International Swimming League Match 4 in Budapest – Day 1 Live Recap


  • Group B, Match 2
  • Saturday, October 26 – Saturday, October 27, 2019
  • 6:00-8:00 PM Local Time – UTC+2 (12:00-2:00 PM, U.S. Eastern Time)
  • Duna Arena, Budapest, Hungary
  • Short Course Meters (SCM) format
  • ESPN3 Live Stream Links:
  • Group B: Iron, LA Current, London Roar, New York Breakers
  • Start Lists (pre-meet)

Day 1 Lane Assignments:

  • Lanes 1 & 2 – London Roar
  • Lanes 3 & 4 – Iron
  • Lanes 5 & 6 – New York Breakers
  • Lanes 7 & 8 – LA Current



After a thrilling first stop in Lewisville for the Group B teams last weekend, we get to see them back in action again starting today in Budapest, Hungary. Above, you’ll find the start lists for both today’s events and tomorrow’s as well as the lane assignments for each team. Links to the ESPN3 live streams of the meet are also in the meet info up above. We’ll see 19 events total competed today, 16 individual and 3 relays. Follow along with us as results roll in and we’ll keep you up to date with the event results as well as the team standings. We are told that the 5,000-seat Duna Arena is about half full with spectators at the start of the meet, keeping numbers in line with the two previous stops.

As in previous weeks, we will be providing the results first under each event header, followed by live analysis and commentary underneath in italics. Nick Pecoraro is providing the analysis for today’s meet.


  1. Emma McKeon (LON) – 55.39
  2. Kendyl Stewart (LAC) – 56.45
  3. Marie Wattel (LON) – 56.60
  4. Farida Osman (LAC) – 56.97
  5. Ranomi Kromowidjojo (IRO) – 57.03
  6. Haley Black (NYB) – 57.44
  7. Kimberly Buys (IRO) – 58.19
  8. Alys Thomas (NYB) – 58.77

We kicked off today’s meet with the same top 5 in the women’s 100 fly as last meet. Emma McKeon posted a 55.39, which nows stands as both the fastest time in the ISL this season, and the fastest time in the world this year. London Roar started things out with a 1-3 finish, while LA Current was 2-4, putting London Roar in 1st after the first event, and LAC in 2nd.

The same top 5 Lewisville finishers repeated here in Budapest. The London Roar is once again roaring into the lead with McKeon-Wattel going 1-3 again. McKeon’s time was six-tenths faster than her performance last week, putting another MVP watch on her.

MEN’S 100 FLY:

1. Tom Shields – LA Current – 49.39
2. Kristof Milak – Iron – 50.28
3. Marius Kusch – New York Breakers – 50.49
4. Vini Lanza – London Roar – 50.60
5. Jack Conger – LA Current – 50.61
6. Szabasztian Szabo – Iron – 50.79
7. Michael Andrew – New York Breakers – 51.06
8. James Guy – London Roar – 51.08

Tom Shields won the race again this weekend, shaving another .11 seconds off his time from last weekend. Using the well-known underwaters we’ve come to expect from him, Shields was able to power past the rest of the field, touching first comfortably, and giving LAC their first event win of the day. After finishing 7th in Lewisville last weekend, LCM 200 fly World Record holder Kristof Milak came in 2nd today, posting a 50.28. That time was over a second faster than the 51.30 he swam last weekend. Szabasztian Szabo, who was the runner-up last weekend, fell to 6th today.

LA’s Shields once again repeats as 100 fly champ with another fast swim. Most teams have remained the same in point contributions, however, both Iron’s Milak and Breaker Kusch have put themselves in the top 3 at the start of the meet.


1.    Alia Atkinson – Iron – 29.27
2.    Breeja Larson – New York Breakers – 29.65
3.    Jess Hansen – London Roar – 29.92
4.    Jenna Laukkanen – Iron -29.98
5.    Jhennifer Conceicao – LA Current – 30.06
6.    Sarah Vasey – London Roar – 30.42
7.    Annie Lazor – LA Current – 30.47
8.    Emily Escobedo – New York Breakers – 30.83

Alia Atkinson pulled through to give Iron their first win of the day, posting the #2 time in the world in the process. Atkinson just narrowly undercut her time from last weekend (29.31), with NYB’s Breeja Larson again coming in 2nd. Jess Hansen moved up to 3rd from 4th last weekend, dipping under 30 seconds this time around. Sarah Vasey fell to 6th after finishing 3rd in Lewisville last week.

Team Iron has a big point-swing with Aktinson’s win and Jenna Laukkanen’s substitution that is now worth 14 points from the 50 breast. The London Roar took a hit with Vasey going from 3rd to 6th. Even with Jhennifer Conceicao in for the LA Current, there was only a one-point swing with LA’s 5-7 finish. Larson looked to be in great shape racing Atkinson for the Breakers, could see a strong performance from her later in the 200 breast.


1.    Adam Peaty – London Roar – 25.85
2.    Vlad Morozov – Iron – 26.03
3.    Felipe Lima – LA Current – 26.16
4.    Kirill Prigoda – London Roar – 26.24
5.    Peter John Stevens – Iron – 26.46
6.    Matt Grevers – LA Current – 26.70
7.    Marco Koch – New York Breakers – 27.08
8.    Brad Tandy – New York Breakers – 27.39

In a closer race than we’re used to seeing with the likes of Adam Peaty, the London Roar breast star was able to get his hands on the wall .18 seconds before last week’s winner, Vlad Morozov. For his part, Morozov was faster than last weekend, where he clocked a 26.15, but Peaty came in with the fastest ISL time this year and the #1 time in the world. London Roar picked up it’s nd win in 4 events with Peaty’s performance.

As no surprise to anyone, Adam Peaty gave London another big roar with his 50 breast win over last week’s champ Morozov from Iron. Peaty and Prigoda’s 1-4 finish has given them a 5-point swing with Peaty replaced Wilson. Interestingly, Matt Grevers was put in this event over Will Licon for the Current and kept the same point contributions minus Lima being bumped to 3rd thanks to Peaty. Michael Andrew has opted out of the the 50 breast after last week’s surprisingly quick turn-around, yet the Breakers continue to struggle with another 7-8 finish in this event.


1.    Katinka Hosszu – Iron – 4:27.27
2.    Bailey Andison – LA Current – 4:29.52
3.    Mireia Belmonte – London Roar – 4:30.11
4.    Zsuzsanna Jakabos – Iron – 4:30.55
5.    Emily Overholt – New York Breakers – 4:31.74
6.    Boglarka Kapas – London Roar – 4:35.21
7.    Abbey Harkin – New York Breakers – 4:38.16
8.    Katie McLaughlin – LA Current – 4:39.21

The Iron Lady herself gave Iron their 2nd win of the day, putting away the 400 Im with a 4:27.27. The time was a little off the 4:26.32 she swam last weekend to win the race, but she still managed to get her hand on the wall first by over 2 seconds. Unlike last weekend, however, Katinka did not lead a 1-2 punch by Iron this time around. Iron’s Zsuzsanna Jakabos was 2nd last week in 4:29.66, but fell to 4th this week, with a 4:30.55. Still, Iron had the best showing in this event again from a point-scoring perspective. The field was also considerably different than last weekend, with no Ella Eastin, no Sydney Pickrem, and no Anastasia Gorbenko this time around.

The LA Current had an interesting roster swap that had mixed results. On one hand, Bailey Andison entered the 400 IM for the first time and finished right behind Iron Lady Hosszu. Contrastingly, Katie McLaughlin got thrown in the event and only managed an 8th-place finish. Mireia Belmonte looks to be back in favorable condition with her 3rd-place finish for the Roar. While Hosszu had a huge home crowd cheering her on, Iron suffered a 2-point deficit with Jakabos bumped to 4th.

MEN’S 400 IM:

1.    Andrew Seliskar – LA Current – 4:03.28
2.    David Verraszto – Iron – 4:04.02
3.    Gunnar Bentz – Iron – 4:06.23
4.    Josh Prenot – LA Current – 4:06.61
5.    Finlay Knox – London Roar – 4:08.86
6.    Peter Bernek – London Roar – 4:09.42
7.    Tomas Peribonio – New York Breakers – 4:09.82
8.    Jonathan Gomez – New York Breakers – 4:25.95

Andrew Seliskar defended his title from last week, shedding off an impressive 3.02 seconds in the process. The star IM’er for LA Current managed to get in ahead of a 2-3 finish from Iron, again highlighting the IM strength of the Iron Lady’s team. LAC’s Josh Prenot was 4th, leaving London Roar to take th 5th and 6th spots, and NYB 7th and 8th. This was LA Current’s 2nd event win of the day, leaving only the New York Breakers left to win an event today.

Andrew Seliskar once again flashes his dominant versatility with his repeat 400 IM win. Yet Team Iron went 2-3 again thanks to Verraszto and Bentz, putting them in the lead again before the relay. Likewise, Prenot stayed in 4th for the Current and maintained their 14-point contributions. The Breakers took another hit with the Roar’s 5-6 finish and another time standard deduction, resulting in only one point being scored.


1.    London Roar 2 – 3:28.11
2.    London Roar 1 – 3:28.39
3.    New York Breakers 1 – 3:29.53
4.    LA Current 1 – 3:29.85
5.    Iron 1 – 3:32.56
6.    LA Current 2 – 3:33.73
7.    Iron 2 – 3:36.40
8.    New York Breakers 2 -3:38.14

London Roar pulled a 1-2 finish again this weekend, giving them a huge influx of points heading into the break. This time around, the race was close between the LON squads, touching just .28 seconds apart. That compares to last weekend, where their 1 relay finished in 3:27.90, and the 2 was 3:30.93. London Roar has won 3 of the 7 events up to this point in the meet, with Iron and LA Current sitting at 2 apiece.

The women’s free relays once again roared for London with another impeccable decision to split up the relays. The great sprint strength from London gave them the 32 points needed to put them back into the lead. While the Breakers finished in 3rd place, their B-relay got bumped down to 8th and continue to struggle with their lack of depth.


1.    Ryan Murphy – LA Current – 1:49.40
2.    Christian Diener – London Roar – 1:50.53
3.    Markus Thormeyer – New York Breakers – 1:51.57
4.    Adam Telegdy – Iron – 1:51.93
5.    Robert Glinta – Iron – 1:52.66
6.    Tom Shields – LA Current – 1:52.77
7.    Grigory Tarasevich – New York Breakers – 1:54.33
8.    Peter Bernek – London Roar – 1:54.95

Ryan Murphy followed up his win from last weekend with another this weekend, taking .47 seconds off his time in the process. The LA Current earned another win her by a comfortable margin, bringing their win tally up to 3 (out of 8 events) for the day. The race was fairly spread out behind Murphy, with 5.55 seconds separating 1st from 8th. Christian Diener was 2nd again this week, touching just .01 seconds slower than his time from last week. Tom Shields was 6th again this week, but managed to take over a second off his time in his 2nd race of the day.

Murphy and Shields continue to be the working 200 back duo for the Current as they went 1-6 again. After losing Pebley in this event, the Breakers have luckily maintained their 3-7 finish with Thormeyer and Tarasevich. Both the Roar and Iron have stayed the same in this event as well.


  1. Minna Atherton (LON) – 1:59.48
  2. Katinka Hosszu (IRO) – 2:02.09
  3. Amy Bilquist (LAC) – 2:02.78
  4. Sydney Pickrem (LON) – 2:05.77
  5. Ali DeLoof (NYB) – 2:05.82
  6. Katalin Burian (IRO) – 2:06.26
  7. Gabby DeLoof (NYB) – 2:06.73
  8. Kendyl Stewart (LAC) – 2:08.30

Minna Atherton ‘roared’ to victory for London Roar, giving them their 4th win of the day with a blistering fast 1:59.48. She cleared the field by 2.5 seconds, and led the way ina  1-4 punch by London Roar. With no Kathleen Baker in the field this week, Katinka Hosszu took 2nd in the event, dropping just shy of 2 seconds off her time from last weekend. In a much faster field than last week, Ali DeLoof moved up from 8th to 5th for the NYB, dropping 6 seconds off last week’s time in the process.

Minna Atherton breaks 2 minutes in the 200 back and set a new Aussie national record. Put Atherton on MVP and WR watch, as she will most likely continue her backstroke dominance for the Roar. The Breakers are also slowly improving as Ali DeLoof dropped 6 seconds from last week and moved up to 5th after missing the time minimum in Lewisville. Amy Bilquist in for the Current cost them one point has Iron’s Hosszu moved up to second behind the Aussie stud Atherton.


  1. Vlad Morozov (IRO) – 20.68
  2. Kyle Chalmers (LON) – 20.84
  3. Nathan Adrian (LAC) – 20.97
  4. Michael Andrew (NYB) – 21.13
  5. Szebasztian Szabo (IRO) – 21.29
  6. Cam McEvoy (LON) – 21.46
  7. Michael Chadwick (LAC) – 21.52
  8. Brad Tandy (NYB) – 21.83

Vlad Morozov took an impressive .25 seconds off his time from last weekend to win the event over Kyle Chalmers again. The race between the 2 was tighter last weekend, with Morozov touching out Chalmers by .03 seconds, compared to .16 this weekend. The top 4 was identical to last weekend, with Nathan Adrian and Michael Andrew finishing 3rd and 4th respectively again. Additonally, the race followed a complete pattern, with Iron taking 1-4, London Roar 2-5, LA Current 3-7, and NYB 4-8.

Another identical top 4 finish in the men’s 50 free, as last week’s MVP Morozov stays on top in the men’s splash-and-dash. Szabo’s substitution for Team Iron has benefited with a 3-point swing thanks to his 5th-place finish.


  1. Ranomi Kromowidjojo (IRO) – 23.29
  2. Cate Campbell (LON) – 23.35
  3. Beryl Gastaldello (LAC) – 23.81
  4. Bronte Campbell (LON)/Kim Busch (IRO) – 24.21
  5. Catie DeLoof (NYB) – 24.23
  6. Pernille Blume (NYB) – 24.32/Margo Geer (LAC) – 24.32

Ranomi Kromowidjojo got it done for Iron this week, downing Cate Campbell after finishing 2nd to her last week. Kromo took nearly half a second off the 23.71 she clocked last week, while Cate Campbell was .02 seconds slower than last week. The win marks back-to-back for the Iron, and their 4th win of the day.

Team Iron’s Kromowidjojo flashed off her sprint capabilities as she took down Roar’s Cate Campbell in an upset win. The Roar got bumped down 3 points as Bronte Campbell finished in 4th behind LA’s Beryl Gastaldello. While LA picked up 6 points, Margo Geer unfortunately finished in 8th-place, same finish for Farido Osman last week.


  1. London 1 – 3:21.64
  2. LA Current 1 – 3:22.46
  3. LA Current 2 – 3:25.47
  4. Iron 2 – 3:27.55
  5. London Roar 2 – 3:27.71
  6. Iron 1 – 3:28.57
  7. New York Breakers 1 – 3:29.27
  8. New York Breakers 2 – 3:31.73

London Roar continues to dominate the field in the relays, winning their 5th event of the day, with 12 events in the books. The finish has allowed London Roar tom hold on their lead in the team standings.

London continues to roar with another relay victory as they held off the LA Current for the win. Thanks to their B-relay improvement from 7th to 5th, the Roar has scored the same number of points (26) as the Current’s 2-3 finish. With one session to go on day one, the Roar currently sits in a comfy 20-point lead. Team Iron, however, sits just 3 points ahead of the LA Current for second place.



  1. London Roar – 161.5
  2. Iron – 141.5
  3. LA Current – 138.5
  4. NY Breakers – 74.5

London Roar’s women have peeled away from the field, accounting for 90.5 of their 161.5 total points. Their women are leading by 21 points over the next closest team, Iron (69.5 points). LA Current has racked up the most men’s points up to this point in the meet, coming in at 82.0. The New York Breakers are having a hard time accumulating a significant number of points without having won an event through 12 events.


  1. Emma McKeon (LON) – 1:53.18
  2. Madi Wilson (NYB) – 1:54.71
  3. Katinka Hosszu (IRO) – 1:55.47
  4. Veronika Andrusenko (IRO) – 1:55.49
  5. Reva Foos (NYB) – 1:56.50
  6. Katie McLaughlin (LAC) – 1:56.73
  7. Anastasia Gorbenko (LAC) – 1:57.03
  8. Mireia Belmonte (LON) – 1:57.62

Emma McKeon won her 2nd event of the day, and defended her win in this event from last week. McKeon was a little faster than last week, where she clocked in at 1:53.58. Coming out of the break, London Roar won yet another event, bringing their toal to 6 out of 13 so far. NYB earned a runner-up finish coming out of the break, helping their cause was a 5th place finish by Reva Foos.

Emma McKeon takes her second win for the Roar, however, Belmonte faded to 8th after swimming the 400 IM just under an hour ago. The Breakers got a huge 5-point swing with Reva Foos moving up to 5th and Madi Wilson staying in 2nd. Katinka Hosszu benefited for Team Iron in her pursuit for Budapest MVP with her and Andrusenko taking a 3-4 finish.


  1. Alexander Graham (LON) – 1:42.37
  2. Clyde Lewis (NYB) – 1:42.50
  3. Blake Pieroni (LAC) – 1:42.66
  4. Elijah Winnington (LON) – 1:42.77
  5. Andrew Seliksar (LAC) – 1:43.23
  6. Jack McLoughlin (NYB) – 1:43.49
  7. Kristof Milak (IRO) – 1:44.91
  8. Henrik Christiansen (IRO) – 1:45.58

Alexander Graham picked up yet another win for London Roar, touching first just ahead of NYB’s Clyde Lewis. Graham was slower than last weekend (1:41.58), and Elijah Winnington, his LON teammate, finished 4th this week after coming in 2nd last week. Still London Roar expanded their lead with this race. This was the closest NYB had come to winning an event so far today, with Lewis finishing just .13 seconds off Graham.

Alexander Graham takes the 200 free win again for the Roar, however, Winnington faded to 4th after aiding in a 1-2 sweep. Clyde Lewis and Jack McLoughlin improved for the Breakers with a 2-7 finish worth 10 points. A big hit on Team Iron with only 3 points picked up from Milak and Christiansen.


  1. Minna Atherton (LON) – 25.81
  2. Holly Barratt (LON) – 25.99
  3. Beryl Gastaldello (LAC) – 26.25
  4. Ali DeLoof (NYB) – 26.41
  5. Ranomi Kromowidjojo (IRO) – 26.58
  6. Linnea Mack (LAC) – 26.61
  7. Mie Nielsen (IRO) – 27.32
  8. Haley Black (NYB) – 28.69

Minna Atherton won her 2nd event of the day, also reclaiming the title in this event after winning it last week. Like her 200 back, her 50 was faster this week than last (25.99). That makes London Roar 3-for-3 coming out of the break, and they earned a 1-2 punch here, as they start to run away with the meet.

Atherton takes another win as the Roar also takes another win in the 50 back. Holly Barratt improved to 2nd place as the Roar picked up 16 points in this event.


  1. Guilherme Guido (LON) – 22.55
  2. Matt Grevers (LAC) – 23.16
  3. Ryan Murphy (LAC) – 23.34
  4. Michael Andrew (NYB) – 23.37
  5. Christian Diener (LON) – 23.65
  6. Robert Glinta (IRO) – 23.74
  7. Richard Bohus (IRO) – 24.04
  8. Grigory Tarasevich (NYB) – 24.49

London Roar picked up another win as Guilherme Guido sped to an incredible 22.55, to swim away with the race. That time improved on last week’s performance (where he also won the event) ny .51 seconds. Matt Grevers and Ryan Murphy swapped places from last week, with Grevers taking 2nd this time instead of Murphy. Both swimmer did swim faster this week however.

For those keeping track, that is now a 5-event winning streak for the London Roar. Last week, along with the women’s 50 free, the Roar swept 6 events before the breaststroke. Murphy and Grevers also have locked in a solid 50 back duo with their repeat 2-3 finish for LA. Michael Andrew gave a great 3-point swing for the Breakers with his 4th-place finish.


  1. Emily Escobedo (NYB) – 2:18.73
  2. Annie Lazor (LAC) – 2:19.81
  3. Breeja Larson (NYB) – 2:20.35
  4. Fanny Lecluyse (IRO) – 2:20.68
  5. Sydney pickrem (LON) – 2:20.70
  6. Alia Atkinson (IRO) – 2:21.49
  7. Taylor McKeown (LON) – 2:23.20
  8. Bailey Andison (LAC) – 2:23.91

Emily escobedo gave the New York Breakers their first win of the meet, charging over the last 75 meters to overtake teammate Breeja Larson, who had established a big early lead. Annie Lazor charged along side Escobedo, also sneaking in ahead of Larson at the touch.

And the duo of Escobedo/Larson continue to break through for New York as they improve to a 1-3 finish. Lazor showed a valiant effort for LA in second, making her a crucial asset for the Current as well.


  1. Marco Koch (NYB) – 2:04.27
  2. Kirill Prigoda (LON) – 2:05.02
  3. Adam Peaty (LON) – 2:05.14
  4. Erik Persson (IRO) – 2:05.40
  5. Josh Prenot (LAC) – 2:06.18
  6. Andrew Seliskar (LAC) – 2:08.56
  7. David Verraszto (IRO) – 2:08.72
  8. Tomas Peribonio (NYB) – 2:12.80

New York Breakers turn it on when they need to most, picking up a 2nd conecutive event win. After finishing 5th with a 2:06.55 last week, Marco Koch torched a 2:04.27. Last week’s champ, Matthew Wilson (London Roar) wasn’t in the race this week, LON’s Kirill Prigoda did improve from 4th to 2nd this week. Adam Peaty managed to make it a 2-3 finish for London Roar, swimming a time that also would have gotten him 3rd last week.

  1. London Roar – 251.5
  2. LA Current – 212.5
  3. Iron – 203.5
  4. NY Breakers – 142.5

The London Roar has extended the day one lead from last week, adding nearly 20 more points to their lead over 2nd place. For the Current, however, Team Iron has snuck up on them as they trail by less than 10 points. The Breakers, although sitting in 4th, accumulated 10.5 more points than last week.Peering into the MVP rankings, it is Iron Lady Katinka Hosszu who is leading by a half-point over Aussie sensations Minna Atherton and Emma McKeon from the Roar.

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Drama King
3 years ago

Where is Duncan Scott ?

3 years ago

I must state that Tom Shields is just plain cold hard talent

3 years ago

I was expecting the Hungarians would have this event packed but there seemed to be a lot of empty seats or maybe those seats were unavailable to the public for some reason? Some of them seemed to have a pretty good view of the action.

3 years ago

Holly Barrat had a surprisingly great lead off on the 400 free relay: 51.95

3 years ago

Morozov reminds me of Roland Schoeman. In the sprints, he can give anybody a run for their money.

Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  Luigi
3 years ago

And they both remind me of Flo, who was (maybe still is) better than both of them across the board.

Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  Ol' Longhorn
3 years ago

Too far for Flo now. But 4 X 50’s of the strokes SCM with a day’s rest in between with aggregate time? That would be all peak Flo. His 22.2 backstroke alone would win it.

3 years ago

Quite impressed with Peaty’s 200 tonight. He could really factor after Tokyo, when I suspect he’ll focus on the 100/200 for a couple years.

Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  Dee
3 years ago

Yeah, if he can do that time LCM, he might win gold. In LCM, he would die on the scale of Shields/Pan Am/200 fly.

m d e
Reply to  Ol' Longhorn
3 years ago

Peaty has enough of a speed disparity to his peers that given time committed to the event he would be a huge threat.

He has been 2:08 i’m pretty sure, so he isn’t that far away,

And he can go under 1:00 as easily as these other swimmers go 1:03.

Write him off at your own peril.

Ol’ Longhorn
Reply to  m d e
3 years ago

Think I’m pretty safe on this one. It’s Dressel in the 200 breast you should worry about, or so I’ve heard.

going hoosiers
3 years ago

Bailey Andison is a GODDESS

3 years ago

That swim for Marco Koch was huge! He schooled Peaty.

Reply to  Floater
3 years ago

That was still a wretched time for Marco, though, by his own standards. It would’ve been 3rd last week, which is certainly better, but this week’s 200 breast field was super weak.