International Swimming League to Start Announcing US Rosters Next Week

After months of speculation as to when the International Swimming League would reveal the American athletes who will compete later this year, the league announced Tuesday that it will “begin” to reveal U.S. rosters next week.

While that tweet does not specify that it is related to U.S. rosters, DC Trident GM Kaitlin Sandeno tweeted shortly after that her team is included in the announcement.

Names of swimmers competing for international teams have been trickling out for months. The ISL told SwimSwam it expected the U.S.-based rosters in May, but the month came and went without an announcement. In late May, however, the league did announce its competition schedule (and corresponding venues), which is as follows:

  • Indianapolis, IN, USA  – October 4-5
  • Naples, Italy, Europe – October 12-13
  • Lewisville, TX, USA – October 18-19
  • Budapest, Hungary, Europe – October 26-27
  • College Park, MD, USA – November 15-16
  • London, England, Europe – November 23-24
  • Las Vegas, NV, USA – December 20-21

In the meantime, some U.S. roster information has leaked out, been announced, or can be surmised.

  • Michael Andrew will be co-owning the New York Breakers with his mother, and will presumably be swimming for them.
  • Bowen Becker announced on Instagram he’ll swim for the the California Condors, although that post was quickly deleted.
  • Ryan Murphy indicated in an Instagram story (although did not outright say) that he’d be swimming at the Indianapolis meet. That meet is schedule to feature the DC Trident and the Cali Condors, and it would make sense that Murphy, who trains at Cal, will end up on the Condors.
  • Murphy, Katie LedeckyNathan Adrian, and Simone Manuel have all been named ISL ambassadors. All four train in California, although Ledecky is from the DC area, so we’ll have to see if she ends up competing for her “home” team, or the team closer to where she currently lives and trains.
  • In April, German media reported that German star Marco Koch would compete for the Breakers.

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1 year ago

About time, when will they start selling merch?

Reply to  Ragnar
1 year ago

OMG, I want a shirt with that LOGO!!

1 year ago

Idk about you guys, but for me the Champions Series seems to have really blunted the hype and momentum of the ISL. Probably just what FINA wanted.

Reply to  H1H2
1 year ago

I think it may be just you

Reply to  H1H2
1 year ago

If they have free beer that may bring back some of the excitement for you

bear drinks beer
1 year ago

I’m not sure how many times I’ve seen the phrase ‘next week’, but it seems they are finally serious this time.

Reply to  bear drinks beer
1 year ago

When you are a Russian billionaire oligarch, you will rewrite “next week” as often as you want. The social media posts can disappear as easily as they appeared, as can everyone else involved.

Our benevolent dictator is benevolent for now, but methinks that eventually he too will eventually go the way of the current benevolent dictators in our sport.

Reply to  GatorChomp
1 year ago


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