Fike Swim Signs NAG Record Holder Zac Stubblety-Cook

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February 09th, 2016 Industry, News

17-year-old Australian National Age Group record holder Zac Stubblety-Cook has joined Fike Swim as a brand ambassador for 2016. The 10th fastest 200m breaststroker in Australia is a big addition to Fike Swim’s community of Brickers. It marks a major step as the company continues its expansion around the world and prepares for operations in Asia and Australia and the release of several more products this year.

 Zac Stubblety-Cook (courtesy of Fike Swim)

Zac Stubblety-Cook (courtesy of Fike Swim)

“I’m so excited to join the Fike Swim team and be part of such innovative training tools.” said Stubblety-Cook. “The Brick engages my core better than any training equipment I’ve used before. It is so simple it’s genius.”

After recently struggling with a shoulder tumor through 2015, Zac demonstrated incredible resolve by competing just weeks after the surgery to remove it and swimming times right off of his personal bests despite training that was limited to just kicking. This April Zac will be competing in Australia’s Olympic trials where he hopes to improve on his best 200 breast time of 2:16 and put himself in a position to contend for a spot on their Olympic team.

“Zac is clearly the perfect ambassador for who we are and what we’re doing.” said Fike Swim founder James Fike. “He’s a tough competitor who’s always pushing the boundaries and looking to train different; to seek out new ways to take his swimming to the next level. And he recognizes the significance of The Brick as one of the best training tools available to swimmers today.”

The world’s first-ever weighted kickboard has been a huge hit in the U.S. and internationally. After selling out for a second time in the U.S. in December The Brick became available for purchase again in January, while European sales are stretching inventory thin overseas.

The Brick (courtesy of Fike Swim Products)The overwhelming success of The Brick has spurred the company to move up its development of new products, at least three of which are expected to launch before the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro this summer.

You can get a candid look at Fike Swim’s journey to help swimmers TRAIN DIFFERENT by following them on Instagram. And you can get the latest news, product updates, and technique videos by liking them on Facebook and subscribing to their YouTube channel.


About Fike Swim

“We design products exclusively for the most difficult sport in the world.  We unapologetically place swimmers on a pedestal.  The rigors they embrace on a daily basis can only be understood by another swimmer and they deserve a company focused 100% on helping them succeed.  Whether you’re just starting out or training for Rio, we stand behind you.”

-James Fike, Founder

Fike Swim Products was born when founder James Fike put a brick on top of a kickboard and transformed just another legs-only kick set into a total body workout felt into the next day. Since then it’s been our mission to create unique swim equipment with the single-minded goal of making you faster. We don’t sell toys. We create tools to help you reach your potential.

About the Founder

James Fike has always had a passion for swimming. He started swimming competitively at age 5, ultimately training under Eddie Reese at The University of Texas from 1999-2003 where he had the privilege of swimming alongside some of the greatest swimmers in the history of the sport. James has continued swimming through all the phases of his life- from working as an investment banker, to getting his MBA back at UT, and back to working in corporate America. Finally, his passion for the sport led him to opening The Fort Worth Swim School, which teaches students of all ages and abilities and works to foster his same lifelong love for the sport.

Now, what started with a brick on a kickboard and a drive for always finding new ways to grow in the pool has become Fike Swim Products, a company dedicated to helping you Train Different!

James Fike, creator of The Brick

James Fike, creator of The Brick


The Brick is the world’s first-ever weighted kickboard. At 6 lbs it turns any kick set into a total body workout that actually improves a swimmer’s body position in the water—even after the kicking is done. Some of the biggest names in swimming have adopted The Brick, including 6 of the top 20 Division I college teams.

Learn more and see what others are saying about The Brick here.

European customers can purchase The Brick through the Fike Swim Products UK website.

The Brick (courtesy of Fike Swim Products)

Swimming News is courtesy of Fike Swim, a SwimSwam partner.

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