Minneapolis Grand Prix Day One Prelims: Conor Dwyer Qualifies For Three Finals

2014 Minneapolis Grand Prix

Women 200 Yard Freestyle

Leading the way in the 200 yard freestyle was Shannon Vreeland who won the last heat of the women’s 200 freestyle with a time of 1:44.29. She went toe-to-toe with Katie Hoff in the race, Hoff finishing second in the final heat and grabbing the second seed heading into finals with a 1:44.74.

Elizabeth Beisel also won her heat with a 1:45.66. That time will give her the third seed heading into finals ahead of Margo Geer who won heat 10 with a time of 1:45.83.

With many of the swimmers entered in the finals having international experience, it should make for a very competitive race.

Top Eight

  • Shannon Vreeland 1:44.29
  • Katie Hoff 1:44.74
  • Elizabeth Beisel 1:45.66
  • Margo Geer 1:45.83
  • Tori Simenec 1:46.45
  • Katie KcLaughlin 1:46.70
  • Maya DiRado 1:46.82
  • Megan Romano/ Kiera Janzen 1:47.18

 Men 200 Yard Freestyle

The men’s 200 freestyle featured multiple Olympians including, believe it or not, Nathan Adrian. The sprinter known mostly for swimming the 50 and 100 freestyles opted for the longer distance and put up a solid time of 1:36.88 to grab him the fourth seed heading into tonight’s finals.

Ahead of Adrian in his heat was Tyler Clary who chased him down towards the end of the race to put up a 1:36.62 and take the third seed. Putting up the fastest time of the morning was Conor Dwyer who swam a 1:34.42 in order to be over two full seconds faster than any other swimmer this morning.

Darian Townsend was a 1:35.48 to put up the second fastest time of the morning.

Connor Jaeger will also be in the final as he grabbed the sixth seed with a 1:37.23.

Top Eight

  • Conor Dwyer 1:34.42
  • Darian Townsend 1:35.48
  • Tyler Clary 1:36.62
  • Nathan Adrian 1:36.88
  • Michael Weiss 1:37.01
  • Frank Dyer 1:37.10
  • Connor Jaeger 1:37.23
  •  Grant Shoults 1:37.38

Women 100 Yard Breaststroke

Melanie Margalis swam the fastest time this morning in the 100 breast, being the only swimmer under the one-minute mark with a time of 59.04. Putting up the second fastest time was Hilda Luthersdottir at 1:00.45.

Kierra Smith of Minnesota took the third seed with a time of 1:00.46, just slightly behind that of Luthersdottir. Katie Hoff qualified for her second final as she touched the wall in 1:00.59 to swim the fourth fastest time of the morning.

Top Eight

  • Melanie Margalis 59.04
  • Hilda Luthersdottir 1:00.45
  • Kierra Smith 1:00.46
  • Haley Spencer 1:00.61
  • Bronwyn Pasloski 1:01.24
  • Emily McClellan 1:01.32
  • Karlee Bispo 1:01.70

 Men 100 Yard Breaststroke

The top four in the men’s 100 breaststroke this morning were under the previous fastest time so far this season with Mike Alexandrov swimming the fastest time with a 53.37. Behind Alexandrov was Lyam Dias who grabbed the second seed in 53.40, putting up a very similar time.

BJ Jonhson and Felipe Lima both tied in 53.51 to take the third seed. All the swimmers were fairly close together this morning as eighth place swimmer Marat Amaltdinov’s time of 54.44 was just over a second behind Alexandrov’s leading time.

Swimswam’s Jared Anderson was 10th in 55.10.

Top Eight

  • Mike Alexandrov 53.37
  • Lyam Dias 53.40
  • BJ Johnson/ Felipe Lima 53.51
  • Carlos Amleida 53.94
  • Conor Dwyer 54.19
  • Matthew Anderson 54.36
  • Marat Amaltdinov 54.44

Women 100 Yard Fly

Beata Nelson was the leader this morning in the 100 fly clocking in at 52.13 to take the top seed well ahead of the rest of the field. Katie McLaughlin swam the second fastest time of the preliminary heats with a time of 52.81.

Nelson and McLaughlin weren’t the only two under 53 as Becca Weiland touched in at 52.84 to take the third seed. Tori Simenec who already qualified to swim the 200 freestlye final added another one as she touched the wall in 53.49 to take the fifth seed.

Top Eight

  • Beata Nelson 52.13
  • Katie McLaughlin 52.81
  • Becca Weiland 52.84
  • Danielle Nack 53.19
  • Tori Simenec 53.49
  • Lisa Boyce 53.70
  • Devin Ste Marie 53.97
  • Dominique Bouchard 54.19

 Men 100 Yard Fly

With many international swimmers taking to the blocks for the prelims of the 100 fly it was Miguel Luisgen ORtiz-Canavate Ozeki swimming with Michigan swimming the top time of 45.77. Japanese backstroke star Junya Koga, also swimming with Michigan,  rocked a 46.73 to take the second seed.

Giles Smith grabbed the third spot in 46.97 behind Koga with Kyler Van Swol and Michael Andrew not far behind in 47.37 and 47.60 respectively.

Top Eight

  • Miguel Luisgen ORtiz-Canavate Ozeki 45.77
  • Junya Koga 46.73
  • Giles Smith 46.97
  • Kyler Van Swol 47.37
  • Michael Andrew 47.60
  • Daryl Turner 47.66
  • James Wells 48.52
  • Frank Dyer 48.60

Women 400 Yard IM

Elizabeth Beisel threw down the fastest time in the world this year in the 400 yard IM with a swift 4:05.84 to win her heat and take the top seed heading into finals tonight. Brooke Zeiger took the second seed not far behind with a time of 4:06.63.

Maya DiRado and Caitlin Leverenz battled it out in their heat, however it was DiRado who won that battle touching ahead of Leverenz and taking the third spot for tonight’s finals with a time of 4:09.33. Leverenz was just a fingernail behind as her time of 4:09.36 granted her the fourth seed. Leverenz was ahead of DiRado at the 350 mark, but DiRado chased her down and ultimately came out on top.

Top Eight

  • Elizabeth Beisel 4:05.84
  • Brooke Zeiger 4:06.63
  • Maya DiRado 4:09.33
  • Caitlion Leverenz 4:09.36
  • Melanie Margalis 4:14.77
  • Liz Zeiger 4:16.65
  • Ruby Martin 4:17.24
  • Breanne Siwicki 4:17.28


Men 400 Yard IM

Guillermo Blanco put up the fastest time in the heats of the men’s 400 IM, touching in at 3:49.03. Connor Jaeager of Michigan had the second fastest time not far behind Blanco with a 2:49.35.

Conor Dwyer made yet another final after qualifying to swim the 200 freestyle and 100 breaststroke as he squeezed in ahead of Jakub Maly for the fourth seed. Dwyer swam a 3:49.50 compared to Maly’s 3:49.53.

All-around IM star Tyler Clary from SwimMAC Carolina grabbed the fifth seed with a 3:50.70 to keep things close. The times were close all the way through the top eight as eighth seed John Bushman swam a 3:51.72 which only separated his time with Blanco’s by just over two-and-a-half seconds.

Top Eight

  • Guillermo Blanco 3:49.02
  • Connor Jaeger 3:49.35
  • Conor Dwyer 3:49.50
  • Jakub Maly 3:49.53
  • Tyler Clary 3:50.70
  • Michael Weiss 3:51.05
  • Benjamin Walker 3:51.66
  • John Bushman 3:51.72

Finals will begin tonight at 6 p.m local time (7 p.m EST, 4 p.m Pacific).

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8 years ago

Congratulations to 14yr old Ruby Martin of Iowa Flyers for placing 6th in the 400IM finals!!

8 years ago

Yikes! If Michael Andrew swims both A finals that he made, he’ll have 13 minutes between the 100 breast and 100 fly! The price for being versatile! Go Michael.

8 years ago

Rhi Jeffrey going 1:48 in 200 free! That surprised me to see her name in the results.

8 years ago

Texas A&M Women are tearing things up at Art Adamson Invite. Their distance & IM depth is crazy..

8 years ago

Zeiger sisters in the 400IM Final. Way to go!!!
Also, Beisel is listed as Unattached Gator Swim Club – is that because she’s still a collegiate student?

Reply to  Excited
8 years ago

Excited – she had been representing Bluefish Swim Club, where she trained as a junior, and has to be unattached before changing her official affiliation to the Gator Swim Club. That’s my best guess.

bobo gigi
8 years ago

There’s also French national championships’ day 1 right now.
Good level overall. Better than I expected.

Reply to  bobo gigi
8 years ago

BOBO do you know where i can find results of the French nationals? I´m a huge fan of French swimming

Reply to  Mitch Bowmile
8 years ago

Thank you very much! 😀

bobo gigi
8 years ago

Beisel for the car on the women’s side in my opinion.
Dwyer/Clary battle on the men’s side?

The Grand Inquisitor
8 years ago

“Elizabeth Beisel threw down the fastest time in the world this year in the 400 yard IM…”

First, nice prelim swim, and second – yes, technically true, but the “in the world” part not very meaningful considering only the USA competes in yards. “Fastest time this year” would probably suffice. I’m expecting sharper international perspective from a Canadian writer!

Also, it looked like Leverenz swam her prelim heat with her goggles around her neck.

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