ISL Announces Full Schedule; Finale To Take Place In Late November

As had been previously speculated, the International Swimming League (ISL) final will not take place in Tokyo and it won’t be during the last week of December.

With Season 2 set to get underway, the league announced its full schedule Wednesday, including dates for a pair of semi-final matches and the grand finale.

With the regular season wrapping up on November 10, the ISL will jump right into the semis, with the two matches scheduled for Nov.14-15 and Nov.15-16, and then the final will take place less than a week later on Nov.21-22.

All matches will take place at the Duna Arena in Budapest.

In the league’s season launch in September, they announced that the final would take place towards the end of December, like it did last year, and that there was a chance it would be in Tokyo. That is no longer the case, as the entire duration of the season will be in Hungary, and there will be a total of five and a half weeks from start to finish.

Another key takeaway from the final being moved up by over a month is that certain swimmers, battling injury or otherwise, have targeted the ISL’s championship meet as a possible time to return if forced to miss the regular season. Among those is Canadian Kayla Sanchez, one of the top swimmers on the Toronto Titans, who is dealing with shoulder issues but was expected to return if the Titans made the final.

The schedule also features some slight alterations from the original release for the regular season, with matches from the third week on moved up by a day or two.


Week Date Time (Budapest) Time (U.S. ET) Teams Teams on Bye
1 Fri. Oct 16 – Sat. Oct 17 4-6 PM Friday, 8-10 PM Saturday 10 AM – 12 PM Friday, 2-4 PM Saturday Energy Standard, Cali Condors, LA Current, NY Breakers Tokyo Frog Kings, Toronto Titans
1 Sun. Oct 18 – Mon. Oct. 19 6-8 PM Sunday, 4-6 PM Monday 12-2 PM Sunday, 10 AM – 12 PM Monday London Roar, DC Trident, Aqua Centurions, Iron Tokyo Frog Kings, Toronto Titans
2 Sat. Oct 24 – Sun. Oct. 25 12-2 PM Saturday, 5-7 PM Sunday 6-8 AM Saturday, 12-2 PM Sunday Aqua Centurions, Tokyo Frog Kings, LA Current, Toronto Titans Energy Standard, London Roar
2 Mon. Oct 26 – Tue. Oct. 27 3-5 PM Monday, 3-5 PM Tuesday 10 AM – 12 PM Monday, 10 AM – 12 PM Tuesday DC Trident, Iron, Cali Condors, NY Breakers Energy Standard, London Roar
3 Fri. Oct 30 – Sat. Oct 31 12-2 PM Saturday, 6-8 PM Sunday 10-12 PM Friday, 7-9 AM Saturday London Roar, DC Trident, LA Current, Tokyo Frog Kings Iron, Cali Condors
3 Sun Nov. 1 – Mon. Nov 2 6-8 PM Monday, 4-6 PM Tuesday 12 – 2 PM Monday, 10 AM – 12 PM Tuesday Energy Standard, Aqua Centurions, NY Breakers, Toronto Titans Iron, Cali Condors
4 Thu. Nov. 5 – Fri. Nov. 6 4-6 PM Saturday, 4-6 PM Sunday 10 AM-12 PM Saturday, 10 AM-12 PM Sunday London Roar, Tokyo Frog,  Kings, Cali Condors, NY Breakers Aqua Centurions, LA Current
4 Thu. Nov 5 – Fri. Nov 6 10 AM-12 PM Monday, 10 AM-12 PM Tuesday 4-6 AM Monday, 4-6 AM Tuesday Energy Standard, DC Trident, Toronto Titans, Iron Aqua Centurions, LA Current
5 Mon. Nov. 9 – Tue. Nov. 10 10 AM-12 PM Saturday, 10 AM-12 PM Sunday 4-6 AM Saturday, 4-6 AM Sunday Energy Standard, Iron, Tokyo, Frog Kings, Toronto Titans DC Trident, NY Breakers
5 Mon. Nov. 9 – Tue. Nov. 10 4-6 PM Saturday, 4-6 PM Sunday 10 AM-12 PM Saturday, 10 AM-12 PM Sunday London Roar, Cali Condors, LA Current, Aqua Centurions DC Trident, NY Breakers
Semi-Final Sat. Nov 14 – Sun. Nov 15 12-2 PM Saturday, 6-8 PM Sunday 6-8 AM Saturday, 12-2 PM Sunday TBA TBA
Semi-Final Sun. Nov 15 – Mon. Nov 16 12-2 PM Sunday, 6-8 PM Monday 6-8 AM Sunday,12-2 PM Monday TBA TBA
Final Sat. Nov 21 – Sun. Nov 22 2-4 PM Saturday, 6-8 PM Sunday 8-10 AM Saturday, 12-2 PM Sunday TBA TBA

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11 months ago

Can’t wait for it to happen, it’s hard to believe it’s been a year since this started!

11 months ago

It’s going to be interesting to see how the athletes handle the prolonged taper

Reply to  Heyo
11 months ago

The taper will consist of sleeping an extra couple hours on the day of the meet if they are lucky.

11 months ago

Thank you Swimswam for updating us thoroughly on what is going on with ISL.

Canada super fan
11 months ago

Do we know the rules yet?

10 months ago

The times on here for today’s meet are wrong. The Budapest column should say 3pm-5pm not 12pm-2pm. The other times for tomorrow seem wrong too. I just went to watch and there was nothing to watch. :'(

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