FINA Renames Synchronized Swimming

FINA, the world governing body for 6 aquatic disciplines including synchronized swimming, has renamed that sport to ‘artistic swimming.’

As part of its general congress today, with 176 federations represented, FINA voted to change the name of the sport. There has long been confusion about what “synchronized” meant, with the general public believing it meant “synchronized with one another” (as is the case in synchronized diving). Instead, it was always implied to mean “synchronized with the music.” The name change should provide less confusion at least in that area.




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Fina being extraordinarily annoying with all these useless and stupid changes.

Obstacle Number 2

I know nothing about Synchronized Swimming. I admire it. It’s beautiful and obviously requires strength, timing, balance etc. What a bonehead move. I will never call it Artistic Swimming. Never. LOL

What is the problem? Ppl here just want to complain about Fina .
There are several disciplines of gymnastics – artistic , acro & aerobic & trampoline & rhythmic .
I’m pretty sure the sport asked for the change .

No. The sport DID NOT ask for the change.

Steve MacDonald

I bet they didn’t!

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