Henry McFadden Blasts 1:48.27 200 Free, #2 All-Time U.S. 15-16; Heilman #16

by Spencer Penland 10

August 04th, 2022 Club, National, News



  • World Junior Record: 1:43.21, David Popovici (ROU) – 2022
  • Meet Record: 1:47.75, Alexei Sancov (2018)
  • 13-14 NAG: 1:51.27, Thomas Heilman (2021)
  • 15-16 NAG: 1:47.73, Luca Urlando (2019)
  • 17-18 NAG: 1:45.99, Michael Phelps (2003)

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Henry McFadden (Jersey Wahoos): 1:48.27
  2. Chase Mueller (Foothills): 1:49.60
  3. Thomas Heilman (Cavalier): 1:50.34
  4. Owen McDonald (Dynamo): 1:50.69
  5. Aaron Shackell (Carmel): 1:50.84
  6. Logan Walker (Nitro): 1:51.69
  7. Sebastien Sergile (Swim Atlanta): 1:52.29
  8. Norvin Clontz (SwimMac): 1:53.69

After finishing 2nd in both the 100 free and 3rd in the 400 free earlier in the meet, Jersey Wahoos 16-year-old Henry McFadden finally picked up an individual Junior National title of his own, tearing to victory in the boys 200 free tonight in Irvine. McFadden was 2nd at the 50m turn, then quickly took over the race tonight, never looking back. He swam a 1:48.27, coming in just 0.52 seconds off the meet record of 1:47.75.

Additionally, McFadden now moves up to #2 all-time among Americans in the 15-16 boys age group. He sits behind only National Age Group Record holder Luca Urlando, who holds that mark at 1:47.73. McFadden is just the 5th 16-and-under to swim under 1:49 in U.S. history. Here is a split comparison between McFadden’s swim tonight, Urlando’s 15-16 NAG, and Alexei Sancov‘s meet record:

Split Henry McFadden – 2022 Summer Junior Nats Luca Urlando – 2019 College Station Sectionals (15-16 NAG) Alexei Sancov – 2018 Summer Junior Nats (Meet Record)
50m 25.58 25.53 24.98
100m 52.89 (27.31) 52.41 (26.88) 52.50 (27.52)
150m 1:20.66 (27.77) 1:20.28 (27.87) 1:20.11 (27.61)
200m 1:48.27 (27.61) 1:47.73 (27.45) 1:47.75 (27.64)
FINAL TIME 1:48.27 1:47.73 1:47.75

In comparing the splits, McFadden and Urlando were out virtually identically on the first 50, while Sancov was out a half-second faster. Urlando was by far the fastest on the 2nd 50, while McFadden’s split of 27.31 was 0.21 faster than Sancov’s. They were bunched tight on the 3rd 50, seeing McFadden land right between Sancov and Urlando. They were also very close coming home, with McFadden again right between Urlando and Sancov. In short, both Urlando and Sancov were a bit faster on the first 100, and that’s ultimately what made the difference between their 1:47s and McFadden’s 1:48.

Notably, 15-year-old Thomas Heilman out of Cavalier Aquatics swam a new personal best of 1:50.34 tonight for 3rd place. Heilman now ties for #16 all-time in the 15-16 age group with Nicholas Alexiou and Townley Haas.

McFadden will represent the US at the Pan Pacific Championships in the 200 free form August 24-27 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Here is the updated list of all-time top 10 U.S. performers in the LCM 200 free:

Rank Time Swimmer Meet
1 1:47.73 Luca Urlando 2019 Sectionals – College Station
2 1:48.27 Henry McFadden 2022 Summer Junior Nats
3 1:48.57 Carson Foster 2018 Jr Pan Pacific Champs
4 1:48.64 Caeleb Dressel 2013 Summer Junior Nats
5 1:48.65 Jake Magahey 2018 Jr Pan Pacific Champs
6 1:49.04 Drew Kibler 2016 Jr Pan Pacific Champs
7 1:49.26 Dare Rose 2019 Summer Nationals
8 1:49.39 Truman Armstrong 2019 WT Frost Bank Invitational
9 1:49.48 Ian Crocker 1998 US Summer Nationals
10 1:49.54 Maxime Rooney 2014 Summer Junior Nats

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Truman Armstrong
1 month ago

As much as I love seeing my name on a record board, the 1:49.3 from the 2019 Frost Bank Invitational was a glitched time. My current best time (18 years old) is from last night (1:51.4). I was around 1:58 during that swim. My splits on Meet Mobile are 1:01/48, which is an insane back half. Maybe I can get an honorable mention for that 🙂

Reply to  Truman Armstrong
1 month ago

Here for it!

Alerted USA Swimming so they could get it fixed.

1 month ago

I’m surprised Phelps isn’t on this list!

1 month ago

Kieran Smith
Drew Kibler
Carson Foster
Trenton Julian
Trey Freeman
Coby Carrozza
Luca Urlando
Zach Apple
Luke Hobson
Jake Magahey
Jake Mitchell
Jack Dahlgren
Gabriel Jett
Grant House
Patrick Callan
Patrick Sammon
Jake Newmark
Henry McFadden
Thomas Heilman

maybe the US do not have the superstar able to go 1:43-1:44 low but the depth in the 1:45-1:46 range (and potentially, given the age and lack of experience for some) is quite remarkable and the making the final at Olympic Trials could be not that trivial. Potential scratches from athletes likely to make the team in other events (Foster, Urlando, Julian, Apple for instance) may play a big role in that. Of course the relay will look really really solid

Go Kamminga Go
1 month ago

It’s stunning to remember that 23 years ago 16 yo Ian Thorpe swam (in briefs) 1:46.00 and breaking WR.

Grant Drukker
Reply to  Go Kamminga Go
1 month ago

And he didn’t know how to do a streamline and didn’t do underwater kicking.

1 month ago

I remember seeing Crocker go sub 1:50 all those years ago and thinking he was going to be the next great 200 guy for the US. While that didn’t happen he did end up doing a bunch of other great things.

1 month ago

Is he on the Jr Pan Pacs team?

Reply to  Noah
1 month ago

He is.

Beginner Swimmer at 25
1 month ago

Wow Urlando used to be so good what happened to him?