Dressel Shaves Another 0.01 Off Textile Best, 4th-Fastest 100 Fly Ever

by Robert Gibbs 77

July 28th, 2017 International, News


American sprint sensation Caeleb Dressel dropped another one-hundreth of a second off his textile world record tonight, swimming a 50.07 to take the top seed in the 100 fly heading into tomorrow night’s final.

That was Dressel’s fourth swim of the day.  This morning, he took the 2nd seed in the 50 free, then knocked out a 50.08 in the 100 fly, a textile world record that was the 4th-fastest swim ever and made Dressel the 3rd-fastest performer ever.  Tonight, Dressel set a new American Record in the 50 free, then had about 30 minutes to recover before it was time for the 100 fly semis.

By shaving 0.01 seconds off of this morning’s time, Dressel is still the 3rd-fastest performer ever, but now owns both the 4th and 5th swiftest swims.   He’s now gone under 50.2 more times than Michael Phelps ever did, with Phelps’ only such swim being his world record effort of 49.82, at the supersuited 2009 World Championshps.  Phelps’ chief rival at that meet, Milorad Cavic, dipped under 50.2 twice, first when he went 50.01 to break the world record in semis, then again when he finished second to Phelps with a 49.95 in the final.

Tomorrow night Dressel will face off against his former club teammate, Joseph Schooling of Singapore, who previously had the fastest swim in a textile suit with his 50.39 from last summer’s Olympic final.

Top Ten Performances, Men’s 100 Fly

1 Michael Phelps 49.82
2 Milorad Cavic 49.95
3 Milorad Cavic 50.01
4 Caeleb Dressel 50.07
5 Caeleb Dressel 50.08
6 Michael Phelps 50.22
7 Joseph Schooling 50.39
8 Ian Crocker 50.40
9 Rafael Munoz 50.41
10 Michael Phelps 50.45





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dude 2.0
3 years ago

remember that one time when Gold Medal Mel said Dressel wouldn’t be competitive on the world stage in the 100 fly until later this quad?

Reply to  dude 2.0
3 years ago


Reply to  dude 2.0
3 years ago

Mel was right and we all laughed like kids in the pool

3 years ago

Wonder if Dressel thought that second 50.0 felt monotonous?

3 years ago

Now my concern is can Schooling be on the podium.. This year is really competitive. Chad le clos did not advance to final too.

Reply to  Jay
3 years ago

Schooling will be retiring after this meet.

Reply to  Swimmer
3 years ago

That is a much bigger possibility than Cseh retiring, like ever.

Sir Swimsalot
Reply to  Swimmer
3 years ago

Nah. If he doesn’t do as well as he would like he will get back to business, put some base under the belt.

Reply to  Jay
3 years ago

I think with Le Clos out, Schooling has an even better chance to make it on the podium. Le Clos paid for his 200fly by missing the 100 fly final.

crooked donald
Reply to  Jay
3 years ago

Said all along he won’t make the podium. Probably another 50.9. He’ll be better if/when he puts in an actual eyar of training. None of the UT guys did that great here (compared to predictions — Haas the only one with a best time, and not by much over trials), and Schooling trained a lot less than they did.

Reply to  Jay
3 years ago

I think he does get on the podium. The real question is whether or not he can win gold. Will be a dog fight between him and Dressel