Matt Targett, Australian Olympic 4×100 Insider Info

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4 years 4 months ago

Excellent! Thanks!

4 years 4 months ago

My Prediction:
1) USA
2) Australia
3) France
…I don’t think I’m alone.

4 years 4 months ago

And the Aussies say we’re arrogant! Haha.
^Fares I’m putting my money on USA too.

Chris Clarke
4 years 4 months ago

I did not pick up any arrogance from this interview at all? In fact he credited his US coaches for mentoring him into the person he is (Marsh and Quick). I look at that as a compliment to the US. Also Brett Hawke is an Aussie imparting his experience to US swimmers. In the end swimming and spectators get to see more exciting performances in the pool no matter where swimmers are from. My fiver is on the Aussies for the win due to depth and the fact that their guys are tapering specifically for the Olympics and not for trials a few weeks before the Olympics.

I think USA Swimming needs to take a look at timing of the trials. As a side note with Clary in the mix for both IM’s I don’t think Lochte can mess around with not tapering for the trials. If Clary does a full taper and Lochte (notoriously slower in season) does not he may have his hands full!! Same holds for the 400IM since my other fiver is one Phelps going for the 400IM at trials. It will be a travesty for the 3rd US guy in those events since all three will be candidates for the final at the Olympics and possible podium shots too! Amazing.

4 years 4 months ago

Me too. I didn’t detect any arrogance at all.
In fact, Targett is still staying close with his former team mates: Cielo, Bosquet, etc.

4 years 4 months ago

Unless something dramatic happens in the next few weeks (ie. Magnussen pops his knee), my opinion of who’s going to win at the Olympics is unlikely to change until the US trials.

It is very nice to see that the Aussie time is not overly confident about their chances even though on paper, they currently sit almost a second faster than any other country. Both Targett and Magnussen have expressed sentiments suggesting that they see the US as the team to beat. Until the final touch, they seem to be working in that state of mind, which I think is probably what they need to do to maximize their chance of winning.

Although a lot of us feel that the Aussies are the strong favorites right now, led by Magnussen and Roberts, the truth of the matter is that the US, with the late trials is probably going to post 100m freestyle times that are pretty close to the 3:11.5 combined times of the top 4 swimmers. In 08, they had Lezak going 47.5, Phelps going 47.9, WeberGale going 47.7 and Jones going 48.3. (Totalling about 311.6)

My guess of what we COULD see at Trials in 2012 is Phelps going what he did in 08, Adrian going a 47.7 or so and 2 individuals going between 48.0 and 48.3. Which is essence isn’t going to be too far off of what they did in 08.

Of course the US media is going to build the hype as the Aussies going in as “huge” favorites (which in actuality is probably going to be less than 0.5). The scenario I’m watching for is if the times are significantly slower than the times i mentioned in the previous paragraph, where given the quick turn around to the Olympics, probably puts them at a huge uphill battle against Australia.

My reasons for thinking Australia is the favorite is because they have so much time (since March) to further improve. This doesn’t necessarily always lead to faster times, but we are working with with reliable swimmers, among whom I expect at least 3/4 of members to improve. I honestly believe the deciding leg in the entire relay is going to be James Roberts. His taper and experience has a huge question mark, but I think he has the sort of potential that could put the gold medal beyond the US’ reach, baring “disaster”.

4 years 4 months ago

i am with you.Aussie team is the clear favorite, but all depends of everyone bringing all together AT THE SAME TIME.
Just one guy underperform and BOOM!I dont know how good some of US young guys are in relays.There is always someone delivering an absurd time out of nowhere comparing with individual leg.

4 years 4 months ago

Aussie can break world record 400m free relay with Magnussen “missle”

4 years 4 months ago

It is highly unlikely that the men 4×100 WR will be broken in London. Not gonna happen.

4 years 4 months ago

To be under the WR, the Aussies need to swim the following splits:
Magnussen: 46.7
Robert 46.9
Sullivan: 47.3
Targett 47.3

Which, to be perfectly honest, is not outside the realm of the possibility. It’s insane to think how much of a better team they have than last year. Even the older guys seem to be swimming better and there is definitely less of a question mark over their consistency (I’m talking about Sullivan’s frail body here). Without a doubt, this is the most powerhouse 4x100free relay in recent memory

Ofcourse those splits could be adjusted.. add 0.1 to this guy, minus 0.1 from that guy.

I dont think they’ll break this WR, they would more or less need a perfect race where Magnussen goes out, smashes the WR, and each guys goes out swims they own race in absolutely open water. I think, though, that if they swim well they could be within a second, if not 0.5 of the WR

4 years 4 months ago

I sort of agree with you. I think the winners of the men 4×100 free in London will be around one second of the WR.

Jean Michel
4 years 4 months ago

With a great Jimmy Feigen or a Ricky Berens on fire , all is possible here ! I predict a special new Us relay to be born , just to challenge the Aussies to their limits .

Jean Michel
4 years 4 months ago

Exactly Mel , with a tapered Feigen , Berens , Adrian + Phelps and maybe Lochte …Us has a potential great 400 free relay . I beleive they can do something special again . With the olympic head coach of that quality , something great will be tuned up . Maybe a dave walters will show up in good shape as well , after he recovers from his injury . wishfull thinking all the way …

4 years 4 months ago

We should probably worry about the French as well here. They will have three guys that can go 48.0 on a flat start and we currently just have 2 (Adrian and Phelps). The french and Russians could surprise us and keep us off the podium altogether.
If James Roberts 47.63 was not a fluke then only a big mistake by the Aussies will prevent them from getting the Gold. Magnussen went 47 flat and he was not 100%! Lets be a bit realistic folks.

4 years 4 months ago

I agree, we must not forget about the french.

Last year they were only 0.14 seconds behind the Aussies, and that was with Bernard swimming 48.75!!
Had they swum Agnel instead of Bernard, they would have won it.
and now Agnel is even a lot faster than last year.

Unlike the previous years, I feel this time the french is actually underrated.

4 years 4 months ago

This may not be a popular opinion, but I think Yannick Agnel may be better than Nathan Adrian this summer. I say this in light of his recent performance in Canet- 49.0//145.2.

He was a full second off his best in the 100free, yet only 0.8 off in the 200free. Obviously the world doesn’t work perfectly, but it is difficult to see Agnel not being AT LEAST a full second better than 145.2 when he is fully tapered. What this suggests to me is that Agnel has improved his second half speed as the (48.0/<144.2) combination is faster than the (48.0, 144.4) he showed at French Nationals. Based on this, I think its quite possible that Agnel is going to continue dropping time in the 100m, and probably not just marginal improvements. As for the 200m, if someone is going to beat Phelps, its going to be Agnel, not Lochte.

What does this mean?
In the grand scheme of the relay, I think it means that if Agnel, Gilot, and some combination of Meynard, Leveaux, Stravius show up on form. We are looking at 4 guys who can each put up at least 48.0 flat starts and 47low splits. If you consider the French relay from last year, if you substitute this year's Agnel for last year's Bernard, we are already looking at a time that is 310.low.

The US would be _foolish_ to write them off for a minute, simply based on their potential, that said, for the Australians it would mean that if they slip up, they might not just be losing to the Americans, but the French as well.

As for the Russias, was anyone else very surprised by how fast everyone was? 3 guys 48.2, and a 48.4? They have definitely improved a lot from last year, but I feel that I dont know enough about their taper, or their taper isnt consistent enough for me to choose them for a medal (I'm looking at Izotov here, though Lobintsev has been pretty consistent in dropping time).

Irish swimmer
4 years 4 months ago

I realise that anything can happen at the Olympics but consider some raw stats. He is 0.5 seconds ahead of his closest rival (James roberts) and he’s been racing (and beating) this guy since he was 12. His next closest rival is over a second behind which in 100metres is an eternity. He has also opted to remove himself from the media which is genius on his part. I don’t merely think he won’t choke I think he will break the wr and make the biggest winning margin ever seen in the 100m freestyle.

4 years 4 months ago

Saw Magnussen swim at Olympic trials, when asked what others should think about his swim – he said “brace yourselves”


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