Lani Pallister Details COVID at Worlds, Heart Surgery, Eating Disorder, & Mono

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We sat down with Lani Pallister, the newly minted 1500 world champs bronze medalist who had her meet cut short due to testing positive for COVID. Lani has been able to keep a positive attitude through it all but doesn’t hold back in saying she was very down about missing the 800 final which she had qualified for.
However, this isn’t the first time in the last couple years Lani has dealt with adversity. She details developing an eating disorder as well as having a heart condition in the lead-up to the 2021 Olympic Trails. After not making the team, she found out she had Mono during the meet. Pallister was ultimately out of the water for 4 months after Trials dealing with all of these variables and more. Pallister details how she made it back into the water and got herself on her first world champs podium just a few months later.


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1 month ago

Horrible experience. Wish her the best

Bruce Lawrie
1 month ago

At times, being honest and open about your challenges – is tougher than actually training/competing!
Respect Lani.

Jay Ryan
1 month ago

Lani was a good guest Host in the Inside with Brett Hawke live Worlds watch party. Very knowledgeable.

Reply to  Jay Ryan
1 month ago

Which day was that?

Emily Se-Bom Lee
Reply to  Troyy
1 month ago

day 8

Awsi Dooger
1 month ago

I’m glad these younger athletes are being candid toward the impact of Covid. Lani says it hit her like a truck. Lilly was 80% and lost two medals as result. Rai Benjamin the great 400 hurdler described this weekend that Covid was so bad it cost him 3 weeks of training.

I’ve noted for months that the athletes have stopped wearing masks. Made no sense whatsoever. Why roll the dice given so much dedication and training? You’re not supposed to cater to the simplistic angry male mindset, the hoax crew. Via sheer probability there were going to be outbreaks and positives and missed medals. Lani conceded that she became flippant toward mask usage.

Reply to  Awsi Dooger
1 month ago

Milak had quite terrible effects as well from Covid. He even lost the hungarian nationals to Kenderesi in 2020. december. Which was his second lost in 200 butterfly since 2017 (counting every major championship).

Reply to  Awsi Dooger
1 month ago

everyone knew the effects getting sick impact on athletic performance alone pre2020. I’d wear a mask even if there wasn’t Covid just because I wouldn’t want to risk months of hard work going to waste. Swimming is a sport where the majority of performance is based on how your body does on that day, why take a chance on having it less than optimal?

1 month ago

Thanks. She is a lovely young woman with an amazing attitude. And will be interested to see how she progresses with some “ normal” training.

1 month ago

Delightful personality. With all the challenges, she has come out on the other side with a great attitude and a fierce determination to improve. I will be rooting for you, Lani.

1 month ago

Lovely young woman. She had a great meet. Good luck at CWG.

Ol' Longhorn
1 month ago

Consider a switch to sprinting.

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