kind should work, and for good reason. The rules are the rules, and that should be the end of the discussion.

If Jack goes I’ll be sorry to see it, but it’s nobody’s fault but his own.

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