Gift Cards Worth $48M Donated To SwimSwam Readers To Support Local Businesses

Publisher’s note: among the options for this program are vitamins and supplements. SwimSwam does not endorse any of these vitamins or supplements. Recognizing the special risk to athletes who are subject to drug-testing with taking any of these vitamins or supplements, please consult with your doctor and run independent testing on any vitamins or supplements you may take.

BOSTON, MA (April 24, 2020) – Aiming to support local businesses around the United States during the global pandemic, SwimSwam has partnered with Nift to distribute $30 Neighborhood Gift Cards to every reader, giving people a way to discover new businesses and funds they can use at those businesses as soon as it’s safe to do so.

Readers can get their $30 Nift gift card by following this link to Nift’s website, where they will be matched with businesses where they can use their $30 to eat, play and shop local. Readers can also download the company’s mobile app and enter the gift code “SWIMSWAMSTIMULUS” to get a $30 Nift gift card and get started.

“COVID-19 is hurting all of our businesses, and we are all actively looking for more ways to help owners and their employees,” says Juan Rocha, Nift Executive Development Lead, a former swimmer for the Texas A&M Aggies and proud National Champion. “Working together, Nift and SwimSwam can help small businesses across the country as they recover from the devastating effects of this pandemic.”

In addition to offering readers $30 Nift gift cards, designed to increase foot traffic when Main Streets open, people can also go to Nift’s store to purchase prepaid gift cards in any amount. Nift is donating this service, with 100% of the profits of gift card sales being immediately deposited and mailed to local businesses across the country. The store, which doesn’t charge anything for businesses to use for fundraising, is open to any business, even those that are not currently on the Nift platform. With NO COST to be listed on the Nift gift card store, it’s extremely easy to sign-up and begin fundraising. If you would like your business to be on the Nift store, reach out to [email protected].

“Nift is actively marketing to over 3 million customers across the US to promote the store,” says Rocha. “When a business signs up, Nift will send the business all that it needs to promote their listing in the store, including content to use in social posts and in emails to send to its customers to promote the gift card.”

“With pools and athletic centers closed, people working from home and small businesses struggling, we’re all feeling the need to do more. We’re proud to be using the Nift platform to help families and businesses who need it, free of charge.” says Elery Pfeffer, Founder and CEO of Nift. “If you can buy a gift card. Do it. You’ll be giving businesses much needed cash flow, now. At the very least, activate a free Nift gift card through our partnership with SwimSwam, select a business, and make a promise that you’ll come in as soon as you can.”

About Nift:
Nift (, builds networks of businesses that use Nifts—neighborhood gifts—to promote one another and power local economies. Developed in collaboration with local merchants, Nift uses machine learning to match neighborhood businesses with the right local customers, getting them to walk through the door. The result: Nift fills main street businesses with new customers 10X better than Facebook or Google. Nift is growing rapidly and currently has a network of over 3M people and 4K local businesses in 10 markets across the United States.

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Tomato Ticket
2 years ago

Great Blog!
Thanks for sharing this blog

2 years ago

I got my gift card, that was pretty easy!!!
I’ll use it to take Sidney’s new puppy for a bath and hair cut.
Great way to support local businesses. GigEm!

Beep bop Jones
2 years ago

Leave it to the aggies to do something this generous and great! Really hope there Men’s and women’s swim teams have an awesome season next year!

Small Delakis
2 years ago

Just got my vitamins from care/of, looking to get as big as Paul Delakis!

2 years ago

Thanks y’all!