Leah Hayes Becomes Second Fastest Female 13-14 200 IMer in US History


Fox Valley Park District Riptide’s Leah Hayes took the top seed of the morning heats in the women’s 200 IM at the 2019 Speedo Junior National Championships. Hayes’ new time of 2:14.81 is an improvement of nearly three seconds from her entry time of 2:17.62.

As a 13 year-old, Hayes is now ranked as the second fastest 200 IMer of all time in the 13-14 age group among Americans, placed only below Missy Franklin’s 2009 NAG of 2:12.73. The next closest swim is Claire Tuggle’s time of 2:15.02, swum in 2018.

Franklin’s 11-12 National Age Group Record in the 200 IM was broken earlier this week.

Here is a breakdown of Franklin’s NAG record splits and Hayes’ prelims swim.

Franklin (2009) Hayes (2019)
Fly 28.74 29.85
Back 32.88 34.15
Breast 39.63 39.44
Free 31.48 31.37
  2:12.73 2:14.81

Although back is her fourth-best stroke, her split in the IM would have been the fifth fastest split in the A final of the 200 IM at US Nationals last week.

Hayes will have a second chance to swim the event tonight. Finals begin at 5:00 PM at the Stanford Avery Aquatic Center.

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Shaving her head is hardcore


It’s a medical condition she has. That’s not by choice

Ol’ Gator

Does the condition affect her in the water at all? Just out of curiosity


No as far as I know it doesn’t affect physically except for hair loss

Sally McLellan

I have alopecia. It is an autoimmune disease and sometimes it does affect you in other ways but certainly nothing positive and everyone is different. Only sure bonus is no shaving 🙂


Ryan chazier has the same condition and he’s dope af. However I wonder if it’s like swimming shaved all the time




She has alopecia…


Oh no I had no idea…


Se also: Staciana Stitts I guess


She has alopecia universals…something she developed in 2nd grade…nothing she asked that is for sure….


She’s channeling her inner Laszlo Cseh.


Stacianna Stitts, 2000 Olympic medalist, has it a form of alopecia as well

The Original Tim

Guy I swam with back in the day had alopecia universalist. This was ~25 years ago, so my memory is not the greatest, but I think he said the only impact it had on his swimming is that he didn’t have to shave for meets… Now that I think about it, we had several medical oddities on that team. One of the other guys had a condition where his body couldn’t store enough fat, so his body would effectively eat muscle for energy. The dude ate gonzo amounts of calories and protein in an attempt to bulk up, but for the two years I was on that team he looked like a complete beanpole with about 1% body fat. Great… Read more »


That’s an insane swim in its own right, but I had no idea Franklin went 2.12 as a 13 year old – That’s just incredible. Has anybody been faster at the same age? Also, what was Franklin’s 200bk when she was 12? We had a British girl go 2.16 aged 12 a few weeks ago, and I don’t really have a reference point for that swim.

Bobo Gigi

Her best time at 12 was 2.19.16 in March 2008.
And yeah a 12-year-old girl going 2.16 is crazy fast.
The fastest 12-year-old US girl so far this year has swump 2.19.15.

Bobo Gigi

Beisel is the fastest 12-year-old US girl ever in 2.15.17 back in 2005.
Regan Smith has swum 2.21 at that age.
And the fastest 12-year-old French girl ever is Louise Lefebvre in 2.27.78. Not the same planet. But we develop later in France. 🙂


Interesting; Thanks for the response!

Bo Swims

Bobo have you read up on Summer McIntosh from Etobicoke Swimming?

4:50 LCM 400 IM at 12.

Bobo Gigi

Dee, Missy Franklin was 14 in August 2009 at US junior nationals when she swam 2.12.73 in the 200 IM. That week she also swam 25.23 in the 100 free/54.03 in the 100 free/1.58.67 in the 200 free/1.00.50 in the 100 back/2.09.16 in the 200 back. I think she was in Speedo magical suit that year.

Bobo Gigi

Leah Hayes still holds the LCM 10 and under NAG records in the 100 free/200 free/50 breast/200 IM.
She also still holds the SCY 11/12 NAG records in the 100 breast/400 IM.
It’s not surprising to see her drop a lot of time today. She already had a great time drop last December in SCY at West Juniors when she won the B-Final in 1.58.58.