Katie Ledecky Sets NCAA Meet Record in 1650 Free, NCAA Record 1000


Katie Ledecky put up a 15:07.70 to set a new meet record and win the NCAA championship title tonight in the 1650 freestyle. Within that swim, she was 9:06.90 in the 1000 to put up the second-fastest 1000 in history and break the NCAA 1000 record.

You can see the top five 1000s in history below:

  1. Katie Ledecky (12/2015): 8:59.65
  2. Katie Ledecky (3/2017): 9:06.90
  3. Katie Ledecky (11/2016): 9:08.99
  4. Katie Ledecky (11/2016): 9:10.49
  5. Katie Hoff (12/07): 9:10.77

Her 1650 was about four seconds off her NCAA record from the Ohio State Invite last semester (15:03.92). The time tonight takes down the NCAA meet record 15:27.84 set by Brittany MacLean of Georgia back in 2014 by about 25 seconds.

You can see the fastest 1650s in history below:

  1. Katie Ledecky (11/2016): 15:03.92
  2. Katie Ledecky (3/2017): 15:07.70
  3. Katie Ledecky (12/2014): 15:13.30
  4. Katie Ledecky (12/2013): 15:15.17
  5. Katie Hoff (03/2008: 15:24.35

Splits Comparison by 500 and Last 150:

Swimmer 500 Yard Split 1000 Yard Split 1500 Yard Split Last 150 Split Final Time
 Katie Ledecky (2017 NCAA Championships)  4:32.10 4:34.80 (9:06.90) 4:39.55 (13:46.45) 1:21.25 (27.78/27.59/25.88)  15:07.70
Katie Ledecky (2016 Ohio State Invite) 4:35.85 4:33.09 4:34.80 1:20.18 (27.13/27.09/25.96) 15:03.92

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bobo gigi
3 years ago

Great swim. But I presume she will not be happy at all. 🙂

stanford fan
Reply to  bobo gigi
3 years ago

but she will be calm and composed, as opposed to king.

stanford fan
3 years ago

katie keeps saying that she keeps going out to fast??

Reply to  stanford fan
3 years ago

Could have been a little off in her taper

Swimmer A
3 years ago

I think she jumped on it way too hard in the first 200. She was out in like a 52.

Reply to  Swimmer A
3 years ago

Well she could be reaching her plateau which is not a bad thing. She already has some mad records. Not bad at all. She,s still ridiculously faster than the other females.

Reply to  Carlo
3 years ago

I doubt she’s hitting a plateau. NCAA Championship emotions and energy is completely different to manage than what she’s used to. It’s a long week. She will come back next year better than ever.

Reply to  SwimFL
3 years ago

Katie, please don’t come back. And it isn’t because of money. You got this college swimming experience already. You will get nothing new. Then why to go same road again? To set new records that will be immediately forgotten in a few years? Would you return to high school just for the purpose of setting new high school records? No you have already been there. Move on. Your talent is too big to waste it on duel meets, conferences, etc. Go to the different type of competition that feats your unique abilities. Change the environment, training system, coaching involvement. I want to see you crying again after making impossible real. I want to see your coach deeply involved in your… Read more »

Reply to  Prickle
3 years ago

– Said no one ever

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