Curzan & Lochte Scratch Out Of Richmond Pro Swim Series


Claire Curzan and Ryan Lochte have both dropped off the psych sheets for the Pro Swim Series opener in Richmond, Virginia this week. Updated psych sheets show a number of notable scratches.

Teenage phenom Curzan was the top seed in three different events: the 100 fly, 100 back, and 200 back. The 16-year-old was originally entered in five races, with some potential National Age Group records up for grabs. But Curzan no longer appears on psych sheets and won’t be competing in Richmond this week.

In fact, a few of her teammates on the North Carolina-based TAC Titans have scratched off the original psych sheets. Other TAC Titans scratches include 17-year-old Lance Norris and 16-year-old Braeden Haugheyboth age group standouts.

12-time Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte was set to compete in Richmond as well, but he’s also scratched off the psych sheets. The 36-year-old would have been one of the meet’s most high-profile names, and was entered in a whopping six events.

Lochte’s scratch is part of a mass exodus out of the 200 IM. The original top three seeds have all scratched: Lochte, Dynamo’s Raunak Khoslaand 18-year-old SwimMAC swimmer Tim Connery.

You can see the full updated psych sheets here.

Other notable scratches on the updated psych sheets:

  • Mariah Denigan
  • Alexa Reyna
  • Zoe Skirboll
  • Mackenzie McConagha
  • Ziyad Saleem
  • James Wells

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Stephen G Little
10 days ago

the real question is WHY?

NC Fan
Reply to  Stephen G Little
10 days ago

Lochte would have had to arrive Monday since he was flying. Curzan would have to arrive Weds for Friday swims…..all due to Covid protocols. That’s a lot of time out of a focused training environment and coming out of winter training are they really resting at all or more focused on pushing through to either spring short course goal meets or saving the taper for when it counts? In other words, if you’ve been there and done that, what’s the real attraction of this meet 5 months before Trials, other than giving us swim junkies something to watch and talk about.

Reply to  NC Fan
10 days ago

Meet starts Thursday, why on earth does Lochte need to be there yesterday?

Reply to  Walter
10 days ago

COVID protocol for these meets are pretty strict. Anyone coming from over 400 miles had to be there on Monday with negative test and then retest during the week.

Reply to  Walter
10 days ago

The rules of the meet. More than 4 hour drive or flying you had to be there early.

Reply to  NC Fan
10 days ago

Seems like a pretty lame reason for me… “out of a focused training environment”?? You’re there for RACING, that’s the whole point of your training!

Reply to  Olympian
10 days ago

Right now the whole point of Ryan’s training is racing at Trials and perhaps the Games. A big part of that is having a big aerobic base, which is hard to do at 35.

No Pro Series meet is worth a significant disruption of his training cycle now.

Reply to  Jack
10 days ago

I’m sorry man, you can’t get race ready if you don’t RACE!! Threshold and yardage alone won’t cut it… Gotta suit up and step on the block against people.
Plus you’re wrong on the age vs aerobic concept, just take a look on the age average between the best marathon and iron man competitors in the world.

Last edited 10 days ago by Olympian
Sun Yangs Hammer
Reply to  Olympian
9 days ago

He raced just two weeks ago

Reply to  Jack
8 days ago

No no no, bruh. Your aerobic base is developed between 11-18 years of age. That’s why all of the jack age group coaches have their kids swimming 20,000 yards/day over Christmas break. Except for Claire and Regan’s coaches. Maybe a few others. All Ry-dog needs to do is some 50s, maybe stretch to 75s, and boom., he’s dropping 1:53 by July.

Last edited 8 days ago by Huey
Live from Richmond...
Reply to  Olympian
8 days ago

I will say it’s challenging from a training standpoint, especially if you can train LCM at home. The RVA facility is very accommodating and doing a great job managing everyone. That said, for those who had to arrive Monday (anyone outside of a four-hour travel radius), there was no pool time on Monday, Tuesday was SCY only and the water was very warm, Wednesday was originally only 75 minutes SCY at 6:45AM then an offsite option was added SCM outdoors in the afternoon. Today is the first day LCM water is available. From an opportunity to race perspective, with so many scratches, it’s nice that pretty much everyone will get second swims, but seems like they could have popped some… Read more »

Reply to  Stephen G Little
10 days ago

Protesting sun yang

10 days ago

Welp, so much for that

10 days ago


Reply to  Monteswim
10 days ago

I know that some teams right now are quarantining due to covid cases in the team

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