ISL – United States Rosters Expected in the the Next Two Weeks

A spokesperson for the International Swimming League said that rosters announcements for American teams in the International Swimming League are expected in the “next two weeks” when asked by SwimSwam on Wednesday.

While a handful of announcements have leaked out (and in some cases, then been deleted from social media, as is the case with Bowe Becker), very little is known about which swimmers will be on which American rosters in the upstart professional swimming league. That’s in spite of European rosters being almost fully announced, and having begun with press conferences to announce rosters over 2 months ago.

When asked, the spokesperson said that they did not have more information to share at this time about why the American rosters were delayed so long after the European rosters.

So far, the only two publicly-known swimmers on ISL rosters in the United States are Becker (presuming his social media deletion was a correction of ‘jumping the gun’ and not a change of plans) and American Michael Andrew, who we presume will be a member of the New York Breakers team that he co-owns. In early April, German media also hinted that German Marco Koch, a former World Record holder, would be joining the New York Breakers.

At a press conference on April 10th, the American teams for the inaugural season were announced with the following General Managers:

As for the delay, Lezak, for one, didn’t believe that it puts the teams at any disadvantage. “I don’t really see that,” he said when asked at the announcing press conference. “We started this thing all in a fair playing field where we started recruiting athletes at the same time.”

While very little has been formally announced about American rosters, there are lots of rumors circulating. One of the more interesting ones is that certain teams will have very heavy roster connections to 2 of the country’s top collegiate programs, with most of the Texas alumni aggregating on one team and most of the Cal alumni aggregating on another.

European Rosters So Far:

Aqua Centurions – Rome

Aqua Centurions – Rome
Federica Pellegrini Luca Dotto
Sarah Koehler Santo Condorelli
Franziska Hentke Philip Heintz

Iron Swim Budapest – Hungary

Iron Swim Budapest – Hungary
Katinka Hosszu Robert Glinta
Alia Atkinson David Verraszto
Ranomi Kromowidjojo Vlad Morozov
Fanny Lecluyse Jesse Puts
Jessica Vall Jeremy Desplanches
Kira Toussaint PJ Stevens
Mie Nielsen Arno Kamminga
Jenna Laukkanen Pieter Timmers
Kimberly Buys
Kim Busch

London Roar – London

London Roar – London
Cate Campbell Adam Peaty
Bronte Campbell James Guy
Emma McKeon Kyle Chalmers
Minna Atherton Elijah Winnington
Holly Barratt Alex Graham
Jess Hansen Yuri Kisil
Taylor McKeown Matthew Wilson
Siobhan-Marie O’Connor Finlay Knox
Jeanette Ottesen Cameron McEvoy
Sydney Pickrem Kirill Prigoda
Mireia Belmonte Vini Lanza
Marie Wattel Duncan Scott
Sarah Vasey

Energy Standard – Turkey/France

Energy Standard – Turkey/France
Sarah Sjostrom Chad le Clos
Femke Heemskerk Ilya Shymanovich
Emily Seebohm Danas Rapsys
Kierra Smith Andrei Minakov
Kayla Sanchez Evgeny Rylov
Rebecca Smith Anton Chupkov
Charlotte Bonnet Florent Manaudou
Fantine Lesaffre
Penny Oleksiak
Imogen Clark

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Doss Rant
1 year ago

Michael Andrew has AirPods

Reply to  Doss Rant
1 year ago

And that’s the least surprising thing I’ve discovered today

1 year ago

Two questions.
How many are going to be on each roster?
When are the first ISL meets scheduled for?

Reply to  Braden Keith
1 year ago

Thanks. Suggests to me that London Roar is pretty much full.

ISL News
Reply to  Jeff
1 year ago

Each team can sign up to 32 swimmers but only 12 women and 12 men will be chosen for each competition.

1 year ago

Texas v cal postgrad edition.

Reply to  Swammer
1 year ago

Although 1 American team is gonna be absolutely stacked with Cal postgrads, I’m fairly certain that we won’t get the Texas v Cal matchups between 2 teams, more than within the teams themselves. Also one of those teams is gonna have 3 world class medley relays (A, B, and C) and extreme depth. Needless to say that I’m super stoked for these ISL meets to start up.

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