Elizabeth Beisel Gives In-depth Look at the Olympic Games as an NBC Broadcaster

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We sat down with 3x Olympian and now 2020 Olympic Analyst with NBC (I think this makes her a 4x Olympian), Elizabeth Beisel. Beisel gave us the FULL rundown of what life is like for the broadcasting team at Olympic Trials and the Olympic Games, sparing no detail and unafraid to get real about the physical and emotional toll these long days and weeks can take on you. To exemplify this, she recalls Rowdy Gaines DMing Airweave on Twitter and convincing them to bring 4 mattresses to the NBC trailer in Tokyo so the broadcast team could nap on them between sessions.
Beisel also spoke candidly on the hardship of losing her father a week after the Olympic Trials, having to process that as well as prepare for 17 days in Tokyo.


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Daniel Smith
1 year ago

Simply a wonderful interview with one of the most(if not the most) unreservedly effusive US Swimming Olympian I’ve ever seen. Met Rowdy at ’16 Trials. he gave myself and a friend a brief overview of his schedule, which was demanding at the least, but obvious he really enjoyed it. I hope Lizzie is there, in the chair, in ’24; she would be a great addition to NBC’s Os coverage…and Phelps would be a great team mate with her in the swimmig coverage.

Reply to  Daniel Smith
1 year ago

Phelps and Beisel only work together if it’s a three person booth. Neither’s specialty is as play-by-play (though I don’t doubt that Elizabeth could figure that out if she spent the next 3 years working on it), but that’s a whole different skill set.

1 year ago

What a great addition to the swim booth at the games. She brings an amazing knowledge to the sport and has a great time with the swimmers. Super happy to see her make the sport fun to watch. Can’t wait to see her career grow.

1 year ago

Coleman, please interview the Claire Curzan about her experience at Olympics and which colleges she is leaning towards. 😊

Coach Mike 1952
1 year ago

Gotta love this interview, EB really drills down into the entire experience & the transition from elite athlete to forthcoming elite broadcaster. Thanks for your animated frankness Elizabeth! Deep condolences as you grieve the passing of your beloved “rock star” dad, & remember & celebrate a life well lived.

Last edited 1 year ago by Coach Mike 1952
1 year ago

life works in mysterious ways…not more evident than her father passing in the short period of time she was home between trials and the OG’s. my condolences to the Beisel Family.

‘what is grief….if not love persevering’

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