A Month Into Season, Ohio Replaces 18-Year Head Coach Greg Werner

A month into the 2013-2014 NCAA season, Derick Roe has replaced Greg Werner as the head coach of the head coach of the Ohio University women’s swimming & diving team on an interim basis. Roe will fill that role for the rest of the season.

“We feel that we need to move the program in a different direction,” said Ohio University Athletics Director Jim Schaus. “We thank Greg for all of his commitment to the program and we wish him the very best in the future.”

Roe is in his second season with the program after two years at Colgate following his graduation from Eastern Michigan in 2010.

The termination of Werner’s tenure (the school gave no details about the nature of the changing-of-the-guard) comes as a surprise after 18 years as the program’s head coach. The Bobcats took 2nd, behind only in-state rivals Miami, at last year’s Mid-American Conference Championship meet.

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8 years ago

How can the AD’S give ear only to one side and then come up with there conclusions.
No professional courtesy given to Coach Werner. He kept his imediate supervisor and AD in the loop about these cry baby swimmers. Of course his AD has no integrity and went along with the other AD’s.

Swim silly
8 years ago

No scandal.

8 years ago

Without going into details some girls were complained about him. Don’t believe what you hear. He has been in Athens since those immature girls were born. Greg is a good coach and a good person!

Reply to  Bobcat
8 years ago

This decision was rationally made by the Athletic Department based off of observations, don’t judge the situation if you do not know what was going on within the team.

8 years ago

This is a total shock. I have know Greg since he took over at Ohio. I have always thought he has done great things there and I have never heard of kids saying bad things about him. What is the athletic dept. thinking?????

8 years ago

This is so strange. Fired mid-season after 18 years? Interested to know details, if/when they emerge.

8 years ago

i smell scandal 🙁

Reply to  Nostradamus
8 years ago

there is no scandal.

Reply to  November1
8 years ago

definitely no scandal

Asher Green
8 years ago

I don’t know anything about this situation, but unless there was some wrongdoing on Coach Werner’s part, it’s a pretty crappy thing to fire a swim coach midseason. Especially so when he was good enough to coach the team for 18 years.

8 years ago

What the… ?!? Time to go hit up my old classmates for details. Hope this doesn’t cost them any athletes or recruits.

Reply to  Evilwatersprite
8 years ago

my only advice to you is to not believe everything that you hear..

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