Dave Durden Accredits Cal’s Consistency to “our families, our fabric, our community”


Cal took home their 8th NCAA title last night and their 6th under head coach Dave Durden. Durden has lead the Bears to top-4 finishes every year since he took over the program in the 2007-2008 season, and they haven’t placed out of top-2 since 2010. Durden accredits alum support, Cal’s aquatic tradition and world-class academics for their unmatched success year in and year out.

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2 months ago

Congratulations to Cal and the team. Great leadership for certain. Do not undervalue Coach Marsh and his contribution! He is arguably the greatest coaching mind ever in swimming!

Gummy Shark
2 months ago

Elizabeth Beisel 😍

Henry Liang
2 months ago

So blessed to have a coach like Dave Durden who does things the right way. Builds up his team instead of tears them down. Can you coach basketball? Go Bears!

Stephen Strange
2 months ago

Dave Durden is life, Dave Durden is love

Victor Ivry
2 months ago

Cal Swimming is so very lucky to have Dave Durden in charge….he is a Man of great humility, intelligence, and swimming acumen. He clearly gets what this generation of athletes requires to be successful at the highest level.
Congrats to Dave and his staff on an awesome NCAA championship!!

2 months ago

Want to be a championship coach? You should pay attention to this guy because he gets it.

Raymond Woods
2 months ago

Great coaching and leader ship

Raymond Woods
Reply to  Raymond Woods
2 months ago

It would seem that someone has something against Dave

2 months ago

One would call it depth of talent.

Bear Alum
Reply to  Weinstein-Smith-Ledecky-Sims
2 months ago

Cal is no doubt talented, but the reason for Dave’s and Cal’s success runs far deeper than recruiting fast swimmers and making them faster. The reason Cal as a program is consistently in the top 2 ever year comes from the way Dave has built the leadership in the program. Every success or failure is owned by the team, then analyzed, and learned from. The things done well are incorporated, and the lessons learned from failure are internalized. The system is built to be passed down so that each new season, the team builds on the success and avoids the pitfalls of the teams previously. Because of this collective knowledge and shared history you see the alumni in droves at… Read more »