Interactive Infographics: 2019-2020 U.S. National Swim Team By Qualifying Meet

Call it National Team Monday. With the qualifying period ending Sunday night, we projected the likely 2019-2020 U.S. National Teamers based on current world ranks. And then we looked at each athlete’s top world rank to project their monthly funding stipends based on USA Swimming’s funding criteria.

Now, we’ve broken down the projected national team by the meet where their qualifying swim came from in an interactive Tableau “viz” or visualization.

Check out the graphic below to see how the team broke down between the various major international meets this past summer: 2019 World Championships, 2019 Pan American Games, 2019 World University Games, 2019 World Junior Championships and more.

2019 U.S. Nationals were the biggest contributor, but that’s not as surprising as it seems on the surface. With only 2 athletes entered per event at each international meet, U.S. Nationals had a lot more opportunities for national team swims.

Fast facts:

  • National team swims came from 22 different meets
    • that includes all five stops of the Pro Swim Series and all three stops on the World Cup tour so far
  • Despite being a lower selection priority last summer, Pan Ams actually bested World University Games by a single national team qualifying swim.
  • The Bloomington Pro Swim Series was by far the biggest qualifier of the five PSS stops, with 8 national team qualifying swims. Richmond and Clovis had 4 each and Knoxville and Des Moines 3 each.
  • The Tokyo World Cup had 3 qualifying swims, compared to just one apiece for the Jinan and Singapore World Cups.

Check out the interactive infographic below. In general, you can hover your mouse over the graphs to see more information, and clicking on pieces of the graph will filter information to that specific meet:

You can follow this link to view the Viz in a separate tab – mobile users especially may benefit from this.

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4 years ago

Love the view and data.

4 years ago

What a good interactive graph created. Huge credits to whoever put the time in.

Reply to  FlyNDie
4 years ago

@Jared Anderson

4 years ago

5 different women ranked 1 in the world is pretty impressive!

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