Michael Phelps Reborn as a Sprinter: Gold Medal Minute presented by SwimOutlet.com


Michael Phelps, the greatest Olympian of all time, appears to have been reborn as a spinter.

Michael Phelps WU by Mike Lewis-11With his 48.8 100m freestyle at the Santa Clara Grand Prix and his 51.6 100m butterfly at the Bulldog Grand Slam, Phelps is on track to swim lifetime best swims in both races at US Nationals in Irvine or the Pan Pacific Championships in Australia.   Without the 400 IM shorting Phelps’ speed, a 46 plus 100m freestyle and 49 plus 100m butterfly could be in the cards by the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. But let’s stay focused on this summer.

My prediction for Phelps:

100m freestyle – 47.87

100m butterfly – 50.49

What are your Phelps predictions for this summer?

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This is a Gold Medal Media production presented by SwimOutlet.com. Host Gold Medal Mel Stewart is a 3-time Olympic medalist and the co-founder of SwimSwam.com.


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48.1/50.8 at Nationals, hits closer to Mel’s predictions at Pan Pacs.

We Love Phelps

i think i am the only person here who agreed with Mel Stewart’s predictions.
grinning from ear to ear…. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

Steve Nolan

Hearing him talk about the 400 free relay got me pretty pumped. Hoo boy do I want ’em to win that.

And the 800 free relay might actually be kinda close in coming years? So that could add some excitement, too. It’s been pretty boring, to be honest.


400 free relay on Rio (even Next year worlds), will be tough for US.. France always show something, australia can do better than now, Russia is strong and Bra is building a strong relay too..


I don’t know, the U.S. could be very dominant in the 400 relay in the coming years. Last year Jimmy Feigen was 47.8, both Michael and Nathan Adrian have been 47.5. Recently Adrian has been on fire so a 47.37 wouldn’t be outrageous (although he might save it for pan pacs) and if Feigen and Phelps can both pull off a 47.7 the could potentially be splitting 47.2s (hopefully faster) and if just 1 other swimmer can split under 47.7, they could put together a 3:10 or faster relay. Perhaps I am over zealous, but the way the 400 relay is “up for grabs” is pretty exciting.


I am betting a 47 mid-low for Morozov and 48 flat for three others. strong..

If chiereginni recovers Bra will have 3 sub-48 guys flat start (Cielo, Santana and Chieriginni, with Cielo Splitting 47,1 already and Chiereginni 47,5) by next year already probably… and de lucca can probably split a 47 high too.. If the aussies do not show something good, these 3 teams will probably be the strongest.. but France is (for me, bobo can enlighten on this) something I can´t analyze right now based on this year results until now

bobo gigi

If you talk about Rio for the French relay, I would say the team will be probably Manaudou/Metella or Gilot/Stravius/Agnel.
Manaudou? We’ll have a first idea of his long course potential in the 100 free after the European championships. Gilot will be old and Metella will peak in 2016. Stravius healthy is essential with his underwaters. And Agnel at best is a monster. But he hasn’t swum a great 100 free since London. So, again, we’ll have better ideas after Berlin next month.


I definitely agree with you that Brazil is a relay to watch. They have a lot of potential for medal and Russia is also, like you said before a relay to watch but this I dont think is their year, perhaps next year. Also I do look forward to seeing France at Euros. However, with all these potential threats, France is the only “real” one I see in the future because it seems like no matter what happens to any swimmer individually they will do whatever it takes to win that relay.


Brazil is coming strongly with their new 400 free ! It was about time ! it will be surely tested in Kazan and i will be delighted to see how well they swim . There have been enough years of not coming up strongly .


Santana yes, but im having doubts about Cielo being a sub 48 flat start in 2016. Chierighini seems to have taken a step backwards recently too


When did Phelps swim 47.5 textile?

Lazy Observer

When do psych sheets come out? Thursday? I kind of want to see what he plans to swim before making a guess at times, but here we go: he can’t recover at the same rate and has only been back in the racing pool for 4 and 1/2 months. I don’t think anyone (including Phelps) can say if he will drop significant time between GA and Irvine, or if he will just inch up, the way he did between Mesa and Santa Clara in the 100 fly. All that said, my very amateur take is that he wants to swim the 200 IM individually because he is still stronger across multiple strokes than the fastest sprinters and most of the… Read more »

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