Diggory Dillingham Drops More Time with 19.52 50 FR, Rises to #4 All-Time 15-16



  • Winter JRs Meet Record: Ryan Hoffer – 18.71 (12/10/2016)
  • West Meet Record: Ryan Hoffer – 18.71 (12/10/2016)


In the A final of the boys 50 free at the Speedo Winter Junior Championships – West last night, 16-year-old Diggory Dillingham out of Bend Swim Club has been on a hot streak in the 50 free over the last week. It started last weekend, when the 16-year-old popped off a 19.88 at a meet in Corvallis, OR. He then came to Austin, where he chipped another 0.05 seconds off that time in prelims, swimming a 19.83. Dillingham wasn’t done there, however, and he posted another huge drop in finals last night, getting down to 19.82.

With the swim last night, Dillingham exploded into the all-time top 10 for 15-16 boys, landing himself at #4 all-time. Here is the updated all-time top 10 for 15-16 boys in the SCY 50 free:

Rank Time Swimmer
1 19.24 Michael Andrew
2 19.34 Ryan Hoffer
3 19.45 Carson Weed
4 19.52 Diggory Dillingham
5 19.55 Matt Brownstead
6 19.58 Aiden Hayes
7 19.60 Ben Fox
8 19.62 Jack Dolan
9 19.64 Adam Chaney
10 19.66 Drew Kibler

Dillingham finished 2nd last night, behind Quintin McCarty, an 18-year-old out of Pikes Peak Athletics. McCarty clocked a huge personal best of 19.35 last night, not only winning the West title, and posting the top time of both meet sites, but rising high in the 17-18 all-time rankings as well. With the performance, McCarty now ties for #11 time in the 17-18 age group with Drew Kibler.

Rank Time Swimmer
1 18.67 Caeleb Dressel
2 18.71 Ryan Hoffer
3 18.76 Adam Chaney
t-4 18.88 Michael Andrew
T-4 18.88 Matt Brownstead
6 19.20 Aiden Hayes
7 19.25 Andrew Benson
8 19.26 Matt King
9 19.29 Jake Houck
10 19.33 David Curtiss
T-11 19.35 Drew Kibler
T-11 19.35 Quintin McCarty

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9 months ago

Must have shaved. 😂

JP input is too short
9 months ago

Who in the wide, wide world of sports is Carson Weed?

Reply to  JP input is too short
9 months ago

We think it might be an error, but have checked with USA Swimming to be sure.

Chas E
Reply to  JP input is too short
9 months ago

Sweet name tho, and sweet reference to Blazing Saddles.

Reply to  JP input is too short
9 months ago

His best is 22.5 but cool last name!