Dressel Shaves Another 0.01 Off Textile Best, 4th-Fastest 100 Fly Ever

by Robert Gibbs 77

July 28th, 2017 International, News


American sprint sensation Caeleb Dressel dropped another one-hundreth of a second off his textile world record tonight, swimming a 50.07 to take the top seed in the 100 fly heading into tomorrow night’s final.

That was Dressel’s fourth swim of the day.  This morning, he took the 2nd seed in the 50 free, then knocked out a 50.08 in the 100 fly, a textile world record that was the 4th-fastest swim ever and made Dressel the 3rd-fastest performer ever.  Tonight, Dressel set a new American Record in the 50 free, then had about 30 minutes to recover before it was time for the 100 fly semis.

By shaving 0.01 seconds off of this morning’s time, Dressel is still the 3rd-fastest performer ever, but now owns both the 4th and 5th swiftest swims.   He’s now gone under 50.2 more times than Michael Phelps ever did, with Phelps’ only such swim being his world record effort of 49.82, at the supersuited 2009 World Championshps.  Phelps’ chief rival at that meet, Milorad Cavic, dipped under 50.2 twice, first when he went 50.01 to break the world record in semis, then again when he finished second to Phelps with a 49.95 in the final.

Tomorrow night Dressel will face off against his former club teammate, Joseph Schooling of Singapore, who previously had the fastest swim in a textile suit with his 50.39 from last summer’s Olympic final.

Top Ten Performances, Men’s 100 Fly

1 Michael Phelps 49.82
2 Milorad Cavic 49.95
3 Milorad Cavic 50.01
4 Caeleb Dressel 50.07
5 Caeleb Dressel 50.08
6 Michael Phelps 50.22
7 Joseph Schooling 50.39
8 Ian Crocker 50.40
9 Rafael Munoz 50.41
10 Michael Phelps 50.45





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  1. dude 2.0 says:

    remember that one time when Gold Medal Mel said Dressel wouldn’t be competitive on the world stage in the 100 fly until later this quad?


    Wonder if Dressel thought that second 50.0 felt monotonous?

  3. Jay says:

    Now my concern is can Schooling be on the podium.. This year is really competitive. Chad le clos did not advance to final too.

    • Swimmer says:

      Schooling will be retiring after this meet.

    • AvidSwimFan says:

      I think with Le Clos out, Schooling has an even better chance to make it on the podium. Le Clos paid for his 200fly by missing the 100 fly final.

    • crooked donald says:

      Said all along he won’t make the podium. Probably another 50.9. He’ll be better if/when he puts in an actual eyar of training. None of the UT guys did that great here (compared to predictions — Haas the only one with a best time, and not by much over trials), and Schooling trained a lot less than they did.

    • jelly says:

      I think he does get on the podium. The real question is whether or not he can win gold. Will be a dog fight between him and Dressel

  4. Pvdh says:

    I think he smashes a 49.5 tomorrow

  5. whatshouldswimmerscallme says:

    Dressel is just so damn consistent when he hits those times. Can’t think of a single instance of a “fluke” seeming time drop…

    • Workhorse says:

      2015 NCAA in the 100 free. He went 41.9 at conferences and 44s/ 43s at NCAAs. It was his freshman year after a long break from swimming however, and he has certainly improved to be very consistent

  6. Scott Morgan says:

    I knew it. Great swim.

  7. Marmot says:

    Crazy to see him counting his strokes so religiously and well. His turn tonight was identical to his turn in prelims – just a tad long. I’m sure he realizes this and will work on it so that he’s a bit tighter – he could drop a few tenths just based on his turn alone.

    He’s finally figured out how to make the “big” pool feel small and it’s really showing. Phelps had that same feel for the LCM pool.

    • crooked donald says:

      I’ll say it again: what if it turns out that he’s better at LCM than SCY, and we’ve all been wrong all this time?

    • KeithM says:

      I said it last year and earlier this year. I think he misfired a bit last summer. So his Rio results, though respectable, were not necessarily a real reflection of how his best would translate to LC.

      • Pvdh says:

        I don’t think so much as “misfired” but it was a learning experience about what he needed to do to translate into LCM. His stroke last year was much less efficient than this year.

        • crooked donald says:

          Also wondering if he was fully tapered for his breakout NCAAs this year, or whether the plan all along was to have Worlds be the big event.

  8. NotASwimmer says:

    100m Butterfly prediction:

    1. Caeleb Dressel!
    2. Kristof Milak
    3. Laszlo Cseh
    4. James Guy
    5. Joseph Schooling
    6. Mehdy Metella
    7. Grant Irvine
    8. Li Zhuhao

    • dude 2.0 says:

      I do think Schooling still podiums – but then again, I would never have thought four guys go 50 point, and Le Clos doesn’t final…

      • NotASwimmer says:

        Is Cseh retiring after this? If so, then I think he would like to go out with a bang. He’s been consistently performing for a long time already in the fly events. Normally I wouldn’t put James Guy so high, but he seems to have good momentum after that 100 fly semifinal followed by that anchor on the 4×200. Kristof Milak seems hungry for a medal. I do think it’s possible that a bunch of guys tie.

      • crooked donald says:

        No podium. We’ve seen the best he has in him. 50.8-50.9 this year. You can’t fake training, and he missed a bunch. It’s how Phelps lost to LeClos in London.

        • Dcrabbe6 says:

          For all we know tonight was James guys peak night of the meet and he’ll fall off tommorrow. If cseh is 50.9 he has a legit shot at bronze

    • Jay says:

      Maybe Schooling will shock us in final, taking down dressel.

  9. Swim says:

    Swimmer of the meet

    • Rafael says:

      I don´t know if he will be based on Scores
      Male swimmer he will be, overall there is chance that Katinka, Ledecky and Sjostrom wins (WR counts + podiums, also relays do not count

  10. Caleb says:

    Schooling will be on the podium and I wouldn’t count him out quite yet, especially with Dressel pulling another double. If Dressel swims his race and goes another 50.0 or better, no one is touching him, but if he slips up at all, Schooling or Milak could have a 50.3 in them. I’d say those are the top 3, although Guy should be at their heels.

    • Rafael says:

      If Milak goes 50 low at 17 and burst a 1:52 on the next champ on 200.. that guy will be a whole new level of fly by Tokyo

      • Pvdh says:

        Dressel is leading the charge for sprint fly. Don’t think Milak can catch him there. 200 fly he will be WR threat

    • crooked donald says:

      Guy will be riding a high after his insane 1:43 high on the relay today, so think he’ll be on the podium. Schooling is toast. All the talk of the practice swim was just him trying to convince himself that the 4 months off didn’t matter and that he was really prepared. He’s not prepared to go as fast at Rio, and it was just nonsensical fantasy that months of rest were going to create more power. Talking to you, Mel.

  11. xenon says:

    Caeleb Dressel is like a created video game character with 99 start, 99 speed, and he is editing his tattoos.

  12. E Gamble says:

    I’m only referring to this because I think it’s affecting his race. Schooling is carrying more body weight than usual and I think it might be affecting the speed of his race. He was slim and trim in Rio.

  13. MG42 says:

    His last 25 meters are just out of this world to be honest, Dressel is a complete beast.

    • crooked donald says:

      He showed he can do a decent 200 free at Trials, when he was MUCH slower in the 100 free and 100 fly. His 1:47 there would probably be a 1:45 mid here. There is no one in the 100 fly field that can match his blinding speed and his endurance. Cseh clearly has the endurance, but not the speed.

  14. Swimmer? says:


    Dressel 49.8
    Schooling 50.5
    Guy 50.7

    • Nordic says:

      I think you are spot on. Amazing meet for Dressel. However, he was just as consistent at the NCAAs. Not one poor finals race, even with a brutal schedule, including tons of relays.

    • the shark says:

      although i really like dressel i feel he will slip like in the 50 fly.

      my prediction in the podium: schooling, cseh, methella

    • the shark says:

      although i really like dressel i feel he wil slip like im the 50 fly

      my prediction in the podium: schooling, cseh, methella

  15. Retired D1 Swimmer says:

    Predictions tomorrow:

    W 50 Fly: Sjostrom 24.83, Worrell 25.47, close race after that
    M 50 Free: Dressel 21.23, Morozov 21.41, Proud 21.44
    W 200 Back: Seebhom, Masse, Baker
    M 100 Fly: Dressel 49.88, Schooling 50.55, Guy 50.65
    W 800 Free: Ledecky all day, Smith for silver, no idea after that

  16. James says:

    Dressel > Phelps

    His 50.07 would have been sub 48s in the bodysuit days.

  17. GOAT says:

    I’m already sad that tomorrow one of hystorical WR by The GOAT will be gone.

  18. jelly says:

    I wouldn’t count Schooling out just yet. He races to win and he has already announced his intention to break Phelps’ WR (although he did tell his interviewers that Dressel’s probably gonna take it down), but it’s all about who can bring their A Game tomorrow, and Schooling does have a ton of credit for delivering big swims on the international stage. I wouldn’t be surprised if both Joseph and Caeleb go under 50

    • jelly says:

      Like how Sjorstrom was expected to easily win after setting the world record earlier, but in the end got beat by Manuel, I think the 100fly could go either way, but will be a close one for sure

  19. jelly says:

    It’s funny how if either Joe or Caeleb win it’ll both be considered somewhat an upset. If Joe wins he upsets someone who’s been putting up extraordinary times, even eclipsing his textile record, and If Caeleb wins he upsets the defending Olympic Champion and presumptive favourite before the heats

  20. AWSI DOOGER says:

    The 50.07 was actually slightly worse than the 50.08 overall. Not as smooth or dominant. The turn was almost identical but he hit the finish much better, accounting for the quicker time.

    I don’t think Phelps’ record falls. That’s still another quarter second. The calls for 49.5 may sound cute but after living in Las Vegas for 25 years I’m aware of betting lines and probability. That 49.5 would be so far below the posted over/under that you’d probably receive 25/1 in return. If Dressel drops his best time again I’ll say barely, like 50.02 territory.

    As a lifelong Canes fan I despise the Gators. That needs to be front and center. For some reason I can set it aside and ignore in swimming more than track and field.

    • NotASwimmer says:

      I think it might come down to how well Dressel does in the 50 free. If he wins, then that’ll probably give him that adrenaline to push an enormous 100 fly. Kind of like how Ledecky did better in the 200 semifinal after her 1500 than in the 200 final.

    • jelly says:

      I think Schooling goes faster as well. While his times may not be considered impressive relative to Dressel’s, it was what he needed to win his race. Whereas James Guy and Milak were fast due to Dressel’s speed. I’m sure he will go faster in the final but whether or not he has the speed to match Dressel’s remains to be seen, but he does have a chance. Schooling has not lost a long course 100 fly since 2015 worlds, and like Eddie says, Joe won’t let anyone pass him. Admittedly, it’s gonna be tough (even Joe said so himself), but its anyone’s race tonight

      • Jay says:

        Yup. Schooling pls win! Shut the mouths of Dressel’s fans.

        • jacob says:

          I’m a Dressel fan but I wouldn’t mind Schooling winning. To see him on top the podium after a not so good year would be great

          • Jay says:

            Alright.. i think i was a bit disturbed by some Dressel’s fans who keeps pulling him down. But there are definitely very sensible fans there. In my opinion, Dressel has higher chance to win the title. 2017 is an adjustment year for Schooling. He will be in better form next yr.

  21. swimmer1 says:

    What does “textile” mean?

    • Robert Gibbs says:

      swimmer1 – basically, not a primarily rubber/non-permeable suit, like the suits from the 2008/2009 time frame

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