Faster than Phelps: Kristof Milak Breaks True World Junior Record


While competing at the 2017 European Junior Championships in Netanya, Israel, Hungarian teenager Kristof Milak absolutely crushed a new meet record, European Junior Record and World Junior Record all in one monster 200m butterfly final. Leading up to tonight’s swim, Milak, who is 17 years of age as of this meet, had previously posted speedy outings of 1:58.69 in prelims followed by a 1:56.69 mark in semi-finals to give us a hint of what was yet to come.

Tonight, Milak cranked out a wicked-fast time of 1:53.79 to easily win gold by about 5 solid seconds, while also surpassing the meet record mark of 1:55.82 held by Hungarian countryman Bence Biczo since 2010. Milak’s performance also checks-in as the new European Junior Record, having surpassed the target time of 1:54.79 set by the LEN at the establishment of this record category.

His time also surpassed the previous World Junior Record mark of 1:55.37 that’s only been on the books since April. Japan’s Nao Horomura clocked that time at the 2017 Japan Swim, splitting 54.94/1:00.43. Tonight’s splits for Milak consisted of an oppressive opening 100m of 53.24, followed by a solid 1:00.55 closing back-half.

Even among the record book-breaking accolades Milak just collected, perhaps the most impressive attribute his performance rendered was beating the time Michael Phelps produced back when he was just 17 years of age. At the 2002 U.S. Nationals, a 17-year-old Phelps clocked a 200m butterfly time of 1:54.86.

Additionally, at the 2003 World Championships when Phelps was 18 years of age, he owned the event in a time of 1:53.93, what many consider to be the ‘true’ World Junior Record. Milak just took over that important milestone with his eye-popping 1:53.79, becoming the fastest teen by .14.

Milak now ranks as the 2nd fastest man in the world in the event this season, sitting mere hundredths behind Olympic silver medalist Masato Sakai of Japan.

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Very impressive, but it is different now. The true test will be to break 1:52 in a few years. That old record is 14 years old.

Zsolt gaspar

Why is it different now? He is 17yrs old vs 18yrs old Phelps. What does the 1.52 has to do with anything when it comes to a Junior level 1.53.8 swim? Let’s rethink this!!!


Swimming is continuosly developing (swimming-pools, starting-blocks, suits, training methods, nutrition, scientific knowledge and so on), and in fact the average of swimming results is improving at every level (Nags, absolute and master) every year.

So, 14 years in swimming are a very long period, but no doubt that Milak today has made a fantastic swim and deserves every praise.

I think that every swimming timing record will be beaten, soon or later (also the most incredible, like Ledecky’s or Meagher’s or Thorpe’s ones), while I don’t know if Phelps’ record, as number of Olympic golden medals, will be ever beaten.


I,m not trying to downplay phelps but the US strenght in relays helped his gold medal count overall. If this Hungarian kid diversifies and actually becomes good in multiple events like phelps then he could potentially beat phelps record in individual medals. Maybe even individual golds. But beating phelps record in overall golds will be hard for any swimmer outside the US ( including this hungarian kid) even if he/she is a freak of nature because the depth won’t be there.


The depth in relays I mean


So what if Phelps old record is 14 years old?

Has any 16 yo girl broken Meagher’s 36 years olefin 2:05.9?

Has any 17 yo guy broken Thorpe’s 17 years old 3:40?

To break any of Phelps’ 200 fly records, even if it’s junior record, is monumental as it is his primary and best event, and he is by far the greatest 200 male flyer in history.


He cannot be compared to Phelps in the 200 fly YET. Many people have one or two phenomenal swims, then they decline. IE Chad Le Clos 200 fly. IE Hoogenband 100 free. Phelps just kept on powering. Btw, Schooling might not replicate his Rio performance. This happens so often, I am not trying to hate on Milak.


Hoogie declined? He won two straight Olympic golds and was still posting incredible relay splits in the mid 2000s!


Hoogenband won two Olympic gold medals, and went 47.86 at 2002 European Champs, in addition to his 47.84. You can’t just disrespect Hoogie like that and call him a 1-swim swimmer.


I did not mean he was a 1 swim swimmer. He went 47.84 in 2000 and peaked there like he should have. He is one of the best, but you guys are missing my point.


Has the Hungarian team been announced? If not, It’s looking like theres a chance Cseh may end up the 3rd fastest flyer.


Kenderesi and Cseh are announced to 200 fly, Milak and Cseh 100 fly


Absolutely crazy swim.
Is there a list of “True Junior World Records” anywhere? Meaning fastest times done by 18u’s ever?
Any chance Swimswam could put such a list together? I know there’s a list of textile world records out there as well.


There was.. but there are some that would cause a “problem” to define, because the JWR would be a Suit WR, but that is not the fault of the Junior right? And some WJR who were never recognized..


I don’t really mind whether it’s suited or not. Just want a list that doesn’t omit the greats like Phelps, Thorpe, etc.
It’s silly to discard their swims.


I think Phelps now only have the 200 IM, 100 fly was Broken by Zhuhao I think, 400 IM by Hagino and now this,

Men 200/400 would still be Thorpe and Men 1500 would be Sun

on Women Side the list is more accurate, the only WJR that is not “real” would be Sjostrom 100 fly from Rome I think and Kristina 200 back..


There was few discussion before, right now Phelps wuold only have the WJR in 100 fly (51.10 but probably will fall in Budapest) and 200 medley (1.55.94). Hagino wuold have the 400 medley (London 2012 time), Thorpe the 400 free (3.40.59).


Phelps or Thorpe has the 200 free. Phelps went a 1:45 when he was 18 I think and Thorpe probably went 1:44 low 1:45 18 or 17.


No, Izotov has the 200 free. He went 1.43.90 in 2009.


I don’t care. I am radical, but he would have gotten 1:45 high or 1:46 without the suit. In my book those times are worse than steroids.


In 2009 supersuit.

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