Ian Thorpe Out Of Rehab; Will Be At Commonwealth Games In July

After a rough couple of months for Ian Thorpe, he has officially been released from rehab and is expected to be at the Commonwealth Games in July as a commentator alongside three-time Australian Olympic swimmer, Nicole Livingstone. Ian Thorpe has been battling depression for some time now and has had a few setbacks recently. In early February, he was found by police in a disoriented state and taken to a nearby hospital for care. In May, he underwent shoulder surgery, and eventually had to spend three weeks in intensive care due to an infection he caught from surgery. He was recently photographed out in public again with his arm in a sling.

It appears as if his troubles are behind him at this point. Mail Online and The Sunday Telegraph are reporting that Thorpe and his management have signed deals with Channel Ten and European networks to get back on TV as a commentator. His manager, Will Erskine, also told The Sunday Telegraph that Thorpe is “in a great head space and doing really well again.”

Thorpe’s management also said that Thorpe will require further shoulder surgery. “They had to take the pins and plates out from the original operation to get rid of an infection,” Erskine said. “At some stage there will be another operation to put them back in.”

Read more about Thorpe being admitted to rehab in January for depression and alcohol abuse here. 

Read more about Thorpe being found in a disoriented state and taken to the hospital in February here.

Read more about Thorpe being admitted into the hospital his shoulder surgery complications here.

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6 years ago

Very happy to hear he is out of rehab ; i wish for him he knows the way not to get in again .

tall n wet
6 years ago

Yay! Thorpey is back!

6 years ago

Wow, didn’t know he was battling those kind of demons. It ain’t easy having your Glory days behind you.

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